Beautiful: The Carole King Musical Delivers World-Class Sound on 2020 UK Tour With HARMAN Professional Solutions

May 27, 2020

LONDON—To ensure crystal-clear sound while touring the U.K., sound designers for Beautiful: the Carole King Musical deployed a HARMAN Professional Solutions audio system.

Written by Douglas McGrath and premiered in 2013, Beautiful is an award-winning musical based on the life and career of renowned songwriter Carole King. The show features arrangements of hit songs written by King, including “Some Kind of Wonderful,” “It’s Too Late” and “I Feel the Earth Move,” as well as other popular songs from the 1960s. The 2020 U.K. production features an eight-member pit orchestra to back up the cast, plus live piano performed by Daisy-Wood Davis, who plays the role of King.

To faithfully reproduce the timeless music of King in a musical theater context, the show’s producers hired sound designer Brian Ronan and associate sound designer Tony Gayle to design a world-class touring sound system. In charge of specifying equipment for the tour, Gayle selected class-leading JBL Professional VTX A-Series loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers, AKG microphones and BSS DI boxes.

“The biggest challenge was reproducing the beautiful orchestrations that were written for the show, the details of the instrumentation and the vocals,” said Gayle. “Anyone can put speakers up, put up a microphone, put it through a mixer and make it louder. Making sure you replicate what is actually being played and what's being said is the biggest challenge—keeping true to the material.”

In the spirit of staying true to King’s work, Gayle specified a JBL line array system composed of 34 VTX A8 loudspeakers and six VTX B18 subwoofers for powerful, detailed sound. With dual 8-inch Differential Drive woofers, four 3.5-inch midrange drivers and two 2-inch high-frequency drivers, the JBL VTX A8 delivers transparent response down to 49 Hz. An improved Radiation Boundary Integrator (RBI) waveguide gives the VTX A8 broad 110-degree horizontal dispersion to reach the entire audience. The JBL VTX B18 subwoofers give the system powerful low-end with double-flared Slip Stream ports for minimal distortion and turbulence. Gayle specified the subwoofers to be ground-stacked, coupling with the building itself so the audience could “feel the earth move.” Crown I-Tech 4X3500 HD amplifiers power the system.

“The first time I heard the VTX A8 was about a year to a year and a half ago,” said Gayle. “I was impressed with how open and transparent it was. Everything that I put into it just sounded great, and you heard the detail of everything that went into it. With a show like Beautiful, the orchestrations are so detailed and integral to the show that the A8 was a no-brainer for me. I thought, ‘this is the box that I want to showcase the music.’”

To capture the pit orchestra’s drum kit with maximum detail and punch while achieving adequate isolation, Gayle selected AKG C414 XLS large-diaphragm condenser microphones. An evolution of the classic C412 used in studios to record many of King’s hits, the C414 XLS retains the sonic character of its predecessor while offering added flexibility. Five polar patterns allow precise, targeted capture in any situation, while adjustable switches for the pad and high-pass filter allow fine-tuning for a clean sound. These features made the C414 XLS ideal for capturing drums in the pit and a variety of other uses.

“The C414 is an industry standard,” said Gayle. “It’s a great all-around large-diaphragm mic that you know you can put on vocals, a trumpet, or a high-sound-pressure instrument and it will sound great. What goes into the microphone comes out. It doesn't color what you're amplifying at all. It's robust and reliable, especially for a touring production.”

Gayle chose BSS AR-133 active DI boxes to capture electric instruments in the pit. With built-in phantom power, input attenuation from 0 to -40 dB and a rugged chassis, the AR-133 excels at capturing clean sound and withstanding the rigors of touring.

According to Gayle, the combination of crystal-clear AKG microphones, flexible Crown amplifiers and state-of-the-art JBL VTX loudspeakers is getting rave reviews from audiences on the Beautiful tour.

“Anyone who hears it always comments on how good it sounds and how transparent it sounds,” said Gayle. “For me, a classic compliment on a speaker is if someone says ‘it sounded nice and big, and it didn't hurt my ears.’ That's a good compliment for me because it means that it sounded nice and loud.”

Network Security And Audio Mixing Among 18 New HARMAN Professional Live Workshops Through May

May 19, 2020

NORTHRIDGE, Calif.—HARMAN Professional Solutions today announced the addition of 18 free Live Workshops available for registration through the Learning Sessions program in conjunction with HARMAN Professional University.

Available workshops, scheduled for the remainder of May, feature lighting or audio experts who have extensive industry knowledge and experience working with various artists including Alicia Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Halsey, Jimmy Eat World, Josh Groban, The Killers, Maroon 5, OneRepublic, Prince, Rage Against the Machine, Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band, Weezer and many others.

