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HARMAN Professional Solutions provides audio, video, lighting, and control technology for educational facilities, including primary/K-12 and higher education.

Best Practices for Creating Next-Level Higher Ed Learning Environments

Technological advances have created incredible opportunities in higher education. Today, educators and students can share information and collaborate in powerful new ways that would be unimaginable just a decade ago. But universities are under increasing pressure to provide students with the best possible learning environments, as competition continues to increase and students have more choice

How to Create Seamless Distributed Audio Systems with JBL Control Ceiling Speakers

When it comes to providing high-quality sound throughout large facilities, ceiling-mounted loudspeakers offer the best combination of sound quality and convenience. Hotels, corporate offices, schools and houses of worship are just some of the institutions that require seamless distributed audio systems for broadcasting everything from important announcements to background music. But in addition to providing

What is Feedback Suppression and How Can It Help Your Performances?

Squuueeeeeeaaaaccchh! You know it in an instant: that piercing, ear-melting shriek blaring out of your loudspeakers. It’s feedback, and it’s a showstopper—in more ways than one. Feedback, the high-pitched wail generated when a signal loop builds between a sound system’s audio input (here, a microphone) and amplified output (speaker), can happen anytime, anywhere. Feedback dangers

Pro Sound for Work-At-Home Professionals

If you’re like many of us, you’re finding yourself in a new office or learning environment: your home. If you’re new to working remotely, you might face challenges carving out a space to stay productive, focused and plugged in. Luckily, today’s conferencing tools such as Skype, Zoom and WebEx make it possible to collaborate with