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HARMAN Professional Solutions is the world’s largest professional audio, video, lighting, and control products and systems company. We serve the entertainment and enterprise markets with comprehensive systems, including enterprise automation and complete IT solutions for a broad range of applications. Our brands comprise AKG Acoustics®, AMX®, BSS Audio®, Crown International®, dbx Professional®, DigiTech®, JBL Professional®, Lexicon Pro®, Martin®, Soundcraft® and Studer®. These bestin-class products are designed, manufactured and delivered to a variety of customers, including tour, cinema and retail as well as corporate, government, education, large venue and hospitality. In addition, our world-class product development team continues to innovate and deliver groundbreaking technologies to meet our customers’ growing needs. For scalable, high-impact communication and entertainment systems, HARMAN Professional Solutions is your single point of contact.

AKG 75th Anniversary Retrospective: Studio Headphone Icons That Set The Standard

Over the past 75 years, AKG has introduced thousands of audio products. In the early days, AKG manufactured everything from cinema sound systems to exposure meters, car horns, intercoms, telephone handset capsules and cushion speakers. Eventually, we narrowed our focus to a few key categories, and today we’re best known for our professional microphones and headphones.

Transforming the Experience: Why More Venues Invest in JBL AE Application Engineered Loudspeakers

Imagine a commercial loudspeaker solution that not only raises the bar for performance, reliability and value, but is also versatile enough to meet the changing needs of a wide range of hospitality applications. From clubs and resorts to cruise ships and sports venues, the JBL Professional AE Application Engineered Series has become the trusted standard

From Live Shows to Landmarks: Spotlight on 8 Stellar Martin Pro Lighting Installs

Serving a broad range of professional entertainment and architectural applications, Martin lighting solutions are known for their performance, innovation and reliability. Integrating simplicity and ingenuity, Martin products have assisted lighting designers, architects, system integrators, electrical contractors and other professionals requiring benchmark results, even in the most demanding situations. For over 30 years, Martin products have