The workshops now open for registration include:

  • May 18—Collaborations in Lighting: Directors, Programmers and Designers with Rob Koenig
  • May 18—How to Mix THAT Band on a Soundcraft Ui16 with Austin Hamilton
  • May 19—STI & Speech Intelligibility with Nick Screen
  • May 19—Mixing for Pop Vocals with Vincent Casamatta
  • May 19—Designing for Theater, Television and Film with Mike Baldassari
  • May 20—The History of Live Sound (Part 1) with Andy Coules
  • May 20—Network Security: “Don’t Be That Guy” with Kyle Barron
  • May 21—Especificando Sistemas VTX Para Casas De Culto en USA & Latinoamérica
  • May 22—The History of Live Sound (Part 2) with Andy Coules
  • May 22—Creating a Production and Lighting Design to Take Advantage of Show Limitations and Challenges with Tess Falcone
  • May 26—Working Together as a Team: Show Designer, Lighting Designer and Lighting Director with Steven Douglas
  • May 26—Network Design Considerations and Techniques for AV Systems (Part 1) with Thomas Hejnicki
  • May 26—Digital Audio Conversion: “Let’s Go Digital” with Al Crain
  • May 27—Network Design Considerations and Techniques for AV Systems (Part 2) with Thomas Hejnicki
  • May 27—Touring Life 101: The Nuts and Bolts of Touring with Susan Rose
  • May 28—Lighting Truss Rigging for Lighting Technicians with Sarah O’Brien
  • May 29—The Evolution of Digital Audio Signal Transport with Thomas Hejnicki
  • May 29—The History and Art of the Advance with A.J. Pen

More than a dozen Live Workshops conducted earlier this month are now available at HARMAN Professional University’s YouTube channel. Workshops include ‘Loudspeaker Design for Airports,’ ‘Festival Lighting Control’ and ‘The Art of Making Productions Look Larger.’ Many more sessions are in production for release in the coming months, so be sure to visit to learn more and register early.

JBL Professional Debuts Cinema Expansion Series Line of Commercial Theater Sound Systems

JBL Professional Debuts Cinema Expansion Series Line of Commercial Theater Sound Systems

May 12, 2020

NORTHRIDGE, Calif.—HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control systems, introduced JBL Professional Cinema Expansion Series sound systems for small to medium-size commercial theaters. The line, which includes JBL 3153 and 4253 3-way screen-channel loudspeakers, 3181F and 4281F subwoofers and 8102 surrounds, delivers the highest SPLs in its class and covers rooms up to 85 feet (26 m) deep and up to 40 feet (12 m) wide. HARMAN also debuted the 2-channel, 1,300-watt Crown XLC 21300 amplifier, which supports Cinema Series speakers in a range of system configurations.

The Cinema Expansion Series marries stunning sound with versatility and ease of use: Premium JBL drivers are engineered to deliver maximum output with minimal distortion, while patented JBL Waveguides ensure consistent, symmetrical coverage. Innovative features simplify deployment and operation, from conveniently accessible connections to rigging systems that allow configurations for a variety of installations, including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

“When we created the Cinema Expansion Series, we wanted to offer flexible solutions for cost-conscious theater owners looking to provide a premium audio experience in every seat while maximizing their investment,” said Sunil Karanjikar, Cinema Product Manager, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “Now, whether a theater offers traditional 5.1 or more complex multichannel sound, it can offer the fidelity and performance synonymous with the JBL name at a competitive price. By combining Cinema Expansion Series speakers and subs with the JBL CPi2000 cinema processor and our new Crown XLC21300 amplifier, theater owners and integrators can build fully integrated HARMAN cinema sound solutions. But above all, it’s that legendary JBL sound that will thrill theatergoers and keep them coming back.”

JBL 3153 and 4253 screen speakers provide full-range, symmetrical 90 x 50-degree coverage. Speakers operate in passive or biamp mode and incorporate built-in crossover networks and transducer protection circuitry. Two sizes are available: The single 15-inch, 460W-rated JBL 3153 delivers 134 dB peak SPL and covers rooms up to 45 feet deep; while the dual 15-inch, 800W-rated 4253 delivers 138 dB peak SPL and covers rooms up to 85 feet deep. Both models operate at 4Ω impedance, allowing them to be powered by Crown XLC amplifiers, and feature enclosure-top binding-post connectors to simplify wiring and save space behind the screen.

The 10-inch, 2-way, 260W-rated 8102 surround speaker provides full-range, 110 x 90-degree coverage, with a peak SPL of 125 dB and a throw capability of 40 feet (12 m). It operates at 8Ω impedance, allowing multiple surround speakers to be wired to a single amplifier channel. The 8102’s wide coverage and high SPL output means fewer surrounds are needed in an array. The cabinet features a 20-degree down-angled front baffle for improved coverage; enclosure-top input terminals; and mounting that is compatible with JBL QuickMount™, Omnimount® or APC Multimount brackets.

