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HARMAN Innovator Spotlight: Ralph Hyde, JBL Speaker Engineer

In our previous segment in the HARMAN Innovator Series, we profiled Gerald Stanley, the father of the high-powered solid state amplifier. This time, we’re taking a look at another great HARMAN engineer, Ralph Hyde. Ralph has been designing innovative speaker solutions for HARMAN for 27 years. He got his start at JBL in 1988, coming

How Lighting Designers Use Additive vs. Subtractive Color Mixing

One of the biggest technological benefits to lighting designers is the ability to create a multitude of different colors from a single lighting fixture. Most automated lighting fixtures allow for color mixing capable of creating millions of different hues. This is achieved via two different methods known as Additive or Subtractive color mixing. Subtractive color

How Sound Shaping Can Improve House of Worship Acoustics

Advanced sound design and acoustic management technologies are playing an increasingly important role in today’s house of worship installations. And as the Commercial Integrator whitepaper on How to Design High-quality Church Acoustics points out, a long list of factors needs to be considered for specifying and installing a proper sound system. Sound systems and room