Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre Australia

The Opportunity

MCEC, a renowned venue situated on the picturesque edge of the Yarra River in Melbourne’s CBD, has long been recognised as a premier destination for conferences, exhibitions, and conventions. To continue delivering cutting-edge solutions, MCEC embarked on a project to replace their existing fleet of AMX MVP-9000i touch panels, which had been in service for over a decade.

The Solution

After exploring several options, MCEC identified AMX Varia Touch Panels as the ideal upgrade path, leveraging their robust performance and mass-deployment capability via the new Manager software. MCEC chose the AMX VARIA-100 Touch Panel series as the core components of their upgraded system. These state-of-the-art touch panels provide an intuitive user interface and exceptional performance, meeting MCEC’s requirements for seamless event control and management.

The Varia touch panels, with their enhanced screen real estate and advanced features, provide MCEC with improved functionality and a modernized user experience. Additionally, Varia’s light-sensing feature and ergonomic design contribute to their suitability for MCEC’s diverse event requirements.

Scott Reid from MCEC spearheaded the touch panel upgrade project, ensuring a smooth transition and integration of the new HARMAN solutions into the existing facilities. The MCEC team were responsible for the installation and commissioning of the touch panels, leveraging their expertise to maximize the benefits of the cutting-edge technology.

The upgraded system also seamlessly integrates with MCEC’s existing AV infrastructure, which includes AMX NetLinx Controllers, AMX DGX Digital Media Switchers, BSS Soundweb London Signal Processors, and JBL Speakers.

The Impact

Scott Reid, Senior Systems Engineer at MCEC, highlighted the necessity for the upgrade: “The MVP panels have served us well, but they were overdue for replacement. With the new AMX Varia panels, we were able to not just update to the latest hardware platform, but also future-proof our event technology capabilities.”

Graham Barrett, head of Strategic Partnerships for HARMAN in Australia Highlighted the seamless transition from the previous touch panels to the Varia solution: “The long-standing relationship between MCEC, AMX and HARMAN has been fantastic for both organizations. Understanding MCEC’s need for an upgrade of their touch panel fleet, we were able to get pre-release Varia panels in the team’s hands well before the product was launched, allowing the functionality and mechanics of the solution to be proved out.”

“As part of our Strategic Partnership with MCEC, the team has had significant input into many AMX products, and Varia is just one example of the result of those years of feedback on previous models. It’s exciting to see the result of our engagement delivering real value back to MCEC in their third generation of AV solutions.”

“The reliability and performance of AMX products is something we have experienced for many years,” shared Scott. “Plus, to make changes down the track, our team will be able to deploy updates or modifications to one or many panels very quickly and easily. It is one of the big additional value propositions of Varia over and above simply replacing the panels.”

“This successful collaboration between HARMAN and MCEC underscores our commitment to delivering world-class event technology solutions,” said Vice President and General Manager at HARMAN Professional Solutions, Asia Pacific and India, G Amar Subash. “With the Varia Touch Panels now deployed, MCEC is well-equipped to elevate the event experience, ensuring seamless control and management for organizers and providing a visually stunning interface for presenters.”