3181F and 4281F subwoofers work seamlessly with JBL Cinema Expansion Series screen speakers and surrounds to provide powerful, punchy low-end coverage in the 30–500 Hz range. The single 18-inch, 650W-rated 3181F delivers 132 dB peak SPL, while the double 18-inch, 1,600W-rated 4281F delivers 139 dB peak SPL and features 4-pin connectors that allow driving the two transducers separately (discrete mode) or together (parallel mode).

Subwoofers are housed in shallow, 15-inch (355mm)-deep cabinets with enclosure-top connectors that preserve minimum depth. Both subwoofers operate in 4 Ω mode, enabling them to be driven with the Crown XLC 21300 or any other Crown XLC Series amplifier. Built-in rigging points facilitate hanging for installations such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, and binding-post input connectors are consistent with other JBL cinema speakers.

The Crown XLC 21300, the newest, most powerful model in Crown’s XLC Series of high-output, competitively-priced professional cinema amplifiers, delivers clean, reliable power in a versatile package; combine the XLC 21300 with JBL Cinema Expansion Series speakers to build a complete, fully integrated JBL cinema sound solution.

The 2-channel XLC 21300 provides 1,300 watts of rated power per channel at 4Ω, giving it the capability to power subwoofers at both 8Ω and 4Ω loads. The XLC 21300 supports parallel, input Y and bridged-mono-output modes for versatile configuration; front-panel indicators display signal and amplifier status.

Complete a Cinema Expansion Series system with the JBL CPi2000 cinema processor, which provides audio enhancement including DSP, room EQ tuning, volume control and system fault detection; settings can be configured through tailor-designed GUI software. The CPi2000 features JBL Cinema speaker presets for better sound and performance and easier deployment, and can send amplifier and speaker status to a central TMS (Theater Management System) control system.

Martin Professional Middle East Illuminates Iconic Tolerance Bridge Landmark with Martin by HARMAN

Martin Professional Middle East Illuminates Iconic Tolerance Bridge Landmark with Martin by HARMAN

May 11, 2020

DUBAI—Martin Professional Middle East (MPME) and Scientechnic LLC recently deployed Martin by HARMAN lighting fixtures to illuminate Tolerance Bridge with a dazzling lighting display.

Tolerance Bridge is the first and only clear span suspension bridge in the Middle East. Named in honor of the International Day of Tolerance, the bridge offers pedestrians a 690-foot-long walking and cycling path over the Dubai Water Canal. The canal is a three-kilometer long project starting from Business Bay into the Persian Gulf through Safa Park and Jumeirah. The canal comprises one shopping center, four hotels, 450 restaurants, luxury housing, and various green networks, which allow pedestrians complete autonomy from vehicular traffic.

In order to create an unforgettable experience for visitors, the Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA) hired Scientechnic LLC to design a lighting solution, which would make the bridge beautifully illuminated without causing any glare at the pedestrians using the bridge. Scientechnic consultant Christos Tsikiloudis worked with leading lighting solutions provider Martin Professional Middle East to design a captivating lighting display using Martin Exterior Wash 310 LED fixtures.

“Love and tolerance are bridges of communication and a universal language, binding humanity across different languages, religions and cultures," said Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Prime Minister UAE, Ruler of Dubai. “Our UAE today is a light in a dark place, setting a bright example for others."

Scientechnic selected 22 Exterior Wash 310 LED fixtures to illuminate the bridge for their compact, energy-efficient design and uniform color mixing. A discreet, optional snoot integrates seamlessly with fixtures to help reduce glare. Exterior Wash 310 fixtures offer superior color mixing right out of the box with quad-color premixed LEDs. All fixtures are installed with the accessory honeycomb louvre to reduce the glare and improve visual comfort.

The system is controlled using M-PC, an online and offline editing tool for PC, which enables users to create stunning visual displays that enhances the arched structure of the bridge and make crossing a playful and interesting experience for any pedestrian.

Brex Arena Utsunomiya Scores a Slam Dunk with JBL Professional Networked Audio System

Brex Arena Utsunomiya Scores a Slam Dunk with JBL Professional Networked Audio System

May 08, 2020

UTSUNOMIYA, Japan—To ensure detailed sound with balanced, even coverage throughout Brex Arena Utsunomiya, Hibino Corporation deployed a class-leading networked audio solution from JBL Professional.

