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From Stage to Studio with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: An Interview with Leah Shapiro and Peter Hayes

(©Michelle Shiers Photography) Since the band’s premier album release in 2001, California powerhouse trio Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC) has continued to grow a devoted worldwide audience for its edgy, seductive sound. As a HARMAN Brand Ambassador, we recently had an opportunity to shoot a video with BRMC at the band’s Los Angeles rehearsal space

Meet Your Lighting Team

Nearly every production whether television, concert touring, house of worship, theater, or special events, requires lighting.  The concepts and ideas for the lighting starts and is the responsibility of the lighting designer.  However, he/she is usually assisted by a crew of experts to achieve the lighting vision for the production.   Behind every lighting design, there

HARMAN Innovator Spotlight: Charles Sprinkle, Principal JBL Loudspeaker Systems Engineer

What first strikes you about Charles Sprinkle—JBL innovator, engineer and multiple patent holder—is the glint in his eyes and the palpable welling up of enthusiasm that accompanies his talking about the reference monitors, consumer loudspeakers and other audio solutions he’s found a deep passion for in a second career. Charles joined HARMAN nearly 16 years