HARMAN Professional Solutions is coming to you from InfoComm 2017 in Orlando, FL! We’ll be at Booths 3201 and W222A from Wednesday, June 14 through Friday, June 16. If you’re at the show, please be sure to stop by and say hello! If not, you can still stay up to date on our new product announcements and all the happenings throughout the event by going to our InfoComm 2017 Information Page. We’ll also be updating this post daily with up-to-the-minute photos, videos and buzz from the show floor. As new information comes in, we’ll share the latest details with you here, so check back often.

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We just got big news we wanted to share with you. We are honored to have received FIVE awards for our products this year! In fact, our AMX N2400 Series networked AV solution received three Best of Show awards, one from AVTechnology Magazine, one from Digital Signage Magazine and one from Government Video Magazine!


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And our AMX Acendo Core and Acendo Vibe both won AVTechnology Magazine Best of Show Awards as well!

Products with Awards

We’d like to give a big thanks to AVTechnology Magazine, Digital Signage Magazine and Government Video Magazine for the honor!

Today is the last day of InfoComm 2017, and we’re excited! Everyone should take a cue from CCI Control and Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI) and stop by!


If you do stop by, be sure to see the AMX Acendo Core and Acendo Vibe, and discover why Digit Magazine called the Vibe “a must see” and raved about the Core’s “exceptionally easy user experience” to start Skype for Business meetings. Be sure to read the review they wrote after they saw it at the show:

We have some great videos to share with you today. First up, we have a video from AVTechnology on the AMX N2400 Series 4K60 4:4:4 networked AV solution.

Next, we have some videos from the HARMAN booth. In this video, we’re introduced to the AMX Incite all-in-one seamless presentation switcher and scaler.

Now, we have the AMX Acendo Family, a great conferencing and scheduling solution for huddle spaces and other collaboration environments.

As well, we take a look at our integrated audio, video, lighting and control demo. Watch as Iain Gregory, Director of Solutions and Marketing at HARMAN Professional Solutions, explains how Audio, Video, Lighting and Control (AVLC) can be distributed over the network and integrated to create a complete solution, leveraging the best of HARMAN’s legendary brands.

Finally, we have a look at the Studer Vista 1 Black Edition mixing console, a perfect choice for front of house or broadcast needs in house of worship.




It’s day two of InfoComm 2017 and it looks like Jay Myers had the right idea on how to start things.

Of course, Spark AV had a pretty good idea too. Really, see us first or see us last. Just come see us!

In fact, we had a lot of people stopping by. AVI-SPL stopped by and checked out voice-enabled cognitive room solutions leveraging our partnership with IBM Watson IoT.

Dale Pro Audio also came by to see us, and they shared some great video and photos of the HARMAN products they checked out:


Those Crown CDi DriveCore amps sure are pretty–and they work great too! Light and Sound America had a good article on the amps, including the new higher-powered, higher-channeled models.

They also had a good article on the new JBL Powered AE Series speakers:

We have big traffic in the booth again for day two. Here are a few photos of what’s been going on so far. Booth photos ic17_files image003 Photo Jun 14, 11 48 07 AM Photo Jun 15, 8 45 22 AM One of the big reasons we do these daily updating blogs from the trade show is to help people experience the booth virtually. And there is no better way to do that than watching our InfoComm 2017 Booth Tour video.




It’s Day One of InfoComm 2017! The best way to end the day was heading to the BB King’s Blues Club to hear JBL EON ONE Take winner Jonnie Morgan play.

Samsung and HARMAN met with our partners in the Samsung HARMAN Partner Forum, where we discussed the great opportunities the two companies bring together.

#samsung #harmon #partners #forum #infocomm17 A post shared by InPark Magazine (@inparkmag) on


People are flooding through the booth, and we can’t wait to show them what we have to offer.

The products were understandably the big draw today. Tech Decisions stopped by and was enamored with the AMX Acendo Vibe.

Others were fawning over the AMX N7142 Networked AV switcher.

However, people were also very impressed with the way the various products come together to create a complete solution. Take, for example, these kind words by Jonathan Blackwood:

There were a number of NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENTS that came out this morning! We’re so excited to share them with you. Below are some of the highlights. Remember, you can find more information on our InfoComm 2017 Information Page.

AMX Incite Digital Video Presentation System

The AMX Incite Digital Video Presentation System is the next generation of AMX presentation switchers, combining scaling, seamless video switching and distribution with AMX NetLinx™ automation and the best of HARMAN audio technology from BSS, dbx and Crown. Advanced windowing with scaling allows for various video configurations (side-by-side, top-bottom and picture-in-picture) and offers live production style video features such as transition effects—with support for resolutions up to 4K/60 4:4:4.

The AMX Incite comes in three different models:

  • AMX NCITE-PRS 8×1:3 Scaling 4K60 Presentation Switcher
  • AMX NCITE-PRS-A 8×1:3 Scaling 4K60 Presentation Switcher with DriveCore™ Amplifier
  • AMX NCITE-PRS-AM 8×1:3 Scaling 4K60 Presentation Switcher with DriveCore Amplifier and NetLinx NX Central Controller

The NCITE-PRS-A and NCITE-PRS-AM include Crown’s proprietary DriveCore amplification with both 70/100V and low-impedance stereo connectivity provided (simply select the desired connectivity and then configure in the software). All three models include BSS audio processing for inputs and outputs, providing independent 10-band parametric EQ, independent input gain adjustments and variable compression. The included dbx Advanced Feedback Suppression™ ensures clean audio even when the Incite is used in temporary or troublesome audio presentation spaces where audio feedback can occur.  The NCITE-PRS-AM also includes the capabilities of an AMX NetLinx NX-2200 central controller, providing advanced device automation along with the integrated private control network (ISCLan) functionality and robust security features of the NetLinx NX Series central controller line.

