Portable PA Systems

Great Sound Wherever You Need It

Portable PA systems are designed to sound great while being easy to carry, setup, and tear down. Portable public address systems are used in a variety of applications, including sound reinforcement and stage monitoring for events, speech amplification, musicians and DJs, amplification of electronic musical instruments and A/V, and more. With a wide range of solutions for any size application, HARMAN can get you up and running with crystal-clear audio in no time.

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Coffee Shop

Great Sound You Can Do Yourself

Singer/songwriters and other solo performers do everything themselves, from performing to booking to promotion. With all-in-one portable PA systems from HARMAN, performers can quickly setup and focus on entertaining the crowd rather than worry about the tech working right.

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Impact Without the Stress

Clubs looking to provide an impact need a great sound system that delivers the experience without being a pain to setup. With HARMAN portable mixing consoles and powered speakers, clubs can sound great without the fuss.

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Portable House of Worship

Reach People Wherever You Are

Many new houses of worship meet in borrowed spaces, and they need to be able to bring in their sound and set it up quickly before service starts. HARMAN’s portable sound reinforcement and monitoring solutions help share the message with parishioners wherever they are.

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Corporate Environment

Ensure Your Meeting is a Success

Whether it’s a meeting with clients or an internal presentation, having the right audio can make or break any corporate event. HARMAN offers a range of portable PA solutions that can quickly and easily turn any space into a presentation space.

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HARMAN Portable PA Solutions

HARMAN Professional Solutions has taken the audio technology they provide for some of the biggest touring acts in the world and scaled it down to work in even the most intimate of spaces. With industry-leading technology for the entire audio signal chain—including microphones, signal processors, amplifiers, and speakers—we have the perfect integrated PA solution for any application.

Portable PA Solution Guide

HARMAN Portable PA Systems are designed to sound great while being easy to carry, setup, and tear down



HARMAN Professional Products are Designed for All Types of Performance

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