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Path to Certification

Understanding the Harman Professional University Certification Model
Harman Professional University certifications provide special credit and recognition to those who have gone above and beyond to become certified. HProU Certifications are broken into multiple tiers based on depth of knowledge and proficiency. The Associate tier is the first level of HProU Certification and represents initial proficiency in a subject. Typically, this offering is available via online training and is intended to provide immediate access to training material on a subject and demonstrate basic competency in a subject area. In some cases, the Associate level of training material is all that is required for individuals to become conversant in various Harman technologies and the basic introductory tasks associated with these disciplines. Students seeking a deeper understanding of our technology should first complete the Associate level material, and then enroll into the Professional level course. Typically, Instructor Led Courses are offered at this tier and are generally optional under the HProU Certification model. Students obtain skills and knowledge in a variety of ways. In some cases, students have the knowledge required to successfully complete the Professional level certification exam(s) without needed to attend a HProU Instructor Led Course. In most cases, students will find the hands-on environment of a HProU Instructor Led Course valuable and we highly encourage attending these offerings when possible.

STEP ONE: Register for the Certification Curriculum
Upon entering the registration portal, click the HARMAN Course Catalog navigation tile to view our training offerings. Next, select the navigation link for your area of interest, and then click the Certifications & Classroom Courses navigation link to view our certification offerings. After selecting your desired certification curriculum, click the Enroll button found to the right of the curriculum name. Once enrolled, the launch button will become visible and users can click that option to view the requirements needed to achieve the respective certification. Students seeking to attend an Instructor Led Course should first complete the Associate certification course for a desired subject area. The Associate certification for a subject serves as the prerequisite material for the higher Professional certification tier.

STEP TWO: Complete Prerequisites and Online Requirements
Most Harman Professional University Instructor Led Courses require prior completion of online prerequisites before students can enroll into the course. Prerequisites contain the fundamental background and conceptual knowledge that will make your experience in-class go more smoothly. Placing this material online enables immediate access for students and has allowed us to reduce the in-class time needed for Instructor Led training. In general, prerequisites include applicable elements of the Harman Professional University Core Curriculum along with any additional subject area specific courses required for the certification.  Each certification curriculum operates like a top-down checklist. Items are listed as either optional or required. Proficiency exams are always required, but video training content is often optional because how and where students learn about our products is less important than their ability to demonstrate proficiency. Video training material is available to all students, but some students with years of field experience likely possess the level of knowledge needed to pass the certification proficiency exam without needing to review the training material. Should a student skip a required prerequisite in the curriculum checklist, they will be given a warning popup that lists the prerequisite elements required for the activity they are trying to open and will not be able to proceed until those prerequisite items are completed.

STEP THREE: Attend Classroom Course
Instructor Led Courses are found within our different certification curriculums. Students seeking to attend a Harman Professional University classroom course should follow the steps above to enroll into the certification curriculum and then work through the online prerequisites. Once the above steps are completed, students can view the various Instructor Led Course offerings for each certification within the top-down checklist of the certification curriculum. To register for an Instructor Led Course, click the Enroll button found to the right of the Instructor Led course name. As with other Enroll buttons within the portal, once enrolled, the text will change to Launch. Selecting the Launch button will open a screen containing the Instructor Led Course session options for the geographic region. This screen is where students the location and date for the course they are seeking. Students attending our Instructor Led Course offerings will receive hands-on teaching from one of Harman Professional University's highly experienced, field-tested technical trainers. Harman Professional University classroom training is offered free of charge to qualified Harman resellers, Education Alliance Partners (EAP), government and military personnel. Non-dealers are welcome to attend training at a rate of $300 a day. HProU Instructor Led Courses should be viewed as certification test prep courses and are not a requirement for certification achievement. In most cases, certification can be achieved without attending a HProU Instructor Led Course.

STEP FOUR: Complete Written/Practical Exams
Students seeking to achieve Harman Certification are required to complete the certification exam(s) for the particular certification. Depending on the class, these exams will either be an online exam and/or a submitted practical exam. Students will not receive certification until the exams have been completed, turned in, and graded. If the practical exam is completed at home, know that there is often a queue of practical exams to be graded, so please be patient. Once the exam is graded, students will be contacted by HProU with a score and written feedback. In many cases, certification achievement is not related to a student’s attendance to a HProU Instructor Led Course.