Transportation Tunnels

Road tunnels are very unique environments. Keeping passengers safe and on the move are the key priorities for tunnel managers and operators. A good Public Address (PA) system can help overcome some of the challenges faced on a day to day basis by providing an effective means of communication between the tunnel operators and tunnel users.

In a tunnel the PA system is the only way of communicating with the passengers once they are outside their vehicles. More often than not these systems are now emergency sound systems, so they are also used as the primary form of communication in the event of a fire or other emergency. In the past some tunnels have chosen not to install PA systems because they realised that it was impossible to deliver clear messages with conventional loudspeaker solutions. HARMAN has made it our mission to provide solutions that can deliver clear and intelligible messages.

HARMAN’s tunnel solutions are not just limited to PA. Our innovative architectural lighting solutions can be used to break the monotony of driving in longer tunnels and to enhance tunnel portals.

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System Solutions to Guide Adventures

Whether traveling by airplane, train or bus, getting people to their destinations easily and efficiently is no small feat. Timing and logistics are pivotal to successful operations, and HARMAN’s IDX Information Delivery Systems help ensure officials can easy communicate the important details and travelers can easily access the information. From digital information displays and wayfinding to public address and data management systems, HARMAN offers complete audio and visual solutions to meet your facility’s needs and get your passengers to and from their destinations on time.

HARMAN Professional Delivers Integrated Solutions for Any Installation

Fortune 100 companies, top heads of state, hotels, stadiums and airports around the world all have one thing in common: they trust HARMAN. Time and time again, customers select HARMAN to provide audio, video, lighting and control systems for the most prestigious venues in the world. By offering a complete solution of best-in-class audio, video, lighting and control products, customers can trust the system will meet their needs, work right the first time and continue to work well for years to come.

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White Paper: Workbook to Security and Networked AV

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Until recently, the IT department didn't need to be concerned about AV equipment or control, nor did the AV department typically discuss AV equipment or control deployments with the IT department. With the growing sophistication of security threats and the rise of more and more connected devices within a Convention Center’s network, that has changed. It is now critical for AV and IT departments to understand how to talk each other's language, because the health of the institution depends on its level of security. This vital guide, put together by a leading expert in AV/IT security, provides the information you need to know for a successful and secure deployment. You will learn:

  • How to create a security checklist
  • The definition of important terms and protocols
  • Networked AV security best practices using case studies
  • How to address the overall impact on the institution, including methods to interview and hire the right team