Constructed in 1979, Brex Arena is Utsunomiya’s premier stadium and gymnasium. Home to the Utsunomiya Brex, a Japanese professional basketball team on the B.League, Brex Arena features two gyms with courts for basketball, table tennis, volleyball and badminton, as well as a dedicated space for practicing martial arts. To provide additional sound coverage for professional basketball games, Brex Arena was renting temporary loudspeakers to supplement their aging sound system for each event. Deciding it would be more cost-effective and significantly improve sound quality to upgrade the system, Brex Arena hired AV integrators Hibino Corporation to install a state-of-the-art JBL Professional networked audio solution.

“The previous sound system was as old as the arena itself, and was not delivering the desired performance,” said the salesperson for Hibino Corporation. “In the arena, people could feel the volume differences depending on their location, which made it impossible to achieve balanced sound quality throughout the stadium. This left much to be desired by both the stadium officials and the fans. Ultimately, we decided that the JBL VRX series speakers would be best suited for the task, due to their powerful and reliable sound output.”

Hibino Corporation equipped Brex Arena with JBL VRX900-Series Constant Curvature line array loudspeakers to deliver clear, intelligible sound throughout the venue. Leveraging patented JBL technology and components, VRX900-Series speakers deliver class-leading performance in a compact, affordable package. To ensure balanced, even coverage in every seat, Hibino Corporation supplemented the system with JBL AM5212 loudspeakers, which offer excellent pattern control and off-axis response. To provide powerful low-end reinforcement for pre-game music, Hibino Corporation selected JBL VRX918S subwoofers for their extended low-frequency output. The system is powered by Crown DCi 4|1250 amplifiers, and routed through BSS BLU-160 signal processors.

“We required a substantial upgrade to our existing sound system,” said the spokesperson for Brex Arena. “The system had to be powerful enough to deliver clear, balanced audio throughout the venue. It had to be dynamic too, as the requirements vary with each event. We are very satisfied with the solutions provided by Hibino. The output is incredibly powerful and the entertainment value of the games has significantly improved. In addition, the new system has reduced time and labor costs for loading and unloading temporary speakers.”

"The project at the Brex Arena required an engaging and dynamic sound setup to match the intensity of the games and the fans," said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We'd like to thank our partner Hibino for integrating the appropriate equipment for the project and for designing the system with future demands in mind.”

Martin Introduces Zoom Lenses for  ELP Series Fixtures

Martin Introduces Zoom Lenses for ELP Series Fixtures

May 05, 2020

NORTHRIDGE, Calif.—HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control systems, today introduced Zoom Lens accessories for the Martin ELP family of ellipsoidal LED light fixtures.

Martin ELP Zoom Lenses broaden the functionality of ELP CL and WW LED ellipsoidal lights with two industry- standard beam ranges and two housing colors. Their innovative 6-lens design delivers stunning optics, providing the ultrabright output, unmatched flat projection and crisp focus of a static lens with the speed and flexibility of a zoom lens. Lenses are engineered for rock-solid operation, featuring a mechanical anti-slip locking mechanism and a convenient service hatch for easy lens cleaning and maintenance. A gobo/accessory gate accommodates A/B-size gobos, and a color gel frame is included.

“Martin ELP LED ellipsoid fixtures are famous for their unrivaled luminance, output and light quality,” said Mark Buss, Product Manager, Entertainment Lighting, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “By expanding their functionality with zoom lenses in a choice of beam ranges and housing colors, lighting professionals can bring new simplicity, flexibility and speed to their designs.

“ELP Zoom Lenses eliminate the need to perform the beam angle and distance calculations required to achieve comparable looks with fixed lenses. And, the optics are truly stunning: An all-new 6-lens design delivers flat projection across a full zoom range, with consistent, razor-sharp focus—all with virtually no loss of output compared to fixed-lens options.”

Two variants are available: Variant 1 offers a 15–30-degree range with a 7,000-lumen output (ELP CL in High Output mode); Variant 2 offers a 25–50-degree range with an output of 6,900 lumens (ELP CL in High Output mode). Both lenses are available in either black or white housing.

Availability Martin ELP Zoom Lenses will be available in Q4, 2020. For more information, please visit

Thai Defense Ministry Equips Office of the Permanent Secretary with HARMAN Professional AV Systems

Thai Defense Ministry Equips Office of the Permanent Secretary with HARMAN Professional AV Systems

April 24, 2020

NONTHABURI, Thailand—The Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense recently upgraded its headquarters with state-of-the-art HARMAN Professional Solutions AV, lighting and control systems.

Part of Thailand’s Ministry of Defense, the Office of the Permanent Secretary is responsible for determining strategic goals, executing plans, drafting policy and the inspection and monitoring of the Royal Thai Armed Forces. Occupying a grand, nine-story building with multiple wings outside Bangkok, the organisation’s headquarters includes a multipurpose hall which can seat 1,500 and be divided into two separate spaces on demand. To ensure world-class sound, video, lighting and control for presentations and events, the Office of the Permanent Secretary deployed a range of solutions from JBL Professional, Crown, Soundcraft, BSS, Martin Professional and AMX.

