The executive boardroom is where decisions are made that affect the future of the company. Whether it’s a senior leadership meeting or a presentation to a top prospect or partner, the events that occur in the boardroom are some of the most important in the enterprise. It’s no surprise, then, that the entire boardroom space, even the technology, is designed to reinforce a company’s confidence and strength.

Unlike any other space within the enterprise, the boardroom is the place that is designed to impress. From high-end furnishings to premium amenities, everything within the boardroom space is chosen to make an impact. From a visual perspective, this means selecting products that match the premium atmosphere the space, while also providing maximum functionality within the space as well. This goes for everything from the furnishings to the technology.

For example, the AMX Modero X Retractable touch panel is certain to impress, with a sleek, premium industrial design and the ability to retract into the table when it is not being used to control the room. When the executive walks into the room, the touch panel rises smoothly out of the table. The executive can then use the panel to control the technology within the space simply and easily. When the meeting is over, the panel retracts back into the table, providing a clean look.

I stated earlier that the amenities within a boardroom space should not only look good but also provide maximum functionality as well. From a technology perspective, this means having all the capabilities the executive would ever need, with every detail that is seen and heard within the space reinforcing that singular message. With the right tools in place, an executive can hold a meeting—and the attention of their audience—without missing a beat due to a technology issue.

That’s why the Modero X touch panel is not simply a beautiful-looking piece of technology, but is also an intelligent, intuitive interface that provides powerful control capabilities. At the touch of a single button on the panel, all of the technology within the space can be set into motion. The displays come on and are set to the right input. Volume levels adjust. Lighting and HVAC is set to just the right level. Everything within the space is exactly the way the executive wants it, and all it took was a single button press.

This kind of simplicity is important in a boardroom. Nothing will cause an IT emergency faster than executive who is having a technology problem in the boardroom during a meeting. That’s why having simple-to-use automation is vital. The right experience can make or break a meeting, and as I said, a failed meeting can impact the entire future of a company.

Ultimately, technology in the boardroom helps create the perfect experience, and at HARMAN, we’re all about creating an experience. From boardrooms to retail stores to stadiums, theme parks and more, our technology is designed to come together and craft an encounter and a moment that has been tailored for maximum impact. In a boardroom, this means delivering a message of strength and capability, offering customers a peace of mind that they are in the right hands with the company they are meeting with.

To deliver this experience, you need to have all the right tools in place within the space. HARMAN has audio and video solutions that allow executives to deliver presentations and collaborate with people both in the room and around the world, offering premium audio and video capabilities. A bevy of disparate technologies are required to deliver this premium experience, including audio/video connectivity, video distribution, microphones, audio processing and distribution, audio amplification, loudspeakers, collaboration platforms, control, management and more. Coordinating all of this can seem a daunting task.

Thankfully, with automation, all of this can be controlled from a sleek and intuitive retractable touch panel, combining elegant styling, the most advanced technical capabilities and a simple-but-intuitive user interface that keeps executives in the driver’s seat during their most important client and executive meetings.

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