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How to Create Ultimate Fan Experiences in Stadium & Arena Design

Sporting events are one of the world’s oldest traditions, but modern advancements in sound, lighting and control technology are completely revolutionizing the fan experience. In order to deliver pristine sound, crystal-clear video and mesmerizing lighting displays, stadiums and arenas require cutting-edge AV solutions. Additionally, these solutions must be versatile enough to accommodate an array of

8 Ways to Go From Songwriting to the Stage With Soundcraft Ui Series Digital Mixers

Most music makers and content producers would agree that their mixer is the hub of their creative universe. Whether you’re recording, broadcasting or performing live, mixers, at their simplest, all perform the same basic functions: Input audio signals, route and combine audio signals and send those audio signals back out again. Of course, most mixers

Best Practices for Creating Next-Level Higher Ed Learning Environments

Technological advances have created incredible opportunities in higher education. Today, educators and students can share information and collaborate in powerful new ways that would be unimaginable just a decade ago. But universities are under increasing pressure to provide students with the best possible learning environments, as competition continues to increase and students have more choice