A Truly Memorable Moviegoing Experience Every Time

From a movie’s stirring theme music to the zoom of spaceships or the roar of racing car engines to the angry shouts and romantic whispers that deliver that perfect line, it’s the sound of the cinema that pins audiences to their seats. These sounds are vital cinematic elements that dramatically intensify the emotions of the movie-going experience. In the essence of keeping audiences fully enthralled, a HARMAN Professional cinema sound system that captures every audio nuance is essential.

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VIP Room Small Format Venue Samsung Onyx Room Medium Format Venue Immersive Format Premium Large Format Lobby, Retail and Restaurant

VIP Room

Exclusive Experience in an Intimate Setting

The intimate environment of a VIP Room requires the best possible sound quality, and HARMAN’s top-of-the-line technology puts the audience right in the action. HARMAN VIP Room systems are the industry’s gold standard, providing the ultimate in clarity, detail, and impact.

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Small Format Venue

Big Sound Without the Big Budget

Small format theaters want to deliver the same “big theater” performance as other venues in a simple and cost-effective solution. With HARMAN audio technology, cinemas can ensure every seat in every theater has a great experience.

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Samsung Onyx Room

Sights and Sounds Like No Other

Guests looking for a truly unique cinematic experience should look no further than the Samsung Premiere Room. With breathtaking visuals from Samsung’s industry-first LED Cinema Screen and cutting-edge audio technology from HARMAN, moviegoers will have an experience to remember.

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Medium Format Venue

An Impact In Every Space

Medium-format theaters can range in size from 100-seat theaters to larger 400-seat rooms, and getting the perfect experience in every space requires a flexible, scalable solution. No matter your requirements, HARMAN technologies can be adjusted to fit any space and provide the “wow” your customers love to hear.

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Immersive Format

Immersive Sound from Stereo Audio

Cinemas use immersive audio to create a life-like sound experience for guests. With QuantumLogic Immersion technology from HARMAN, cinemas can give guests a crystal-clear immersive experience using a stereo, 5.1, or 7.1 audio source.

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Premium & Large Format Venue

The Ultimate Moviegoing Experience

Large format and premium large format theaters are the opportunity for cinemas to make the ultimate impact on guests. HARMAN’s industry-leading audio technologies provide an unparalleled listening experience that is guaranteed to impress every cinema guest.

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Lobby / Retail / Restaurant

Extend the Excitement

The modern cinema uses areas like lobbies, restaurants, and retail spaces to expand the moviegoing experience beyond the theater and make movie watching a true event. With HARMAN’s wide range of audio, video, and architectural lighting solutions, cinemas can create the experience that keeps guests coming back for more.

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HARMAN in Cinema

HARMAN Professional Solutions has been designing cinema solutions for over 70 years, with a tradition that stretches back to when talking pictures first began to take over from silent movies in the 1930’s. HARMAN products are a crucial component to the entire cinema experience – from post-production mix studios to the actual theater where moviegoers experience the film. With HARMAN’s industry-leading technology solutions, cinemas can deliver great experiences to every seat in the house. HARMAN offers complete system solutions that bring the world’s best technological advances in a range of products and price points, bringing a great moviegoing experience to every theater in the building as well as cinema lobbies, restaurants, and more.

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HARMAN technology supports the drama and intensity of movie night inside and outside the theater



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