Continually evolving, the JBL Application Engineered (AE) Series has set the standard for commercial installed loudspeaker applications. Featuring a complete line of permanent installation loudspeakers, this Series continues to deliver legendary sound in the world’s best-in-class venues.

Employing precision loudspeaker technologies with an engineered systems approach, AE loudspeakers remain one of the most specified installed solutions for clubs, resorts, restaurants, and event venues throughout the world. Here, we showcase eight real-world case studies utilizing AE Series loudspeakers creating truly unique customer experiences across the globe.

Piano Man Jazz Club Taps JBL AE Series for End-to-End Solution – India
JBL delivered Piano Man Jazz Club a comprehensive AE Series system to overcome the acoustic challenges of the uniquely designed venue. “We chose HARMAN for their wide range of loudspeakers and superior quality of end-to-end solutions. The HARMAN system allows us to optimize the artist’s experience onstage without compromising the audience’s experience,” said Arjun Sagar Gupta, Piano Man Jazz Club owner. Explore further:

Lago Function Hall Installs JBL Audio Beyond Compare – Israel
JBL AE Series loudspeakers transformed the audio experience for guests at Dua by Lago, a premier Israel event venue. “JBL speakers deliver the sound quality we need while blending in seamlessly. Our clients are very happy with the outcome – they’re proud to have one of the best-sounding venues in Israel,” said Libby Kochan, Marketing – Integrators, KZPRO. Explore further:

Adding Decibels of Delight for SAGA: Cuisines of India
JBL delivered sophisticated AE Series sound for dynamic live entertainment at SAGA: Cuisines of India – an elegant dining destination. “Crescendo AV has done an exceptional job commissioning audio and lighting for SAGA and allowed me to present an unforgettable experience for my guests. I must make a notable mention of the HARMAN Application Engineering team and their contribution as well. This install is a result of their hard work and dedication,” said Vishal Anand, Founder, Moonshine Food Ventures. Explore further:

AE Series Resonates Throughout Hoiana Suncity Resort – Vietnam
JBL AE Series loudspeakers and subwoofers significantly elevated the entertainment and gaming experience at Hoiana Suncity beachfront resort. “The project was unique for two reasons. One is the sheer scale of the establishment, and the second being the unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19.” Explore further:

“One of the biggest benefits of JBL is just the overall size of the product line… The overall sound quality is phenomenal, and so is the product availability. It makes JBL a very easy choice.” – Cory Drake, President, Platinum SLV.

An Iconic Venue Comes Alive with an Immersive Sound Experience – India
JBL AE Series speakers were the obvious choice for MAYFAIR Lake Resort – a renowned travel and luxurious wedding and event destination. “MAYFAIR needed a multi-aspect, cross-category solution. We sourced HARMAN Professional products and were able to engineer the appropriate solutions because they’re adaptable, reliable and produce great results.” said Rhythm Arora of Qubix Technologies. Explore further:

Rosewood Bangkok Hotel Makes Sound Investment – Thailand
JBL added a new dimension of delight with the installation of a custom JBL AE Series system for the Rosewood Bangkok Hotel in the heart of downtown Bangkok. “The hotel management selected HARMAN AV equipment due to its proven reliability. The end goal was to create a collaborative space for the guests, and that goal was realized with HARMAN products,” said a spokesperson from Rosewood Bangkok Hotel. Explore further:

Lord of the Drinks Nightclub Gets Sophisticated System – India
JBL AE Series loudspeakers complemented the unique aesthetics and elegant design of the highly-rated Lord of the Drinks nightclub. “We were initially going to have another solution. However, we met the team from HARMAN Professional, who suggested the new JBL AE Series speakers which we ultimately chose. I am very happy with the sound system and its performance. We get loud and clear output from the speakers and the subwoofers are amazing,” said Amit Bajoria, Owner, Lord of the Drinks Kolkata. Explore further:

Te Deseo Restaurant Transformed Into Amazing Nightlife Hotspot – USA
AE Series loudspeakers and subwoofers added to the transformation of this authentic Latin American restaurant. “One of the biggest benefits of JBL is just the overall size of the product line. When designing a system, you have a vast product line to pick from, which is huge. The overall sound quality is phenomenal, and so is the product availability. It makes JBL a very easy choice,” said Cory Drake, President, Platinum SLV. Explore further:

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