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HARMAN Professional Solutions provides audio, video, lighting, and control technology that can be installed to meet the needs of a wide variety of entertainment environments, including recording, cinemas, and live touring, as well as product available for retail purchase.

From Metallica to Microsoft with Tour Lighting Programmer, Corporate Show and Architectural Designer Troy Eckerman

During his nearly four decades as a lighting professional, Troy Eckerman has had an extraordinary career working with artists including Barbra Streisand, Tim McGraw, Beyonce, Madonna, Metallica, Willie Nelson, Bon Jovi, Paul McCartney and others. Besides programming music tours, Troy also designs and operates lighting for a broad array of corporate events, award shows, tradeshows,

How Dynamics Effects Work

Of all of the audio processing effects, dynamics are some of the most important and most baffling. Part of this confusion is that it is often hard to hear dynamics effects unless they are used incorrectly. Dynamics effects adjust the volume of the sound automatically based on a set of variables that you can adjust.

Tech Talks: The Science of Headphones in the Age of Digital Recording

Welcome to Tech Talks, in which we explore a variety technology trends and issues with industry experts. In this edition, we’re speaking with Philipp Schuster, Product Line Manager for Headphones and Output Transducers at HARMAN Professional Solutions. Philipp is from Vienna, Austria, where he studied electronics at the prestigious University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien.