The Perfect Experience and Its Role in Customer Success

If there is one thing that the tech industry as a whole has come to realize in recent years, it’s that technology is not a device. It’s an experience. You can see this transition in many ways. User interface designers are now user experience designers and devices are now platforms that are interconnected via the cloud for rich interactions across multiple devices at any distance. Product developers are focused on how users will experience the technology, how it impacts them and how it makes them successful in what they are setting out to accomplish.

Ensuring Customer Success

Of course, this trend doesn’t focus merely on technology. Instead, it is part of a larger trend toward a focus on customer experience and how that impacts customer success. In a recent whitepaper by Forrester, research has shown a large rise in businesses hiring senior people with titles of “account manager,” customer experience manager,” or “customer success manager.” According to Forrester, these new roles are “dedicated to the active management of their customer base” with the goal being not simply to keep customers happy, but rather “to make their customers successful with the products they have purchased, and ensure that they are realizing economic value from their investments in order to preserve their revenue.”

In the end, the field of customer success is all about ensuring the customers are happy and successful. Software company Gainsight breaks down customer success into two components: customer experience and product adoption. The customer experience portion is about addressing “anything that makes a customer’s life more difficult.” From browsing a clunky website to unnecessary steps when ordering to getting the wrong invoice, any complication makes the customer less likely to continue business with the company. Product adoption, on the other hand, is all about ensuring customers are getting the most out of the product or service they have purchased. When an organization focuses on ensuring their customers get the most of out what they have purchased, the customer will see value in the product or service, continue to purchase, and become advocates of the company to others.

HARMAN and Great Customer Experiences

Now, perhaps you have been thinking that so far I’ve been setting this up to talk about how HARMAN Professional Solutions interacts with our customers (that is, you). Sure, that’s part of it, but really I’ve been thinking about your customers and how you go about ensuring that your customers are successful. Because HARMAN Professional Solutions is a big division, what the “customer” looks like can vary greatly.

These are your customers

These are your customers

Nevertheless, there is someone that your organization serves, whether it’s customers buying a product, parishioners attending a service, listeners or viewers of a recording or broadcast or attendees to an event. No matter what your customer looks like, how you implement AV solutions will affect how successful your customers are in the end.

Let’s take corporate as an example. In HARMAN Professional Solutions’ corporate customer solution unit, they often say that their goal is to deliver the perfect meeting. Note that this isn’t the perfect meeting room or perfect meeting technology. We want to deliver the perfect meeting. A meeting is an experience, and when that experience isn’t perfect, the meeting isn’t successful. And if a customer is in that ineffective meeting, that impacts the customer experience. They won’t learn what they need to learn about the product and won’t be as successful with it.

Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon

Events are another good example. For a large live event to be successful, the audio, video, and lighting technology must work together seamlessly. Take the recent Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon. With 30,000 participants running along a bright track past two dozen performance stages, there was a lot of technology involved in making the event a successful experience for the runners and other attendees. “There are always hurdles when it comes to this event,” the organizer said. “There are so many different things to coordinate, and I’m often caught worrying that we might not pull it off. Not having to worry about any of the HARMAN Professional Solutions gear is invaluable and a big reason why I keep returning to these products year after year.”

Organizing For Success

HARMAN Professional Solutions is dedicated to providing products that work together to deliver a solution—an experience that is valuable and effective for our customers. To ensure that, HARMAN Professional Solutions has recently undergone a major restructure focused on customers and how we deliver complete solutions to the people we serve. The goal of this restructure was to put resources in place who are experts in specific markets, and then give them tools to address the total needs of those customers, using a complete audio, video, lighting and control solution. When we deliver a complete solution, customers can trust our technology. Our customers tell us time and time again that they know our technology will work and continue to work year after year. When our technology is effective and delivers a great experience, our customers can offer unique and engaging experiences to their customers.

HARMAN’s mission is “Expect Brilliance.” To us, this means customers should expect our technology to work brilliantly and seamlessly. Our goal is to ensure our customers have a great experience, so that your customers have a great experience as well.

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