Category: Large Venues

HARMAN Professional Solutions provides audio, video, lighting, and control technology for a variety of large venues, including sports stadiums and arenas, transportation centers, theme parks, museums, and convention centers among others

Igniting a Commercial Audio Revolution: Inside JBL Control Contractor Loudspeakers

Founded in 1946 to develop state-of-the-art cinema loudspeakers, JBL realized early on, the growing and diverse requirements of commercial audio applications. The Control Contractor™ loudspeaker family was born to address the unique, challenging, and evolving needs of stadiums and arenas, theme parks, transportation, retail, restaurants, corporate offices, educational institutions, and other demanding commercial venues. For

From Italy to New Zealand, Tour the World’s Most Advanced Networked AV Systems

AMX SVSI Networked AV solutions solve the complexity of managing and distributing AV over your existing network infrastructure with cost-effective, reliable, consistent, and scalable systems. But we go far beyond simply sending video over standard, off-the-shelf IP hardware; we design and build real-world solutions that give customers the ability to deploy, monitor, troubleshoot, and expand

SPL and Watts: Evaluating Loudspeaker Power Ratings to More Accurately Predict Performance

Selecting the right loudspeakers for a casino install or house of worship upgrade can be challenging. There are too many factors that can contribute to and alter predicted performance to list. How will the speakers perform over time? How does their performance translate across volume levels? How well do they handle dramatic sonic peaks? How

Backstage Pass to 8 Pro Audio & Lighting Shows Rocking Live Entertainment

After a challenging couple of years, live music is back in full force. Tours, residencies and festivals are returning and filling venues to capacity. Iconic HARMAN Professional brands like JBL, Martin, Crown, AKG, BSS and Soundcraft are providing touring artists and suppliers as well as live venues everything they need to deliver electrifying fan experiences in any