Mass configuration. Mass deployment.
Made massively simple.

Introducing CloudworX Manager

CloudworX Manager is a free Cloud-based application which brings incredibly powerful management to the existing AMX Acendo Core and Acendo Book devices.

Instead of configuring devices one-by-one, CloudworX Manager allows a large numbers of devices to be configured simultaneously, either locally or remotely.


It's as easy as a few clicks

  1. Create an account at
  2. Download CloudworX firmware for your devices
  3. Update your devices
  4. Sign in to
  5. Follow prompts to download & install the CloudworX Gateway Utilities
  6. Register your Gateway using the 4-digit PIN
  7. You’re all set! Get started managing your devices remotely.

How It Works

The magic of mass deployment

With CloudworX managing multiple devices at once has never been easier! After you’ve connected to your Gateway, your installed devices with CloudworX firmware will be automatically discovered - simply select multiple devices you want to configure or edit individual devices inline. Adjust your desired settings and then deploy them to your selected devices with one click!


All for one and all secure

A CloudworX user is able to create a secure connection from an Internet-connected browser to that PC via HARMAN’s Cloud services. This means that devices can be discovered and maintained either locally or remotely, via a secure connection.


Supported Devices

Acendo Core (requires firmware or newer)

Acendo Book MD (requires 1.9.25 firmare or newer)

Acendo Book ACB/RMBK (requires 1.3.49 firmware of newer)

CloudworX firmware for the supported devices is available from their respective product pages, along with update procedures.


Release Date

October 29, 2019


Support Options


Quick Start Guide



What's Next?

In the worX

Other products are being engineered to utilize CloudworX.
Stay tuned in to see what connectivity we have up our sleeve.