Planners of Jyske Bank Boxen Arena wanted to bring their multi-sport arena to life inside and out. They needed an industry-leading audio system that could ensure all their audio needs were met, throughout the arena as well as a world class architectural lighting solution that combined high performance color mixing and support for dynamic lighting designs.

The venue is a 15,000-seat indoor arena that hosts sporting events such as ice hockey and basketball, as well as concert events with international artists. Jyske Bank Boxen Arena is part of the MCH Messecenter Herning Exhibition Center in Herning, Denmark. In preparation for the 2018 International Ice Hockey Foundation (IIHF) World Championships, the MCH Messecenter Herning Center opened a new visitor foyer, featuring a dynamic façade, designed to direct visitors to the arena, exhibition halls and other areas of the complex.

In order to deliver a memorable experience for arena guests, MCH installed a complete audio and lighting solution from HARMAN Professional Solutions, including BSS Signal Processors, Crown Amplifiers, JBL Loudspeakers, and Martin Lighting Fixtures. A main highlight of the new visitor foyer is the unique façade on the outside of the building. The façade features triangles of multilayer, semi-transparent material lit up by Martin Exterior Linear QUAD Graze lighting fixtures.

“We started with a shoot-out with a number of linear lights from various brands,” explains Martin Gehling, Head of Operations, Messecenter Herning. “We ended up selecting the Martin Exterior Linear QUAD Graze due to its uniform color mixing, high output and the beautifully saturated colors it produces. On top of this, the support from the Martin team has been outstanding.”

Deeper Dive: Watch the case study video profiling the Jyske Boxen Bank Arena installation.

The Martin fixtures provide a smooth and consistent color for each triangle, leveraging the superior premixed color of the Martin Exterior QUAD fixtures. Each fixture is controllable, designed to allow the look of the façade to be adjusted to match the event going on in the arena. All fixtures have been installed with a honeycomb louvre to reduce glare and improve visual comfort. Inside the new foyer, a complete HARMAN audio solution provides flexible control of the high-quality sound system. The solution features JBL Control Series ceiling speakers along with CBT and Intellivox column speakers, providing consistent coverage throughout the facility.

“We are very pleased with the overall result and how the Martin lighting transforms the building into an exciting environment, perfect to build up the right atmosphere for our customers coming to a concert or large sports event,” explains Gehling. “Already, when people arrive from the highway, our façade is highly visible and people start looking forward to a great night.”

The installation in the new foyer connects to JBL speakers located throughout the existing facility. The entire system is connected by a BSS Soundweb audio network for audio processing capabilities, and is powered by Crown CDi Series power amplifiers.

JBL Professional Intellivox Column Loudspeakers

Karsten Orkild, Project Manager at system integrator Lydrommet explains: “The end customer wanted a system that was able to deliver high quality, entertainment-ready sound at a high sound pressure. Thanks to BSS Soundweb, which connects the entire facility, local technicians can configure the system to fit any type of event. We are happy to have worked with HARMAN to deliver a system design and software programming that provides a flexible, reliable and future proof audio system.”

The new visitor foyer creates an immersive experience for visitors, so no matter whether it is a concert or a sport venue, the fun, exciting, and memorable evening will immediately start upon arrival.

The new visitor foyer creates an immersive experience for visitors, so no matter whether it is a concert or a sport venue, the fun, exciting, and memorable evening will immediately start upon arrival.

Products Used in this Installation:
BSS Soundweb London Signal Processors
Crown CDi Series Power Amplifiers
JBL Professional Control Series Ceiling Speakers
JBL Professional CBT Series Column Speakers
JBL Professional Intellivox Beam Shaping, Self-Powered Column Speakers
Martin Exterior Linear Quad Graze Led Color Changing Fixtures

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