"The client needed cutting-edge AV and stage lighting systems for the multipurpose hall that seats 1,500 people,” said Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom, Director of Project, Mahajak Development Co. Ltd. “A robust and flexible solution was necessary to facilitate different types of events. Evaluating these requirements, we designed a system with HARMAN's industry-leading networked AV and lighting solutions, providing the client with the required flexibility and allowing them to upgrade the platform in the future."

To achieve crystal-clear sound reinforcement in multiple room configurations, the Office of the Permanent Secretary installed a range of JBL loudspeakers in the main hall. When the hall is divided, 15-inch JBL AM7215 speakers serve the larger half, while 12-inch AM7212 models serve the smaller half. The speakers can be combined for maximum coverage across the entire hall, and the entire system is augmented by STX828S dual 18-inch bass reflex subwoofers. JBL PRX800-Series monitors ensure crystal-clear sound for speakers and guests onstage. JBL Control 328CT 8-inch coaxial ceiling loudspeakers provide additional coverage outside the hall.

The Office of the Permanent Secretary selected Crown amplifiers to power the sound system, including the advanced XTi 2 Series and the cost-effective CDi 1000. Two Soundcraft Si Expression 3 digital mixing consoles were installed, which provide a flexible, streamlined solution with plenty of inputs and a color-coded FaderGlow interface for ease of use. Networked together via a BSS Soundweb London BLU-100 signal processor, the two consoles can easily be configured to function independently or together, depending on the room configuration.

To illuminate the stage efficiently, the Office of the Permanent Secretary deployed energy-saving Martin MAC Quantum Series LED lighting fixtures. The MAC Quantum Profile serves as a main spotlight, while the MAC Quantum Wash provides rich, even washes of color. Both fixtures feature Precise CMY color mixing and a variety of effects controlled by DMX. The hall also features 350- and 300-inch screens as well as 4K HMDI projectors equipped with projector lifts for accurate positioning and stowing when not in use. To control the integrated AV and lighting systems effectively, the facility is equipped with AMX touch panels. The control room, located next to the stage, features a 4.3-inch AMX wall-mount touch panel, while the facility’s main meeting room features a 9.7-inch panel.

"We wanted a system that would enliven the atmosphere of the multipurpose hall during seminars, performances and other events for our guests,” said spokesperson for Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense. “HARMAN's diverse portfolio of products are easy to learn and manageable to support. They fulfilled every criterion of our request."

"HARMAN is honored to be associated with the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defence, and to be able to extend customized, multifaceted solutions through a unified platform," said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We thank Mahajak for providing exceptional audio-visual and lighting solutions, and for creating an exceptional space that heightens the audience experience while encouraging participation."

DM Cinema Brings Immersive Entertainment Experiences to Aizawl with JBL Professional Cinema Audio Solutions

DM Cinema Brings Immersive Entertainment Experiences to Aizawl with JBL Professional Cinema Audio Solutions

April 23, 2020

AIZAWL, India—To deliver clear, intelligible sound at DM Cinema, CineTech Engineering Works installed a premium JBL Professional by HARMAN cinema audio system.

 DM Cinema is the first cinema in Aizawl. With comfortable seating for up to 140, a full-sized cinema screen and a 2K projection system capable of showing 3D films, DM Cinema provides an immersive experience for moviegoers. In order to ensure comprehensive coverage throughout the theater, DM Cinema hired CineTech Engineering Works to install a world-class cinema audio system. CineTech installed a state-of-the-art HARMAN Professional Solutions cinema audio system featuring class-leading JBL loudspeakers and Crown amplifiers.

“Being the first cinema in Aizawl, this was a huge breakthrough in the northeast,” said Asad Rashid, Owner, CineTech Engineering Works. “The support from the HARMAN Professional Solutions team was commendable, and enabled us to complete the installation within the designated time frame. For the installation at DM Cinema, we had to create a design that would have a shallow profile and produce quality cinema sound in a less-than-perfect acoustical environment. We decided to install JBL Professional C222 cinema loudspeakers along with JBL Professional 4642A cinema subwoofers and 8320 cinema surround speakers, powered by Crown DSi amplifiers and a JBL Professional CPi2000 cinema sound processor.”

CineTech installed JBL C222 ScreenArray cinema loudspeakers as the main left, center and right speakers to provide smooth, accurate sound reproduction. C222 speakers combine patent-pending Dual Dissimilar Arraying and Acoustic Aperture Technology to deliver remarkably uniform coverage. With a compact footprint, the C222 is perfect for small and medium multiplexes with space constraints.

