HARMAN Professional University

HARMAN Professional University offers our partners, integrators, distributors, and anyone across the globe interested in receiving training the certifications they need to plan, design, install, program, and configure HARMAN Professional products and solutions, accurately and effectively. We offer a range of on-demand and instructor-led core curriculum and audio, control, and networked AV certification courses. Should you ever need any additional assistance or support, please see our Help/FAQs or feel free to contact us. Thank you for your support of HARMAN Professional University.

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Available Certifications

Learn more about the four areas of study and certification that we offer including: Core Curriculum, Audio Certification, Control Certification, Lighting Certification, and Networked AV Certification.

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Access our complete Course Catalog to learn about available courses, view course descriptions, review prerequisites and more.

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Enroll in AKG, AMX, BSS, Martin, and Studer on-demand courses, as well as track your certifications, and more. Access the Portal or contact us for login assistance.

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View the worldwide schedule of all available classroom courses and then sort by global location to enroll in any of our available instructor-led courses.

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We know you may have questions. We’re here to answer them and get you headed in the right direction. Access our FAQs.