Øresund Bridge Lights the Way for Travelers Between Sweden and Denmark With Martin Lighting Solutions

March 05, 2021

MALMÖ, Sweden—HARMAN Professional Solutions recently partnered with LiteNordic and Light Bureau to update the Øresund Bridge with a revitalized architectural lighting design to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Originally constructed in 1999 and opened in 2000, the Øresund Bridge that connects Sweden to Denmark is the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe, with a total length of more than five miles. The Øresund Bridge—an instantly recognizable landmark to worldwide viewers of the hit Nordic drama series The Bridge—is financed and operated by a joint-stock company owned by the Danish and Swedish governments.

In 2020, the bridge’s operating company hired European architectural lighting consultants Light Bureau to update its aging lighting solution with a more robust and vibrant lighting design in celebration of the bridge’s 20th anniversary. Light Bureau appointed lighting designer Frederik Waneck Borello and project manager Henrik Rohde Nielsen as lead designers for the project. After conducting an extensive research and bidding process for suitable replacements, Borello and Nielsen collaborated with Swedish lighting provider LiteNordic to outfit the bridge with a cutting-edge Martin Professional architectural lighting solution. Light Bureau and LiteNordic selected Martin Exterior Wash 300 and Exterior Wash 310 fixtures for their unmatched output, long-lasting operation and increased energy efficiency.

“Martin has a proven track record when it comes to large-scale projects like this,” said Mikkel Toksværd, Director of Business Development, Projects, Sales and Communication, LiteNordic. “For the lighting designers, it was important for the fixtures to deliver powerful output and uniform, responsive color mixing. For a project of this size and sophistication, the fixtures have to faithfully render the DMX programming, and the Martin Exterior Wash fixtures were able to reproduce Light Bureau’s dynamic designs with impressive precision and beautiful color. We’ve had very positive feedback and our clients are extremely happy with the result.”

Light Bureau installed a total of 128 Exterior Wash 310 and 64 Exterior Wash 300 fixtures to illuminate the iconic structure linking Malmö and Copenhagen. The Martin Exterior Wash 300 and 310 are both powerful, compact fixtures designed specifically to light up large structures, façades and bridges. LiteNordic and current Light Bureau lighting designer Anna Waernborg (formerly of Swedish engineering firm Sweco) previously utilized Exterior Wash fixtures in their award-winning collaboration for the Västerbron Bridge in Stockholm. The Exterior Wash 310 offers uniform color-mixing with quad-color premixed LEDs, while the Exterior Wash 300 utilizes separate LEDS for red, green, blue and white. Using Martin Exterior Wash fixtures enabled Light Bureau to design a wide range of unique looks to commemorate holidays and special occasions with custom lighting displays.

“The first time we showed the customers what this lighting installation is capable of, they were thrilled,” said Henrik Rohde Nielsen, Project Manager, Light Bureau. “I remember them jumping up and down in excitement, saying, ‘Yes, that’s it!’”

Architectural lighting solutions intended for public infrastructure are subject to demanding standards in regards to power consumption and maintenance costs. Martin Exterior Wash 300 and 310 fixtures both provide superior brightness with increased efficiency. The Martin lighting solution installed by Light Bureau consumes 80% less energy than the previous lighting fixtures, resulting in major savings for the bridge operators. In order to maximize the lifespan of the new solution, Martin Professional cooperated with LiteNordic and Light Bureau to provide detailed documentation and training materials, which will enable the suppliers to oversee all necessary testing and long-term maintenance procedures. This guarantees a maximum return on investment for the bridge operators that ensures the new Martin lighting solution will deliver stunning visuals far into the future.

“We’re seeing a rising demand for one-stop suppliers,” continued Toksværd. “For this project to succeed, we had to provide Light Bureau with everything they would need to complete the project from start to finish, including preparing our team for all future maintenance of the fixtures. On top of that, infrastructure projects such as the Øresund Bridge have to meet very strict requirements in regards to power consumption. This entire project was on a very accelerated timeline of a few months, whereas it’s normal for projects of this size to require a full year of planning.”

“Without Martin’s full transparency and global support, it would’ve been impossible to provide our clients with the technical information and training needed to ensure reliable operation for the next ten to fifteen years,” continued Toksværd. “Martin really went above and beyond to provide us with all the relevant data in a transparent manner, including how the fixtures were tested, what types of materials are used, the availability of spare parts and educational information. This enables us to perform full onsite support and routine checkups that will guarantee a long lifespan of the lighting solution no matter the conditions—sea, snow or storm. When you get that level of partnership from a manufacturer, you know that you’re all in this together, and everybody involved is equally as proud of the project.”

LUVEL Gangdong Creates Unforgettable Wedding Memories With Pristine Audio From HARMAN Professional Solutions

LUVEL Gangdong Creates Unforgettable Wedding Memories With Pristine Audio From HARMAN Professional Solutions

March 05, 2021

SEOUL, South Korea—To enhance the elegant atmosphere for weddings at LUVEL Gangdong with crystal-clear audio for speech and music, TechDataPS Co., Ltd. recently supplied the venue with an end-to-end HARMAN Professional Solutions audio system.

