Since 1956, the Netherlands’ internationally renowned Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) has served the educational needs of tomorrow’s innovators. In order to ensure that the school’s resources continue to meet the high standards of today’s discerning students, TU/e recently commissioned a comprehensive renovation of its auditorium and lecture theaters.

Leading Dutch systems integrator, MK2 Audiovisueel joined with HARMAN Professional Solutions to deliver a range of technologically advanced learning environments. As classes begin in the updated rooms, presenters have the option to either independently operate the AV system or give the responsibility to operators in a central control room. The TU/e central control room connects the AV in 16 lecture theaters and can simultaneously support the operation of up to eight rooms.

At the heart of the system is an AMX Enova DGX digital matrix switcher, which addresses the challenge of routing signals through the large facility. The Enova manages and distributes digital video without any of the typical problems associated with HDCP authenticated content distribution and switching. Using HARMAN’s proprietary SmartScale technology, both analog and digital video automatically scale to match the native resolution for each connected display.

Deploying 19 DGX matrix switchers ensures that each theater can operate autonomously, while the centralized control center enables them to be technologically interconnected for added flexibility when the complex is running at maximum capacity. Because of the intricate structure of the building, the backbone of the system is fiber-based to facilitate the long-distance transport of signals.

AMX Modero S Series touch panels located in the lecture theaters and the central control room provide intuitive control of the facilities and maximize the communication experience. The panels are optimized for ease of use through the integration of a number of macros that can trigger a series of orchestrated events. For example, at the press of a button, the video conferencing system and screens can be automatically switched on, the lights lowered to a pre-determined level and the audio adjusted, ensuring that the lecturer can use the platform easily and efficiently.

Centralized control also provides significant savings and flexibility, as each room benefits from all of the technical functionality without requiring the equipment to be locally situated. Using the AMX NX control platform within the Enova DGX allows TU/e to centrally monitor, manage and control the system’s connected devices over its existing IT infrastructure.

By providing each lecture theater with a seamless AV experience, the use of a central control room allows presenters to focus on their students’ education. The convenience, enhanced functionality and cost savings of the renovation underscores the forward-thinking university’s slogan: “TU/e: Where innovation starts.”

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