An efficient portable PA system serves as a vital organization-wide communication channel, efficiently disseminating messages throughout the company. Its durability makes it a valuable, long-term investment that yields tangible advantages. Whether it’s conveying crucial corporate updates or motivational messages, creating the right atmosphere with ambient music, coordinating movement, prompting action, or providing essential emergency support, a robust portable PA system excels in all these areas.

The JBL PRX ONE includes a 7-channel digital mixer, DSP with presets, Automatic Feedback Suppression, Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming and JBL Pro Connect app control.

A custom-designed acoustic package that’s adaptable for both installed and portable applications is a paramount consideration when selecting the right portable PA for each unique application. The JBL PRX ONE All-in-One Powered Column PA is exceptionally versatile in supporting the needs of a wide range of corporate and enterprise applications. Check out the Top 6 reasons PRX ONE makes an ideal portable PA for corporate users.

1. Ensuring Town Hall Meeting Clarity
‘Town Hall’, ‘All-Hands’ and similar gatherings are pivotal for bringing employees and management together in a shared space for delivering presentations, announcements, and important updates. PRX ONE was designed to deliver unmatched clarity for both spoken words and music. Consistency in clarity is achieved through PRX ONE’s custom-designed 12-tweeter column array, empowered by JBL’s integrated A.I.M. (Array Inumbration Mechanics) acoustic technology. A.I.M. accomplishes this goal by sending more signal to some speakers and less signal to others, which ultimately delivers a smoother frequency response and optimal coverage from front to back.

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2. Ambiance and Voice Lift for Fitness and Mindfulness Sessions
Activities that reduce stress and elevate fitness and mindfulness are growing in popularity. More and more campuses are realizing the positive benefits that stress reduction can have on their employees. These sessions are designed to ease tensions and ambient music can go a long way to calm and soothe. PRX ONE’s custom-designed, high-frequency drivers effectively reduce distortion to maintain a seamless, natural high-frequency response, that further eliminates stress and promotes positive energy.

PRX ONE is also helpful for these sessions by adding voice lift to ensure everyone in attendance can hear and follow the facilitator’s routine and instructions when using a microphone. PRX ONE’s 7-channel digital mixer, DSP and Automatic Feedback Suppression also ensure that voice and music settings can be dialed in and then easily recalled for future sessions.

PRX ONE offers superior acoustics to captivate your audience’s undivided attention. This is made possible by the system’s 2,000-watt, fully bridged Class D amplifier.

3. Making Events a Resounding Success: Loud & Clear at Any Volume
PRX ONE offers superior acoustics to captivate your audience’s undivided attention. This is made possible by the system’s 2,000-watt, fully bridged Class D amplifier with power factor correction and high-linearity inductors to provide clean, efficient system power. From an optimization standpoint, this amplifier provides the system with exactly the right amount of power it needs to sound its best at any volume without distorting or clipping. With 130db of max SPL the system can go the distance in large halls and auditoriums or outdoor courtyards and parking lots, when you might need that extra added kick in SPL to ensure your messages can be conveyed loudly but most importantly, clearly. 

4. A System That’s Easy to Use Makes A Well-Used System
Corporate portable PA users may not always have the interest or time to dive into the technical nuances of the system. They often just want to plug in, turn on, and be done. That’s why PRX ONE includes several easy-to-use, built-in presets such as a compressor that will help keep your speaking volume at a nominal rate. Users can easily activate and recall these presets via PRX ONE’s simple-to-use LCD, in just a few clicks.

PRX ONE is perfect for impromptu events because it can quickly and easily be transported, set up and playing music with little to no notice.

5. Motivating Morale with Impromptu Team Building Events
One of the best ways to keep employees motivated and happily productive is to host impromptu team building events and get-togethers. Sometimes just knocking off an hour before quitting time to a park down the road to play a game or just soak up some sun can make all the difference in raising spirits and getting your project across the finish line. PRX ONE is perfect for these types of events because it can be quickly and easily transported, set up and playing music in no time. Users appreciate the ability to be able to quickly attach and detach the PRX ONE array from its base in just seconds. PRX ONE’s learning curve is so minimal that individual departments can easily check a unit out from HR and be up and running with very little instruction.

6. Enhancing Workplace Productivity with Sound That Soothes
Many studies show that ambient music can have a soothing and stimulating effect on the work environment, often even boosting productivity. The inclusion of ambient music can add an energizing dimension to your workspace whether it’s ‘Playlist Friday’, an impromptu late-night project, or anytime that music or sounds can support the tasks at hand. And rest assured, each PRX ONE is rigorously tested with over 100 hours of JBL stress testing, to ensure that it can be ready to rock at a moment’s notice.

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