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Are students required to watch all of the video training content for a given course?
No. Most HPro U courses are segmented in such a way to allow students an a la carte approach to training education. Harman product knowledge is gained in a variety of different ways. For some, field experience will be enough to pass our exams. For others, portions of the video training material will be required. Our goal is to empower students with the ability to choose how and when they consume the information. For the most part, video content is optional. Exams are required.

What are the online exams like?
Typical exams are 30-60 questions in length drawing random questions from large question banks. Question answer options are randomized and students are likely to see new questions and varied answer positions upon retesting. Associate level exams contain 50-75 questions and Professional level exams contain 75-125 questions.

What is a passing score for a HPro U online exam, and how many times can I take it?
HPro U online exams require an 80% or higher to pass and can be taken as many times as required to pass.

What if I need to look something up during the exam or if my computer loses connection?
The learning management system is able to keep track of your progress during the exam. Feel free to use any resource at your disposal - just as you would at a project site if a situation were to arise. Students are returned to where they left off upon returning to the learning management system.

How many times can I submit a practical exam?
Students have 3 opportunities to pass a practical exam. Students failing to achieve a passing score after a third attempt are required to take (or retake) the instructor led course for the subject.

Will I receive a confirmation for signing up for a learning track?
Yes, you will receive an email indicating you have enrolled in a learning track. If it is for an instructor led course, you will receive a reminder email prior to the beginning of the class.

How do I find my transcript(s) and/or certificate(s)?
Visit here to see your transcripts and print your certificates.

How long is my certificate valid for?
Harman Professional University certification is valid for 3 years. You will be notified by email that you have been auto-enrolled into the certification renewal course 60 days prior to certification expiration. Students seeking to work on recertification steps prior to the 60 day window are able to manually self-enroll into the renewal course.

Where can I find information on traveling to an HPro U training center?
Visit here for travel related information about most of our training centers.

What if I have a question that is not addressed in this FAQ?
Contact us at: