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HARMAN Professional Solutions provides audio, video, lighting, and control technology that meet the needs of the hospitality market, including hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, retail stores, cruise ships, performance halls and houses of worship.

Design Requirements for Amps and Speakers, Part Three: Low vs. High Impedance

Welcome back to part three of our series on design considerations for amplifiers and speakers. This is part of a larger look at the various components in the audio, video and lighting (AVL) signal chain, where I’ve been detailing how each affects overall application design. I’ve addressed live and playback sources, as well as audio, video and LED video processing and distribution. When we moved

Designer and Lighting Director Al Crawford, Part 2: The Purpose and Expression of Light

Welcome to part two of my conversation with Al Crawford. In the first installment, I spoke with Al about his remarkable career trajectory and the lighting legacy that has illuminated the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater for the last 60 years. Today, we’re delving into the work of Al’s company, Arc3design, and exploring some of

Design Requirements for Amps and Speakers, Part Two: Installation Considerations

In our ongoing look at the audio, video and lighting (AVL) signal chain, I’ve been detailing how each section affects the overall application design. In previous posts, I looked at live and playback sources, audio, video and LED video processing, and distribution. When we moved on to design considerations for AVL outputs, I started with amplifiers and speakers in what will be a three-part sub-series.