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8 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Podcasting or Production Studio

As we head into fall, many content creators are turning their focus toward podcasting, recording, livestreaming and other studio productions. Perhaps you’ve been working guerilla style, relying on your mobile phone or the tools that came with your computer to capture and create content. If you’re ready to take your audio productions to the next

Taking Advantage of Show Limitations and Challenges with Lighting

In the world of a professional lighting designer, every day is a new challenge. Touring lighting designers are faced with the difficult task of traveling to a different venue every night, working with different lighting rigs, and bringing it all together in just a few hours—all while trying to provide the artist and fans with

How to Program a Festival Lighting Rig

Music festivals have come a long way since Woodstock defined a generation more than 50 years ago. Weekend-long events like Coachella, Glastonbury, Primavera and Bonnaroo are cultural events that regularly draw hundreds of thousands of fans to see many of their favorite music artists in one place. Landing a performance slot at one of these