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Project Studio

Turning Passion into Paydays
Your passion and aspirations are big, and your opportunities as an engineer or musician are growing. Creating and capturing your sound is your focus, and so is the gear you use to do it. Signature products like the dbx 676 become the core of your recordings, and a quality mixer from Soundcraft becomes your workhorse. Producing a professional product is your goal, and so is ours.

From Seasoned Pros to Home Studio Mavens, HARMAN has You Covered

No matter what type of environment you are working in, HARMAN meets all of your recording needs. Our rich heritage in recording gives you an extensive catalog of new and signature products to choose from to equip your studio and produce your character sound. From dbx to Lexicon, Soundcraft to JBL, AKG and beyond, you can feed your passion with HARMAN recording products.

HARMAN Professional Products are Designed for All Types of Performance

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