Convention Centers

The Perfect Solution for Any Occasion

The look, feel and overall setup of a convention center is ever-changing, and the technology that communicates that experience needs to quickly adapt to new conventions. HARMAN’s flexible and scalable audio, video, lighting and control solutions help ensure officials craft an engaging and reliable experience to attendees at any event.

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Exterior Meeting Room/Boardroom Restaurant/Bar Ballroom Public Areas Retail


The Ultimate Statement

A building’s exterior makes a lasting statement, impacting attendees before they even walk through the door. HARMAN architectural lighting and media façade solutions turn the outside of the building into a work of art, creating a signature experience for each event.

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Meeting Room / Boardroom

Present - Collaborate - Share

Meeting rooms and boardrooms offer convention attendees the same capabilities as their conference rooms at the home office. HARMAN technology empowers effective collaboration between guests in the room and people across the globe.

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Restaurant / Bar

A Cohesive Experience

The restaurants and bars in convention centers allow attendees and members of the public to enjoy food or drink in between events without needing to leave the venue. HARMAN solutions craft the perfect experience that engages attendees with background music, television, and more while working cohesively with the overall system.

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Flexible. Scalable. Effective.

Convention ballrooms must be configured for a variety of different uses at a moment’s notice. HARMAN audio and video solutions have the flexibility and scalability to address any need, with automation technology adjusting the configuration at the press of a button.

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Public Area

Connect with Attendees

The technology in convention center public areas allows event officials to communicate with attendees and craft a unique experience. HARMAN digital signage and architectural lighting sets the mood while sound-shaping loudspeakers ensure guests can hear announcements clearly no matter the space.

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Attract and Engage

The perfect retail store solution draws a customer in and encourages them to learn more. HARMAN architectural lighting, digital signage, and background audio technologies engage customers with innovation and style.

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HARMAN in Convention Centers

From digital signage and public address to collaboration and conferencing to experiential solutions for public spaces, restaurants, and retail stores, HARMAN offers complete audio visual solutions to create an impact and communicate with show attendees. When combined with HARMAN’s system management software, event officials have a quality solution they can trust.

Convention Centers Solution Guide

HARMAN technology can quickly adapt to the ever-changing convention center environment while providing an engaging attendee experience



HARMAN Professional Delivers Integrated Solutions for Any Installation

Fortune 100 companies, top heads of state, hotels, stadiums and airports around the world all have one thing in common: they trust HARMAN. Time and time again, customers select HARMAN to provide audio, video, lighting and control systems for the most prestigious venues in the world. By offering a complete solution of best-in-class audio, video, lighting and control products, customers can trust the system will meet their needs, work right the first time and continue to work well for years to come.

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