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Bring Clarity to Transportation PA Systems with Beam Shaping

Sprawling, noisy transportation facilities such as airports, bus and train terminals present difficult public address challenges for sound system designers. With long hallways, large echo-ridden rooms and many reflective surfaces, it takes a good understanding of acoustics, sonic energy flow and current technology to deploy an effective and intelligible sound system. The purpose of any

Who Are We?

HARMAN Professional Solutions comprises 11 iconic brands and offers so many comprehensive solutions, sometimes this question is hard to answer. We are audio, lighting, video and control experts. We serve Entertainment and Enterprise customers. We offer solutions for a variety of industries, including Touring, Cinema, Retail, Recording, Broadcast, Corporate, Education, Government, Hospitality, Large Venues and

Choosing the Right Speakers for Creating Effective Learning Environments

Often thought of as small cities unto themselves, large college and university campuses use a wide range of specialized education, presentation and event facilities. From classrooms, lecture halls and active learning centers to multi-use rooms, theaters, arenas and stadiums, there’s almost no limit to the range of applications they support. As is the case with