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A Basic Introduction to Martin P3 Visual Control

Developed in 2008, Martin P3 is a video system controller for Martin’s range of LED video panels. It provides a versatile platform for simple video mapping, addressing and distribution instead of using DVI cables. Since its release, a number of creative LED fixtures and moving lights have been developed for video and pixel mapping, but

Pro Perspectives: Top Studio Engineers Share Tips and Tricks for Perfecting Mixes With Lexicon Effects

Reverb is the great mix lifter: It adds drama and definition to your tracks and creates a sense of space in your soundstage. It’s both a corrective tool and a creative tool, and when masterfully applied, it adds depth, warmth and definition, and can transport listeners to just about any concert hall on the planet.

Rightsizing Esports: Solutions from Schools to Stadia

Esports, a form of entertainment, featuring organized multiplayer video game competitions, is a quickly growing industry that’s only getting more popular each year. In 2020 alone, more than 443 million viewers tuned in to watch their favorite gamers go for the glory. Although Asia currently boasts the largest esports market—the 2018 League of Legends Professional