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From Live Shows to Landmarks: Spotlight on 8 Stellar Martin Pro Lighting Installs

Serving a broad range of professional entertainment and architectural applications, Martin lighting solutions are known for their performance, innovation and reliability. Integrating simplicity and ingenuity, Martin products have assisted lighting designers, architects, system integrators, electrical contractors and other professionals requiring benchmark results, even in the most demanding situations. For over 30 years, Martin products have

AKG 75th Anniversary Retrospective: C Series Microphones – The Evolution of a Studio Icon

Since AKG was founded 75 years ago, we’ve developed thousands of audio products for both professionals and consumers—from loudspeakers to headphones to phonograph cartridges to car horns, intercoms, telephone handset capsules, and “cushion speakers.” (Yes, speakers that went inside pillows were a thing, back in the day.) But we’re most famous for our microphones. In