To provide even, balanced coverage for every member of the audience, CineTech installed JBL 8320 cinema surround speakers. CineTech selected JBL 8320 speakers for their high power handling, high sensitivity and extended bass response. For additional low-frequency support, CineTech installed JBL 4642A dual-driver subwoofers. JBL 4642A subs are equipped with two 18-inch drivers for rich, powerful low-end. The system is powered by Crown DSi 4000, DSi 2000 and DSi 1000 amplifiers. To provide staff with an easy-to-use means of controlling the system, CineTech equipped the theater with a JBL CPi2000 cinema processor.

“HARMAN Professional Solutions has provided our theatre with high-quality surround sound using JBL Professional products,” said Zodintluanga Hmar, Owner, DM Cinema. “We love the output the system provides, as it makes for an ideal experience for our audiences. Working with the HARMAN Pro team has been nothing short of perfect. The team helped us throughout the entire project, and we'd recommend other theatres to work with them too.”

"It is a matter of pride that HARMAN Professional Solutions has the good fortune to reach out to places as far out as Mizoram,” said Aditya Todi, Senior Director Sales and Marketing, Professional Solutions, India and SAARC. “Delivering quality sound has always been our mission and we're glad that DM Cinema in Mizoram has chosen to go the JBL Professional way. Here's to many more such installations."

ICONSIAM Lights Up the Bangkok Skyline with Martin by HARMAN Lighting Fixtures

ICONSIAM Lights Up the Bangkok Skyline with Martin by HARMAN Lighting Fixtures

April 23, 2020

BANGKOK, Thailand—To accentuate the ornate architecture of the ICONSIAM buildings, With Light Company deployed an array of class-leading Martin by HARMAN lighting fixtures.

With more than 525,000 square meters of retail floor space encompassing the IconSiam and IconLuxe shopping malls, the ICONSIAM complex is one of the largest retail outlets in Asia. The $1.5 billion project also includes two of the tallest buildings in Bangkok: the 70-floor Magnolias Waterfront Residences and the 52-story Mandarin Oriental Residences. Known for delivering world-class entertainment, the ICONSIAM building includes the 3,000-seat True ICON Hall auditorium, the Icon Cineconic cinema, and the Iconsiam Heritage Museum.

The smaller ICS Building features additional shopping and restaurants, as well as the 244-room Hilton Garden Inn Bangkok ICS hotel and resort. To illuminate the buildings’ lavish designs, developers Siam Piwat, Magnolia Quality Development (MQDC), and Charoen Pokphand Group hired Lighting Design With Light Company to upgrade ICONSIAM’s existing outdoor lighting system with a state-of-the-art lighting solution from HARMAN Professional Solutions.

“The client requested a one-of-a-kind lighting system to accentuate the gold and white colors of the ICONSIAM buildings,” said spokesperson of With Light Company. “They needed high-quality lighting fixtures that could be placed at any angle. In addition, the lighting system had to be waterproof and dustproof. So, we designed a custom solution using Martin lighting fixtures.”

With Light Company equipped the ICONSIAM buildings with state-of-the-art Martin Exterior Wash 320, Exterior Wash 220 and Exterior Wash 120 lighting fixtures to create immersive lighting displays. The compact and energy-efficient Exterior Wash Series fixtures utilize separate 2700K and 6500K LEDs to deliver variable color temperature. A discreet, optional snoot integrates seamlessly with the slick design of the fixtures. Exterior Wash Series fixtures offer a wide selection of beam angles and are fully IP-rated for permanent outdoor use, making them an ideal solution for illuminating small to large-sized structures, buildings and bridges.

Exterior Wash Series fixtures are available in three sizes to fit any application. The Exterior Wash 320 offers powerful output with up to 15,100 lumens at full white, while the Exterior Wash 220 delivers up to 9,300 lumens and the Exterior Wash 120 offers up to 2,400 lumens for smaller applications.

"The buildings needed a custom lighting solution that would not only bring out the beauty of the ICONSIAM structures, but also create a pleasant atmosphere,” said a spokesperson of ICONSIAM. “Thanks to the industry-leading equipment of HARMAN, we were able to achieve our goal and provide a stellar lighting experience for our guests.”

"HARMAN Professional Solutions is privileged to see Martin lighting fixtures providing state-of-the-art lighting experiences at ICONSIAM," said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “We would like to thank With Light Company for using their exceptional design skills to ensure customer satisfaction and elevate visitor’s experiences.”

