Small Venue

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Small Venue

Length – up to 40ft (12m); Seats – less than 150
The small venue solution is ideal for theaters will less than 100 seats, and provides a simple and cost-effective solution that promises big-theater performance. With a simple configuration and setup from names you can trust, HARMAN has an audio system you know you can count on to deliver the best cinematic sound for each and every movie. JBL’s 3000 Series cinema speakers paired with Crown’s XLC Series amplifiers makes your choice easy and effective, and guarantees that every seat in the theater has a great experience.
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Perfect Sound For Every Scene

As captivating as a movie’s visuals may be, it’s the sound that pins audiences to their seats. Stirring, memorable theme music. Spaceships zooming through the universe with lasers blasting. The roaring engines and squealing tires of a thrilling car chase. Angry shouting in a courtroom showdown, or the romantic leads whispering their love for one another. All are part of the emotional cinematic elements that dramatically intensify the movie-going experience. In the essence of keeping audiences fully enthralled, a HARMAN Professional cinema sound system that captures every audio nuance is essential.
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Planning Your System

With so many components, it can be daunting to plan your system. Simplify the task by thinking in terms of inputs and outputs. Count the number of line-level electronic sources going in to your system (MP3 players, keyboards, etc.), and add the number of acoustic sources requiring microphones. Make sure your mixer has at least this many inputs. To determine your output needs, consider how many listening positions are needed. In addition to the main mix, musicians perform better when they are able to hear their performance.

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