A Legendary Performance Every Time

Karaoke venues allow guests to come, perform with friends, and feel like stars for a night. Who better to provide the audio, video, and lighting solution to deliver that experience than HARMAN, who provides solutions for some of the biggest touring musical acts in the world? Our unique range of products allows us to provide a complete karaoke venue solution, from the lobby to the karaoke rooms to the bar and everywhere in between. With a scalable, integrated solution from HARMAN, venues can deliver the ultimate karaoke experience to guests.

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Exterior KTV Box Room KTV Club Room Lobby Bar/Lounge


The Perfect First Impression

A building’s exterior can impact guests before they even walk through the door. HARMAN architectural lighting and digital signage solutions enhance the existing architecture while reinforcing a venue’s brand, creating a signature experience.

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KTV Box Room

Sing Like A Star

HARMAN audio, video, and lighting solutions are used by the biggest music acts in the world. With our karaoke solutions, guests can step into the spotlight and feel like they are on the big stage any time they want.

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KTV Club Room

Move And Shake

A dance floor isn’t complete without the thumping bass and flashing lights. Guests will be lost in the music as HARMAN’s performance audio and lighting solutions provide the ultimate experience.

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A Welcoming Experience

A clear sense of identity in the lobby is critical to crafting the overall experience. HARMAN lobby solutions welcome guests with digital signage, architectural lighting, and background music.

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Bar / Lounge

Relax and Entertain

The bar or lounge allows guests to drink and talk without leaving the venue, offering everything they need within a single space. HARMAN audio, video, and lighting solutions allow guests to relax while still engaging in the fun.

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HARMAN in Karaoke

HARMAN’s industry-leading audio, video, and lighting solutions enable karaoke venues to create unique and engaging entertainment experiences in every space. With solutions for the karaoke and dance areas as well as lobbies, bars, etc., HARMAN offers a complete, integrated solution that is easy to operate and manage, creating a seamless experience guests will long remember.

Karaoke Solution Guide

HARMAN technology delivers an experience to remember with scalable, high-quality audio, video and lighting solutions



HARMAN Professional Products are Designed for All Types of Performance

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