Is there such a thing as a standard AV system or a standard room? With all the variations in customer requirements, equipment specifications and technological developments, it’s easy to suggest that there’s no such thing as ‘Standard’. In reality, the most successful rollouts of meeting room technology are based on an individual organisation’s ‘standard’ room types, based on their own specific requirements. This often leads to complex designs using a unique combination of products. So how can we standardise this?

Did you know? AMX Enova DVX Presentation Switchers are specified to switch and control some of the most high profile rooms, spaces and venues in the world. Watch this video to explore the key benefits of the series.

The simplest way to standardise any system design is to use a Presentation Switcher and this is something that AMX by HARMAN has specialised in for many years.  The principle of a Presentation Switcher is simple, take the common elements of every room and combine them into a single product. This isn’t as simple as it sounds of course, as there are so many variations in the requirements of a typical system, but by having the right combination of control functionality, A/V switching and processing, and clever use of HARMAN’s own world-leading technology, we can provide a truly, standard solution.

There are many benefits to using a Presentation Switcher, but these are often overlooked or misunderstood so let’s look at each of these in more detail.

  • Reduced Points of Failure
    Every time you connect one piece of equipment to another, you introduce a potential point of failure. The obvious culprit could be a faulty or damaged cable, but consideration should also be given to the programming required to control multiple devices as this is also a point of failure. It’s also important to take into account the way one device interfaces with another.  Even using the most ‘standardised’ technology can be problematic between different manufacturers. When faced with these problems, which manufacturer do you turn to? By using a presentation switcher, the number of interconnecting points of failure is vastly reduced.
  • Simplified Design
    A good presentation switcher will have all the features you need for a whole host of room types. You don’t need to use every single feature to get the best from the system, and although you might be able to build a cheaper system using separate components, this is very often false economy. A designer may think the cheapest option is the best, but the additional costs are often only seen by the engineers and programmers.
  • Simplified Integration
    In every system design, there are hidden costs. When you consider the complexity of building, cabling and programming a system made up of lots of separate components, the additional time soon forces the cost up. By using an already integrated solution, this process becomes much simpler, with far fewer concerns over product compatibility.
  • Simplified Support
    With the same hardware and often the same code being used in multiple different room types, support becomes much easier. Standardised design, standardised code and standardised hardware are an engineer’s dream and provide the ability to test, diagnose and resolve technical issues that might arise, in far less time.

With these points in mind, HARMAN set out to re-develop the AMX Enova DVX Presentation Switcher range to encompass all the requirements of modern audio-visual solutions, with enhanced performance and advanced technology at the heart of the system.

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Video technology has reached a level where the capabilities of display hardware are more advanced than many of the video sources in use. To ensure that the presentation switcher doesn’t introduce a weak link into the video chain, the DVX-2265-4K and DVX-3266-4K systems are capable of switching and distributing 4K60 4:4:4 video and are compliant with HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2 and HDR video formats. In short, Enova DVX models offer the best video quality available in a presentation switcher.

Using digital video is commonplace in every video switching solution today, but the use of digital audio is often overlooked. Thanks to the Dante capabilities of the DVX 4K solution, there are 8 channels of digital audio in and out available to go along with the 6 analogue microphone inputs, 2 stereo inputs and outputs, and the onboard 120w per channel Crown DriveCore amplifier. Now, you can integrate the Enova DVX 4K solution with any Dante-based DSP, microphone array or external amplifier. When combined with the powerful DSP, dbx Advanced Feedback Suppression and 4 separate audio groups, the audio is as well specified as the video.

An important consideration for corporate solutions is choosing to locate the switching and control hardware away from the room itself. This helps to reduce the space requirements, negates unsightly equipment racks and also allows technical staff to work on the majority of the equipment without entering the room. AMX Enova DVX 4K systems have a number of DXLink inputs and outputs, along with standard HDMI ports, to provide both local and remote connections – meaning the main bulk of the hardware can be installed up to 100 meters away. Only the DXLink transmitters and receivers need to be located inside the room, to provide local inputs and outputs as well as device control and USB 2.0 ports.

The final, and arguably the most important aspect of the solution is the User Interface.

This is the only part of the system that the user sees, so a key element of the system design is to ensure that the workflow is as simple and automated as possible.  When designing the user interface, there’s often a temptation to provide every possible function to the user, with the misguided view that training will allow the user to access all the functions they require. By understanding what users require from the room and what their day-to-day work requires from them, a well-designed user interface provides the essential functionality, with complex operations automated in the background. Whether the system is installed in a meeting room, boardroom, classroom or lecture theatre, the AMX Modero Touch Panel range allows you to create the ultimate simplified user experience.

Whether you are an IT, technology or facility manager; or a system integrator or designer, I encourage you to explore the benefits that presentation switching can offer to make your meeting spaces more effective and efficient and your users more productive.


Barton Park Green Business Center, Italy – Corporate
“The most important aspects of the system design were flexibility and scalability without increasing cost,” said Devid Dantone, Internal Sales and Project Manager, Intermark Sistemi. “The DVX solutions provide complete control over all technological aspects in each room…” Explore further.

Griffith University, Australia – Higher Education
“The Enova DVX-3155HD Presentation Switcher, DGX DVI input and output cards and DGX16-ENC DGX Enclosure offer high-quality audio and video distribution throughout the entire space…” Learn more.

Marriott Courtyard, Salt Lake City – Hotels & Resorts
“Two Enova DVX Presentation switchers are centrally located to provide core AV Switching and Control requirements for the meeting and event spaces which also feature HD Displays and LCD projectors. DXLink multi-format transmitters provide connectivity for staff and guest devices…” Check it out.


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