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HARMAN Professional Solutions is the world’s largest professional audio, video, lighting, and control products and systems company. We serve the entertainment and enterprise markets with comprehensive systems, including enterprise automation and complete IT solutions for a broad range of applications. Our brands comprise AKG Acoustics®, AMX®, BSS Audio®, Crown International®, dbx Professional®, DigiTech®, JBL Professional®, Lexicon Pro®, Martin®, Soundcraft® and Studer®. These bestin-class products are designed, manufactured and delivered to a variety of customers, including tour, cinema and retail as well as corporate, government, education, large venue and hospitality. In addition, our world-class product development team continues to innovate and deliver groundbreaking technologies to meet our customers’ growing needs. For scalable, high-impact communication and entertainment systems, HARMAN Professional Solutions is your single point of contact.

Tech Talks: Reimagining Ideas that Almost Got Away (Part Two: Designing the JBL CBT 1000)

Welcome to today’s Tech Talk. In this installation, we’re continuing our dialog with Doug Button, Chief Engineer in the Corporate Technology Group at HARMAN Professional Solutions. Last time we spoke with Doug, we delved into the way the evolution of technology often takes the easiest route and can miss opportunities for meaningful progress. Today, we’re