Emergency Operations Centers (EOC)

Safe, Secure and Reliable AV Distribution and Technology Management

Ensuring that crises are managed effectively, efficiently and safely is the top priority of Emergency Operations Centers (EOC). Every day, EOCs around the world rely on HARMAN technologies to ensure redundant, fail-safe uptime of crucial systems, onsite AV distribution with pixel perfect clarity, and the ability to initiate conferences down the hall or across the world, in an instant.

Accuracy, dependability and clarity in EOC applications is crucial

EOCs are used for training, certification of emergency personnel, and other associated first-responders, until there is an emergency. And whether that emergency is an active shooter, a hurricane, tornado, flood, or some other natural or man-made event that endangers the citizenry, public officials and tactical commanders require timely and accurate data to monitor the situation and make tactical decisions, until the event has been resolved. Increasingly, the required data takes the form of live video and audio feeds, which must be managed and displayed in the EOC based upon the preferences of the commanding officers in charge.

HARMAN EOC Specialized Applications

Video Distribution
Distribute any number of media sources to any number of displays or endpoints across your building or campus. And to ensure constant uptime to support 24/7 EOC operations, all of our switchers feature military grade redundant power supplies, hot swappable boards, and a modular design so you can scale to your exact requirements.
Networked AV
HARMAN Networked AV solutions use standard network cabling and IP technology to cost-effectively distribute up to 4K source content to endpoint components, over your standard Ethernet infrastructure. Our scalable network media ecosystem gives you the ability to distribute AV content from any AV source to any room in your building or campus or to any location across the globe.

User Interfaces
HARMAN designs a wide range of user interfaces to make command, control and resource management simple and streamlined for EOC decision makers. Whether touch panels, keypads or tablet apps are most effective for the user, HARMAN user interfaces are designed to be simple for any user to manage.
Device Control
HARMAN Central Controllers are the brains behind the execution of the many technological steps needed to launch a web conference or power down a building. And to ensure that the security of your system is never compromised, HARMAN Central Controllers are bolstered with award-winning, industry-leading security protocols.

Audio Applications
HARMAN has been designing the world’s best professional audio equipment for over 60 years and no matter what your enterprise audio need, we have the right product to serve it, including JBL Professional speakers, Crown amplifiers, AKG microphones and headphones and BSS audio signal processing.
AV Management Software
HARMAN AV configuration and management software simplifies the operation and management of AV technology throughout the enterprise. Our configuration software allows you to install standardized rooms across the enterprise, which you can then monitor, manage, maintain and schedule equipment and rooms from a single, central location.

HARMAN Government Solutions

Reliable, Trusted and Proven Secure
HARMAN is dedicated to providing world-class engineering, top notch design and delivering reliable, secure solutions to government and military agencies around the world. Our products are trusted in mission critical applications and relied upon daily to protect lives at home and abroad. We outfit training centers that shape the future leaders of countries. First responders rely on our solution sets to make immediate decisions and deploy the right resources. Verdicts in a court room depend on HARMAN products to make sure a case is heard accurately and objectively. Empower HARMAN’s full breadth of solutions help you communicate more effectively.

HARMAN Professional Delivers Integrated Solutions for Any Installation

Fortune 100 companies, top heads of state, hotels, stadiums and airports around the world all have one thing in common: they trust HARMAN. Time and time again, customers select HARMAN to provide audio, video, lighting and control systems for the most prestigious venues in the world. By offering a complete solution of best-in-class audio, video, lighting and control products, customers can trust the system will meet their needs, work right the first time and continue to work well for years to come.

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Video: Security Implications of AV on the IT Network

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