Asked about their career choice, most engineers will describe a deeply rooted fascination with the way things work. There are audio engineers at HARMAN Professional Solutions who recount the passion they felt during college, or even in high school, for the speakers and amplifiers through which they played their favorite tunes. Some tell stories about recording demos or mixing sound in their school theater department. A few even explain how they constructed their own loudspeakers. Hearing their stories and sensing their enthusiasm, it isn’t surprising that their career paths have led to developing some of the world’s most innovative loudspeaker and headphone products.

At HARMAN, we believe it’s essential to open the door for the next generation of technology buffs and sponsor a thriving intern program for students who share the passion and educational background of our engineering teams. Recently, 25 engineering students from colleges and universities in the Los Angeles area visited HARMAN’s Northridge campus to participate in our annual Career Day and experience what goes on behind-the-scenes in the development of new technologies.

The students toured the facility with several engineers from our professional audio group and learned about HARMAN’s intern program. They observed some of our latest research projects, visited the acoustics labs, participated in a variety of headphone, speaker and home theater demos, and experienced HARMAN’s proprietary Multichannel Listening Lab (MLL). They were also treated to surround sound and JBL VTX demos in our Listening Arena, all while getting an idea of what it would be like to create products that advance the way the world hears.

“It was a very enjoyable day, because the students really appreciated the visit,” said Henry Goldansky, Senior Director of Audio Engineering. “There are very few opportunities for aspiring engineers to visit tech companies, see the work that’s being done and get a firsthand look at the laboratories. Here at HARMAN, they had the added bonus of hearing something unique and exciting.”

“When we host these events, we can immediately tell if any of the students have the audio bug like we do,” he said. “We love our jobs, have been doing it for many years and hope to find those students who share our passion for audio. When you take somebody into a laboratory and see their eyes light up, you can immediately tell that they have a real affinity for this type of work.”

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