Korey Pereira Equips Soularity Sound for Immersive Audio with JBL Professional Dolby Atmos System

Korey Pereira Equips Soularity Sound for Immersive Audio with JBL Professional Dolby Atmos System

April 15, 2020

AUSTIN, Texas—Post-production mixer and sound designer Korey Pereira recently upgraded his studio, Soularity Sound, with a Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 monitoring system featuring JBL Professional and Crown solutions, enabling him to create immersive audio content.

Soularity Sound provides post-production audio services for film, television, streaming, commercials and web content in the Austin market and internationally. Services include sound editing, sound design, Foley, ADR, voiceover, mixing and production sound. Recognizing a growing industry trend of adopting the Dolby Atmos immersive audio format as a standard deliverable, Pereira decided to upgrade his 5.1 surround sound monitoring system to a 7.1.4 setup with ceiling speakers for three-dimensional sound. To achieve high-quality results that translate well to cinemas, home theaters and consumer devices, Pereira equipped his studio with JBL 7 Series monitors, a JBL Intonato 24 monitor management and tuning system, and Crown amplifiers.

“Seeing the traction that Dolby has had on the consumer market was one of the big factors that pushed me into the decision,” said Pereira. “Now that iPhones, Soundbars, Apple TVs and other devices are natively supporting Atmos, it seems like it's definitely going to stick around. Especially with Netflix more or less adopting it as a native format, I expect to see more and more spec sheets asking for Atmos mixes. So for me, it kind of hit a tipping point where the technology seemed like it was going to be the industry leader, and more and more people are gravitating towards it in a way that made it worth jumping on board.”

Soularity Sound’s new 7.1.4 monitoring system includes seven loudspeakers and one subwoofer in a traditional 7.1 surround sound configuration, plus four additional ceiling-mounted speakers which add the height dimension necessary for Dolby Atmos. For the left, center and right channels, Pereira selected JBL 708P eight-inch powered monitors, which employ a patent-pending Image Control Waveguide to deliver detailed uncolored response on- and off-axis. For the surround and overhead channels, Pereira chose JBL 705i five-inch passive monitors powered by a network-connected Crown DCi 8|300N amplifier. Featuring the same driver technologies and Image Control Waveguide as the 708P, the 705i provides full-range surround sound for Dolby Atmos while streamlining installation with a passive design and multiple mounting brackets. Finally, to provide ample low-frequency power for the system, Pereira installed a JBL ASB6115 high-power 15-inch subwoofer powered by a Crown CDi 2000 amplifier.

“A number of larger dub stages, at least in the Austin market, use JBL speakers,” said Pereira. “So I like that what I hear on my speakers translates incredibly well in a larger room on JBL cinema speakers. Part of it comes down to reputation, as well. I'm a longtime JBL user and when I upgraded from stereo to 5.1, I ended up going with JBL. So for me, it was a logical progression. The 7 Series definitely stood out to me as the best product on the market right now for doing immersive media, especially for home theater.”

To control the 7.1.4 system, Soularity Sound relies on the JBL Intonato 24 monitor management and tuning system. Featuring 24 inputs and outputs, the Intonato 24 provides easy setup, automated calibration and comprehensive control of professional multichannel monitoring systems. Pereira programmed the Intonato 24 with two custom profiles: one for monitoring Pro Tools from his computer and one for previewing encoded Atmos content with a receiver hooked up to the analog inputs of the Intonato. Within the Pro Tools profile, Pereira has separate scenes set up for monitoring in 7.1.4, 7.1, 5.1 and stereo. Additionally, he sends a separate stereo fold-down to two auxiliary outputs for headphone monitoring.

The JBL Intonato 24 Desktop Controller allows Pereira to seamlessly control monitor level, switch scenes, edit profiles and more. One feature Pereira uses heavily is the ability to turn bass management on and off at will, sending low-frequency content from all channels to the subwoofer. Although the Dolby Atmos specification takes advantage of full-range surround loudspeakers such as the JBL 7 Series, bass management is still sometimes necessary when mixing in 5.1 and 7.1 formats.

“One of the really nice things about going with the Intonato, as far as tuning and monitor controlling, is that I have the ability within a scene to toggle the bass management on and off,” added Pereira. “With Atmos being specified for full-range surrounds and overheads, I have a mode where I can run a full-range signal to the 705i and still get that approximation of lower frequencies coming from the surrounds. And with the desktop controller for the Intonato, I can toggle that on and off easily.”

With its new HARMAN Professional Solutions immersive audio system up and running, Soularity Sound is equipped for the future of post-production. The ability create Dolby Atmos content enables Pereira to keep up with industry demand, while his JBL 7 Series monitors, Intonato 24 and Crown amplifiers deliver results he and his clients can trust.

