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HARMAN Professional Solutions provides audio, video, lighting, and control technology that can be installed to meet the needs of a wide variety of enterprise environments, from corporate and facilities, to hospitality and houses of worship, to stadiums, mass transit installations, and much more.

Integrating Audio, Video, Lighting and Control over the Network at InfoComm 2017

This year at InfoComm 2017, HARMAN Professional Solutions displayed the many ways audio, video, lighting and control (AVLC) technologies can come together to create innovative solutions for a variety of markets. One of the important capabilities HARMAN showed was distributing AV and control over the network, which offers the ability for more flexible, scalable and

Helping Public Areas Rise Above with Ambient Noise Compensation: Part Two – Effect Settings and Types

The ultimate goal of any public address system is to be heard. However, because the amount of underlying background noise in a retail store, restaurant, hotel or transportation space varies as people come and go, audio engineers find it difficult to set an appropriate volume level suitable for both peak and quiet times. While the