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HARMAN Professional Solutions provides best-in-industry audio and lighting technology for live-touring musicians and other performance acts.

Discussing the P3 Mix Channel: Revolutionizing Creative LED Programming

The Martin range of P3-compatible creative LED and lighting fixtures has been growing steadily over the last eight years. But with the introduction of the latest Martin product families, including MAC Allure Profile, MAC Allure Wash PC and VDO Atomic Dot, a new function that revolutionizes the way of programming was added: the P3 Mix

Milwaukee Bucks Make Run At NBA Championship Under HARMAN Lighting and Sound

As the Milwaukee Bucks advance in the 2019 NBA playoffs, they kick off their conference finals series at home this week against the Toronto Raptors. Above the hardwood floor, players and fans have their experience enhanced with a number of HARMAN solutions from JBL, Martin, Crown and BSS. Opened in August 2018, the Fiserv Forum

Tech Talks: How Martin Companion Makes Life Easier for Lighting Technicians

Many devices around us, which we use every day, require a software update once in a while. Smartphones often get updated overnight and computers also beg for updates (often leading to frustration :)). Lighting fixtures aren’t any different. At regular intervals, manufacturers like HARMAN issue new firmware for lighting fixtures. This firmware might include some

JBL and Brad Divens Share Mixing Techniques With FOH Engineers in fixintogetmixin Class Series

Brad Divens, current Enrique Iglesias and renowned FOH engineer, loves nothing more than having an opportunity, in between shows, to sit down with engineers of all levels to share his love for the art of the mixing process and creating the perfect final live mix. Every so often, Brad is able to carve out time