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Certification Renewal

Harman certification requires periodic activity to maintain certification status. Students who have previously completed Harman certification are automatically enrolled into the renewal curriculum 60 days prior to expiration, or anyone looking to get started before the automatic enrollment can find these courses by searching the term renewal in our training website. Each renewal curriculum consists of distinct criteria that must be completed to maintain certification.

HCCP | Design (formerly ACE Design Expert) HCCP | Management (formerly ACE RMS Expert)
  • CD260 Harman Certified Control Professional | Design - Online Exam
  • CD262 Harman Certified Control Professional | Design - Renewal Practical Exam
  • Network Media Essentials
  • CM261 Harman Certified Control Professional |Resource Management - Practical Exam
  • Network Media Essentials
HCCP | Commissioning (former ACE Installation Expert) HCNA | Digital Signage (formerly ACE Digital Signage Expert)
  • CT260 Harman Certified Control Professional | Commissioning - Online Exam
  • Video on Modero S Touch Panel Installation
  • Video on Massio Controlpad Virtual Keypad
  • Video on Enova DGX 100 Series Web Interface
  • Network Media Essentials
  • N/A (Does not expire)
HCCP | Programming (formerly ACE Programming Expert) HCCP | Integration (formerly ACE Integrated Solutions Expert)
  • CP262 Harman Certified Control Professional | Programming - Renewal Practical Exam
  • Video on Enova DGX 100 Series Web Interface
  • Video on TPDesign5 Listview feature
  • Network Media Essentials
  • Network Media Essentials

Upon completion of the renewal curriculum, the certification will maintain current status and be extended for 3 years. To access the renewal curriculum, click HERE to enter the training website. For questions or more information, please contact

*A "renewal" practical exam is a reduced scope assessment that covers only the new concepts that being taught in the updated Instructor Led Course. For example, a first-time AMX Design Certification achiever would be asked to create a complete system design for an enterprise scale AMX solution. A renewal student would receive a complete design and be asked to add new capabilities to the existing design to demonstrate the new concepts and products that have been introduced as part of the curriculum update. A "renewal" practical is not an annual requirement, but is required when the curriculum of a subject is substantially updated (~5-7 years).