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HARMAN Professional Solutions is the world’s largest professional audio, video, lighting, and control products and systems company. We serve the entertainment and enterprise markets with comprehensive systems, including enterprise automation and complete IT solutions for a broad range of applications. Our brands comprise AKG Acoustics®, AMX®, BSS Audio®, Crown International®, dbx Professional®, DigiTech®, JBL Professional®, Lexicon Pro®, Martin®, Soundcraft® and Studer®. These bestin-class products are designed, manufactured and delivered to a variety of customers, including tour, cinema and retail as well as corporate, government, education, large venue and hospitality. In addition, our world-class product development team continues to innovate and deliver groundbreaking technologies to meet our customers’ growing needs. For scalable, high-impact communication and entertainment systems, HARMAN Professional Solutions is your single point of contact.

Tech Talks: Exploring Untapped Creative Lighting Potential for the Martin VDO Atomic Bold

The Martin lighting team set out to create outstanding versatility for the touring and rental market while offering increased creative potential for lighting designers. The result is a uniquely versatile fixture, the Martin VDO Atomic Bold, a 4-in-1 hybrid that combines a color strobe, blinder, wash light, and an eye candy fixture with pixel-mapping capabilities

From Italy to New Zealand, Tour the World’s Most Advanced Networked AV Systems

AMX SVSI Networked AV solutions solve the complexity of managing and distributing AV over your existing network infrastructure with cost-effective, reliable, consistent, and scalable systems. But we go far beyond simply sending video over standard, off-the-shelf IP hardware; we design and build real-world solutions that give customers the ability to deploy, monitor, troubleshoot, and expand

SPL and Watts: Evaluating Loudspeaker Power Ratings to More Accurately Predict Performance

Selecting the right loudspeakers for a casino install or house of worship upgrade can be challenging. There are too many factors that can contribute to and alter predicted performance to list. How will the speakers perform over time? How does their performance translate across volume levels? How well do they handle dramatic sonic peaks? How


The battery-powered JBL EON ONE MK2 packs an eight-speaker array, digital mixer, effects, Bluetooth and app control into a compact column PA system that can be carried with one hand. We checked in with HARMAN Application Engineer Herman Suparman to learn about the acoustic innovations and artist-friendly features in this all-in-one sound system. JBL has