If you’ve been following the music performance market, you no doubt have heard of the JBL EON ONE, the portable all-in-one linear-array 6-channel PA system. Its many features have caused it to receive a lot of attention since it was released earlier this year. Recently, venerable Sound on Sound magazine wrote a review of the JBL EON ONE. In it, veteran audio gear reviewer and freelance sound engineer Mike Crofts turned his trained eye to the EON ONE, and he had this to say:

“During my time spent in the company of the Eon One I have listened to it  a lot in the studio and workshop, and used it for vocals at a full-on band rehearsal. It has also been out on two “real” live-sound gigs, where it performed admirably at a wedding reception and a business presentation. I was very happy with the sound quality, coverage and projection and, more importantly, so were my customers…

“Overall I think this is a very practical piece of portable PA – I could imagine turning more and more to the Eon One as a solution for so many sound requirements where the rig needs to be ‘plug and play’ as opposed to ‘plug, plug, plug etc. and then play.’ And don’t underestimate the aesthetic side either – this is going to be as perfectly at home in a ‘posh’ gig as down at the local folk club.”

You can read more in the full review.

Also, be sure check out the Top 10 finalists for the JBL EON ONE Take contest, where songwriters across the United States are competing for a recording session at The Village Studios, a world-renowned studio in Los Angeles. Stop by the EON ONE Take site now to watch the finalists’ entries and vote for your favorite!

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