Distance transport is available via AMX DXLite on the inputs and output, providing 4K/60 4:4:4 support with visually lossless compression for runs of up to 70 meters.

Expansion of Crown CDi DriveCore Series Product Line

This new line of performance amplifiers was built off the success of the DCi line and developed for commercial sound installation technicians & integrators around the globe who want premium features without the premium price tag. By leveraging HARMAN’s innovative and multi-patented DriveCore™ technology, the Crown CDi DriveCore Series offers a balance of robust functionality at a reasonable cost. The existing CDi DriveCore Series offers two and four channel models at 300 and 600 watt output power ratings. The new extension to the CDi DriveCore Series includes four channel, 600 watt models, as well as two and four channel models with 1200 watts of output power. All models have network connectivity, pre-loaded JBL speaker tunings, built in Digital Signal Processing and full-featured, front panel controls with a color display. The amplifiers support low-impedance output as well as both 70V and 100V output. The CDi DriveCore line also offers versions of each model with HARMAN’s proprietary BLU Link digital audio bus.  Simply put, the Crown CDi DriveCore amplifier line brings flagship features to any sound system installation.

New models include:

  • Crown CDi DriveCore 2|1200
  • Crown CDi DriveCore 2|1200BL
  • Crown CDi DriveCore 4|1200
  • Crown CDi DriveCore 4|1200BL
  • Crown CDi DriveCore 4|600
  • Crown CDi DriveCore 4|600BL

AMX N2300 Series 4K UHD Video over IP Decor Style Wallplate Encoder

The NMX-ENC-N2315-WP wallplate encoder provides the excellent encoding capabilities of our popular NMX-ENC-N2312 encoder in a 2-gang wallplate format. This encoder can be easily mounted in a wall, lectern, or floor box using a standard 2-gang US back box, and connected to power and Ethernet using only a single category cable. The AMX N2300 Series provides a flexible, feature-rich and simple-to-deploy networked AV solution that can be used in 4K applications with resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 and support for HDCP 2.2. This motion-based wavelet codec solution delivers video with nearly imperceptible latency over standard gigabit Ethernet networks at a very attractive price point. The wallplate is available in black and white.

AMX N1000 Series SDI Networked AV Encoder

The NMX-ENC-N1134A SDI Encoder takes the excellent encoding and low latency of the AMX N1133 encoder and makes it available with an SDI input and loop-through for applications that have SDI sources, such as cameras or other broadcast equipment. AMX N1000 Series encoders and decoders provide an affordable local AV-over-IP switching solution that packetizes video into a minimally compressed IP format for excellent video quality at low latencies. This compression is perfect for point-to-point video distribution and switching applications up to 32 x 32, all using off-the-shelf layer-3 network switches. Most networked AV solutions with SDI connections operate using H.264 or H.265, introducing a substantial amount of compression and latency. By using Minimal Proprietary Compression, the N1000 Series can transport SDI video that is visually lossless and has sub-frame latency. The new N1133 provides support for professional camera equipment at events such as corporate all company meetings, training sessions, distance learning, etc.

JBL AE Powered Loudspeakers

The JBL AE Powered Series is the next generation of high performance powered loudspeakers from JBL Professional. Comprised of two full range and two subwoofer models, AE Powered boasts premium features that make them the very best systems in their class, delivering high performance, comprehensive control and legendary JBL sound. The AE Powered line of loudspeakers is ideal for systems designers and integrators who prefer powered loudspeakers with network control and monitoring capabilities, all which are easily accomplished using HARMAN’s Audio Architect software. AE Powered features rotatable waveguides, allowing the designer to utilize the full-range systems in either the vertical or horizontal orientation. Because the height dimension is the same as the 2-way systems from the AE Series, the MTU-1 and MTU-3 U-brackets can be utilized for overhead suspension of the full-range loudspeaker systems. Now, system designers for smaller to medium sized installations can deploy a no-compromise, all-in-one solution configurable as a full range system with subs, fully flyable with integrated M10 suspension points.

JBL LCT 81C/T Low-Profile Lay-In 2’ x 2’ Ceiling Tile Loudspeaker

LCT 81C/T is a full-range ceiling speaker designed to lay into a 2 ft x 2 ft US-style suspended grid ceiling, with no cutting of ceiling tiles required, making for an easy and cost-effective installation with a minimum of mess. The low profile depth of only 100 mm (4 in) allows the speaker to fit in locations where deeper loudspeakers do not, and the very high sensitivity of 96 dB provides maximum sound level, even at low tap settings. The JBL LCT 81C/T provides excellent performance for paging and light-to-medium music in a wide variety of applications, including education classrooms, business music systems, retail stores, music/paging systems, airports, reception/waiting rooms, lounges, courtrooms, meeting rooms, and more.

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