A Gaming Experience to Remember

Having a perfectly-designed environment is a must for casinos wanting to offer guests a unique and engaging gaming experience. That is why casinos around the globe look to HARMAN for scalable, high-quality audio, video, and lighting solutions that can provide an experience to remember for every area in the venue. Whether managing a standalone casino or a luxury resort with hotel, casino, restaurants and more, a HARMAN system provides the software and necessary components to successfully deliver the world-class experience your guests expect.

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Exterior Bar/Lounge Restaurant Lobby Casino Floor


The Perfect First Impression

A casino's exterior can impact guests before they even walk through the door. HARMAN architectural lighting and digital signage solutions enhance the existing architecture while reinforcing the brand, creating a signature experience.

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Bar / Lounge

Entertain and Inform

In the casino bar or lounge, guests can grab a drink while staying up on keno or the latest sports scores. With digital signage, video distribution, and sound reinforcement technologies from HARMAN, casinos can extend the gaming experience.

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Make Dining an Experience

In the casino restaurant, guests can dine in an immersive, themed environment, providing a unique experience that encourages them to remain and enjoy for longer periods. HARMAN audio, video, and lighting solutions craft the perfect experience that allows guests to relax while still engaging in the fun.

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Sing Like A Star

HARMAN audio, video, and lighting solutions are used by the biggest music acts in the world. With our karaoke solutions, guests can step into the spotlight and feel like they are on the big stage any time they want.

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Casino Floor

Take Gaming to the Next Level

Gaming floors may be large and open, but each area requires the perfect tailored experience. With HARMAN’s industry-leading audio technologies, sound can be set to meet the needs of the specific space, while automation technologies can adjust the experience at the press of a button.

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HARMAN in Casinos

HARMAN Professional Solutions provides bold innovations that enable casinos to create unique and engaging experiences in every space. From the lobby to the gaming areas to the restaurant and bar, HARMAN has the perfect solution to meet your needs, providing the ultimate sensory experience by using a unified system that controls audio, video, and lighting.

Casino Solution Guide

HARMAN technology enhances the gaming experience with scalable, high-quality audio, video and lighting for every area in the venue

Casino Gaming Floor with AMX, Crown, JBL and BSS

Keep guests engaged longer with a world of brilliant video content and crystal clear audio from the moment they walk onto the gaming floor


HARMAN Professional Products are Designed for All Types of Performance

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