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How to Distribute 4K Networked AV over 1 Gbps

As commercially available video resolutions continue to increase in size, the demand for video distribution and switching solutions that can accommodate these higher resolutions is increasing as well. The biggest limitation to this availability is bandwidth. Distributing video, especially in resolutions such as 4K/UHD, requires a tremendous amount of bandwidth. 4K video (2160p60), for example,

6 Ways Huddle Spaces Can Cut Costs and Increase Productivity

A major trend in corporate workplace design is the concept of the huddle space—a small meeting space designed specifically to accommodate the sort of impromptu social learning and collaboration activities that corporations are looking for. Of course, to make these rooms effective, you need effective meeting room technology. However, it’s not unusual for meeting room technology

Bring Clarity to Transportation PA Systems with Beam Shaping

Sprawling, noisy transportation facilities such as airports, bus and train terminals present difficult public address challenges for sound system designers. With long hallways, large echo-ridden rooms and many reflective surfaces, it takes a good understanding of acoustics, sonic energy flow and current technology to deploy an effective and intelligible sound system. The purpose of any