“I've always had a really positive experience with JBL and HARMAN products,” Pereira concluded. “I think they have a reputation that precedes them. They make products that other professionals use, that you know are going to be up to a certain standard, and are also going to be compatible with each other. It all comes back to the idea that I can mix here and then go to a bigger dub stage, and if they're both using JBL, I know they're going to sound very similar, and also translate to the rest of the world.”

Grande Centre Point Hotel Elevates the Luxury Experience With HARMAN Professional Solutions

Grande Centre Point Hotel Elevates the Luxury Experience With HARMAN Professional Solutions

April 03, 2020

PATTAYA, Thailand—AV integrator Mahajak Development Co., Ltd., recently deployed a wide range of class-leading HARMAN Professional Solutions audio and lighting systems in four of the Grande Centre Point Hotel’s facilities to create immersive audiovisual experiences.

Located in the heart of North Pattaya, the Grande Centre Point Hotel is a 32-story luxury hotel and resort that offers comfort, convenience and fun for the whole family. In addition to 396 lavish rooms and suites, Grande Centre Point also offers a variety of amenities and activities, including the famous Terminal 21 shopping mall, the Sky 32 rooftop lounge, an amphitheater for events and a family waterpark. The hotel also includes the Port Ballroom and its seven adjoining meeting rooms, which are used for formal meetings, conferences, private dinner parties and exquisite banquets. To elevate the entertainment experience, Grande Centre Point hired leading integrators Mahajak Development Co., Ltd. to design and install state-of-the-art audio and lighting solutions in the Port Ballroom, the water park and the Sky 32 Lounge, as well as a mobile AV solution for events. Mahajak selected a wide range of world-class solutions from JBL, Crown, Soundcraft, BSS and Martin.

“The client required various audiovisual and lighting solutions for four of the hotel’s facilities,” said said Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom, Director of Project, Mahajak Development Co. Ltd. “They required a versatile audio solution for the meeting room, which consists of seven rooms that can either be combined or separated for events. The family water park required a PA system to make announcements, play background music and more. They required mobile audio, visual and lighting setup for activities such as seminars, concerts and events. Finally, they needed an audio system for the Sky Lounge on the 32nd floor. We decided that JBL audio solutions and Martin lighting systems would be best suited for this multi-faceted project.”

In the Port Ballroom and adjoined meeting rooms, Mahajak deployed JBL Control 14C/T in-ceiling loudspeakers to deliver clear, detailed sound for meetings and events. To power the system, Mahajak selected Crown CDi 2|300 amplifiers for their impressive performance and streamlined functionality. A Soundcraft Si Impact digital mixing console delivers uncompromising sound quality and provides staff with complete control over the system.

Mahajak equipped the water park with a complete HARMAN Professional Solutions networked audio system to enable staff to make announcements and play music throughout the facilities. Compact JBL Control 25-1 indoor/outdoor loudspeakers mounted throughout the park deliver detailed sound with consistent coverage. MTC-25WMG-1 WeatherMax grilles provide the Control 25-1 speakers with greater protection against the environmental damage and extend their service life. The system is powered by Crown CDi 2|300 amplifiers and routed through a BSS BLU100 Signal Processor via BLU link. To enable crystal-clear sound for announcements, Mahajak installed a JBL CSPM-1 microphone system.

Mahajak deployed JBL Control 29AV-1 indoor/outdoor loudspeakers in the Sky 32 Lounge to enhance the ambiance with their sleek design and deliver clear, balanced sound for background music. With rugged construction and a highly weather-resistant design, Control 29AV-1 speakers are well protected against the elements and offer an extended service life.

To provide staff with an easy-to-use mobile production setup for concerts and events, Mahajak deployed a complete HARMAN Professional Solutions audio and lighting rig, including solutions from JBL, Soundcraft and Martin. JBL EON615 and EON612 two-way powered loudspeakers deliver pristine sound in a versatile, easy-to-use system. For powerful low-frequency reinforcement, Mahajak included the lightweight JBL EON618S portable subwoofer. The system is controlled with a Soundcraft Si impact digital mixing console. To create immersive lighting displays, Mahajak equipped the mobile production rig with compact, powerful Martin Rush MH 2 Wash fixtures. The lighting system is routed through a Martin DMX 5.3 Splitter and controlled using the intuitive Martin M-Touch stage lighting control system.

“We required versatile audiovisual and lighting solutions for some of our facilities and attractions,” said a spokesperson of Grande Centre Point. “In addition to the high-quality performance of the systems, reliability was of utmost importance for us. We are delighted with the solutions provided by Mahajak Development Co., Ltd. The sound and lighting solutions have matched up to our expectations.”

"The project at the Grande Centre Point Hotel called for a flexible solution which adhered to the highest standards of performance and dependability," said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We would like to thank our partner Mahajak Development Co., Ltd., for expertly devising and delivering a solution that involved several critical variables and components."