Serving a broad range of professional entertainment and architectural applications, Martin lighting solutions are known for their performance, innovation and reliability. Integrating simplicity and ingenuity, Martin products have assisted lighting designers, architects, system integrators, electrical contractors and other professionals requiring benchmark results, even in the most demanding situations.

Photo by Joan Marcus.

For over 30 years, Martin products have been selected and specified to illuminate some of the world’s most dynamic shows and iconic locations. Here are eight standout installs that demonstrate Martin’s commitment to setting the standard for incredible lighting performance.

Music Man on Broadway Delivers Immersive Visuals from Martin MAC and Encore Fixtures 
A recent production of the timeless classic, The Music Man starring Hugh Jackman opened at the Winter Garden Theatre on Broadway, New York, USA. Lighting designer Brian MacDevitt deployed an array of Martin MAC Ultra and MAC Encore fixtures to support the production.

“In my experience, these Martin fixtures are the best for natural-looking light,” said MacDevitt. “Between the MAC Ultras and MAC Encores, I’ve found the incandescent palette that I’ve been missing for years. I’m really proud of this lighting design, and my team for pulling it off. The producers are really happy with how it came out.” Learn more.



Dota 2 Esports World Championships Lit Up by MAC Ultra Performance
The International Dota 2 World Championships in Bucharest, Romania required a redesigned lighting rig capable of delivering eye-catching visuals in a challenging daylight situation. The versatility and speed of Martin MAC Ultra fixtures enabled lighting designer Alex Berry to alternate between delivering ample broadcast-level lighting, as well as producing beautiful gobo stage looks with the same fixture sets.

“I’ve been using Martin gear as video-level lighting for more than 20 years,” related Berry. “I just knew the MAC Ultra Performance was going to be really great… A few fixtures come close, but nothing can actually touch it in terms of brightness and zoom capabilities. It’s also super quiet, which makes me look forward to using them in a theater environment. I will definitely be requesting and specifying MAC Ultra Performance fixtures in the future from here on out!” Learn more.

Dynamic Lighting Delivered at Red Rock Amphitheater for String Cheese Incident by Martin VDO and MAC Axiom Fixtures
Colorado,USA-based jam band, The String Cheese Incident returned to the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater for the 45th time… to kick off their 2021 tour. To give audiences an unforgettable experience… PHNTM Labs deployed an advanced lighting rig featuring Martin VDO Atomic Dot and MAC Axiom Hybrid fixtures.

Doing lighting at Red Rocks is incredibly tough because 77 percent of the audience is above the roof of the venue. The VDO Atomic Dots, being lightweight enough and at a price point where we could get a lot of them, allowed us to really expand and use the whole width of the roof,” said Michael Smalley, Creative Director, Production Designer and Lighting Designer, PHNTM Labs. Learn more.

Iconic Seattle Space Needle Upgrade Lit By Martin Exterior Projection Fixtures
The Space Needle is a staple of the Seattle, Washington, USA skyline and needed a new, more versatile system that still provided the same iconic lighting for the landmark but also reduced glare and shadows cast through the glass floor for nighttime visitors. To meet these requirements… a cutting-edge and innovative system, featuring Martin Exterior Projection 500 and Exterior Projection 1000 fixtures was installed.

Jason Davis, Vice President at LVH Entertainment Systems says “In terms of the feature set, these Martin lights have the features that other lights are struggling to even incorporate. They’re pretty cutting edge in terms of what they’re able to do and they’re really high-quality. I think the Space Needle will be in good hands for a long time with this rig.” Learn more.

Glow of Kane Brown’s Blessed & Free Tour Enhanced by Martin VDO Lighting
Kane Brown, a multi-platinum singer-songwriter was back on the road with the Blessed & Free Tour. To meet the tour’s needs, lighting designer Trevor Ahlstrand selected Martin VDO Sceptron 10 video battens controlled by P3, and VDO Atomic Dot CLD fixtures.

“We needed to have a fixture that could complement the video content on stage while also popping through the screen with a lot of intensity… The VDO Atomic Dot does just that, and they bring a different feel and energy throughout the show. The VDO Sceptrons outline every set piece like the ego risers, thrust, and automated lighting pods; I use them on the majority of the shows that I put out,” said Ahlstrand. Learn more.

User Experience at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Enlivened with Martin VC Strips and P3 Control
As part of a $160 million expansion, Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport added four new gates to its Terminal D area. DFW Airport worked in a joint venture with LVHKA (Louis Vidal-Harrison Kornberg-Arup) to develop an intuitive lighting system that could be easily programmed to change colors and patterns as a way to assist passengers with the boarding process. To meet these goals, the team designed and installed a system using Martin VC-Strip 15 LED Video Strips and the P3-050 System Controller with the PowerPort 1000 IP Install extension.

“… we suggested using P3 instead to create a system where you can just feed video into the lighting controller and it displays accordingly. You can control speed, colors and all sorts of fun effects without having to set it up separately from the video content,” said Christoph Gisel, Lighting Designer, Arup. Learn more.

Nothing But Thieves Tour Shines with Martin MAC Aura PXL Lighting the Way
Rock band Nothing But Thieves embarked on its long-awaited return to live performances and needed a lighting rig that was reliable and adaptable. Lighting Designer Sam Tozer relied on Martin’s MAC Aura PXL and MAC Viper fixtures. Tozer praised the predictable, intuitive nature of the Martin fixtures, which behaved exactly as expected.

“I wanted a wash light that was bright and bold,” explained Tozer. “The MAC Aura PXL met these requirements and delivered brilliant whites and an unbeatable color range. It’s one of my favorite fixtures to work with. I love the pure output and the wide range of colors, especially the pastels.” Learn more.

Janesville Heritage Pedestrian Bridge Transformed with Martin PixLine, Exterior Dots and P3
The new Heritage Pedestrian Bridge in Wisconsin, USA includes dynamic lighting and sound for three bridges and two new parks. Stephen Phillips, Founder and Lead Engineer of Bluechip Labs utilized a lighting system that includes more than 200 Martin Exterior Pixline 20 linear LED fixtures, which feature full-spectrum color programming and wide-coverage diffusion for strong and eye-catching visuals.

“Janesville gets 90 to 100 degrees in the summer and then heavy snow and high winds in the winter, and the bridge is on a fast-moving river that tends to flood. So I knew I had to put up some really tough fixtures that could survive the weather and possibly debris coming down the river,” said Stephen Phillips. Learn more.

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