Legendary Sound for Every Recording

Thanks to advancements in technology, the term “studio” can mean a lot of different things these days, from mobile recording and small home studios to large recording studios and cinema post-production facilities. With HARMAN’s broad portfolio of industry-leading audio technology solutions, everyone from professional engineers to inspired enthusiasts and content creators can ensure a great recording every time, no matter the application.

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Post-Production Studio

Legendary Cinema Sound

Film and television productions have used HARMAN products to both craft and reproduce audio tracks for over seventy years. With industry-leading microphones, reference monitors, and consoles, HARMAN has the perfect solution for any post-production studio working in film, television and immersive formats.

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Home Studio

Professional Sound at Home

Carving out a space at home to call your studio can be daunting, but with smart planning for the tools you really need, you can be recording in no time. With HARMAN home recording solutions, your studio can evolve over time, aligning with your present and future needs.

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Mobile Recording

Quality on the Go

Mobile recording allows engineers to capture and mix professional-grade audio anywhere. With a range of microphones, audio interfaces, reference headphones, and effects plugins, HARMAN has the solution to make your next recording a success—even on the go!

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Studio Live Room

Be Heard

HARMAN products are used on some of the world’s most famous recordings. With a wide range of industry-leading microphones and headphones, HARMAN has the perfect solution for any application.

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Studio Control Room

Powerful Mixing Solutions

Studio control rooms and editing suites require transparent sound and maximum flexibility to ensure they can craft the perfect mix and address any potential audio imperfections. HARMAN’s range of studio monitors, audio interfaces, consoles, digital signal processing, and audio effect plugins ensure engineers can create the perfect final mixdown.

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Mobile Studio

World Class Where You Need It

Professional mobile recording studios and outside broadcast (OB) trucks must be robust and flexible enough to provide a full range of capabilities anywhere. HARMAN technologies provide the scalability and future-proofing to provide the perfect solution for any situation.

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HARMAN in Studios

No matter what type of environment you are working in, HARMAN meets all of your recording needs. Our rich heritage in recording gives you an extensive catalog of new and signature products to choose from to equip your studio and produce your character sound. From a range of solutions from legendary brands, you can feed your passion with HARMAN recording products.

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HARMAN’s broad portfolio of industry-leading audio technology solutions ensure audio engineers can provide a great recording every time



HARMAN Professional Products are Designed for All Types of Performance

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