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Preserve Your Sound Quality

As the shows get bigger, so should your sound system. The scalability of HARMAN Professional’s live sound products gives you an immense amount of flexibility to meet the needs of the venue and the high expectations of the audience. HARMAN Professional’s products are designed to meet the rigorous demands of large tours, but are scalable to provide high-quality results for medium-size performances as well.
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HARMAN Professional Products are Designed for All Types of Performance

HARMAN Finance

Our flexible finance programs and unbeatable rates make it easy for you to get the equipment you really want and need.

Planning Your System

With so many components, it can be daunting to plan your system. Simplify the task by thinking in terms of inputs and outputs. Count the number of line-level electronic sources going in to your system (MP3 players, keyboards, etc.), and add the number of acoustic sources requiring microphones. Make sure your mixer has at least this many inputs. To determine your output needs, consider how many listening positions are needed. In addition to the main mix, musicians perform better when they are able to hear their performance.

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