One of several venues owned by Apelgamo Wedding & Party, LUVEL Gangdong is an upscale wedding hall located on the 35th and 36th floors of East Central Tower in Seoul’s Gangdong district. Featuring design elements and decor reminiscent of French formal gardens, the venue’s wedding hall can accommodate 160 guests, while the reception hall can host up to 500. To create unforgettable experiences for the betrothed and their guests, LUVEL Gangdong required a high-quality yet user-friendly audio system capable of providing powerful and clear sound reinforcement for speech and music. To achieve these goals, TechDataPS outfitted LUVEL Gangdong with an end-to-end HARMAN audio system consisting of JBL, Crown, Soundcraft, Lexicon, dbx, BSS and AKG solutions.

According to TechData, their client placed a high value on sound quality and clarity, and requested a solution that could be integrated harmoniously with the interior of the wedding hall. Collaborating with an interior design company from start to finish, TechData had the loudspeakers custom-painted and installed mounting brackets separately to make the audio system blend in seamlessly with the interior.

To achieve clear, intelligible speech and music amplification, TechData PS deployed a variety of specialized JBL loudspeakers throughout the venue. JBL CBT 70J-1, CBT 70JE-1 and CBT 50LA-1 line array column loudspeakers provide main sound reinforcement with precise directivity and focused coverage. JBL Control 25AV, Control 25AV-WH and Control 23-1 background/foreground loudspeakers supply additional coverage throughout the venue, while JBL 305P MKII studio monitors and AKG K612 PRO headphones give staff an accurate reference for mixing.

TechData selected Crown CDi 4000, CDi 1000, CDi DriveCore 4|300 and XLi800 amplifiers to power the speakers, along with a dbx DriveRack VENU360 loudspeaker management system for sound enhancement, feedback suppression and mobile control. Soundcraft Si Expression 2, EPM8 and EPM6 mixing consoles offer powerful mixing capabilities with intuitive operation and flexibility for events of any size. TechData supplemented the system with a Lexicon MX400XL effects processor for enhancing musical performances.

To capture high-quality audio for voices and instruments alike, TechData supplied LUVEL Gangdong with an assortment of specialized AKG microphones. The AKG CGN521 STS professional tabletop microphone set ensures ultra-clear sound for main speakers such as masters of ceremonies and wedding officiants, and features a versatile switch for push-to-talk or push-to-mute operation. AKG P5 S dynamic vocal microphones deliver high intelligibility for speech and singing, with a convenient on/off switch to avoid extraneous noise when not in use. AKG C516 ML miniature instrument microphones capture acoustic instruments with clear and full sound, thanks to a focused cardioid pickup pattern, flexible shockmount with integrated clip, and a rugged gooseneck for accurate positioning.TechData also supplied the venue with BSS AR-133 active DI boxes for interfacing with keyboards, guitars and other electric instruments.

LUVEL Gangdong staff reported being impressed by TechData at the Korea International Broadcasting, Media, Audio & Lighting Show (KOBA), and were satisfied with their design proposals for the venue. They went on to say that they were pleased to learn that HARMAN’s wide variety of products could be customized for their unique application.

“LUVEL Gangdong is a unique space that has been carefully planned to provide an exceptional wedding and guest experience,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We would like to thank our partner TechDataPS for their partnership and deep understanding of their clients’ needs to deliver remarkable wedding experiences.”

Industry-Leading Systems from HARMAN Professional Solutions Craft an Engaging Audio Experience At Geumjeong Arko Performing Practice Center

Industry-Leading Systems from HARMAN Professional Solutions Craft an Engaging Audio Experience At Geumjeong Arko Performing Practice Center

March 03, 2021

Busan, Republic Of Korea— To create an immersive platform to showcase local culture and arts, Geumjeong Arko Performing Practice Center partnered with TechDataPS Co., Ltd., to deploy a high-quality sound system from HARMAN Professional Solutions.

With the foundation of a self-sustaining creative ecosystem, Geumjeong Arko Performing Practice Center is a stable and optimized practice space for performing artists. The venue consists of a grand practice room, two substantial practice rooms, and two small practice rooms. It also provides a showcase space for performing artists and groups.

TechDataPS Co reported that the client wanted a high-quality audio system to record and edit audio. They also wanted to maximise the design setup and use the space for both practice and small performances. Such a setup needed the infrastructure and speaker systems to be flexibly configured, providing them with the opportunity to change the layout from horizontal to vertical when needed. HARMAN Professional audio systems, due to its unmatched flexibility and ease of use, were the ideal choice for this venue, according to the TechDataPS team.

Combining the best-of-breed technologies from a range of HARMAN products, TechDataPS upgraded the performance venue. The speaker and subwoofer system installed consisted of the JBL AM7212 full-range loudspeaker system with a dual voice coil and dual magnetic gap. PRX818XLF self-powered extended low-frequency subwoofer system with remote Wi-Fi control and PRX812W full-range speakers were fitted to the main system and floor monitor applications, offering powerful JBL signature sound and complete wireless control.

The loudspeaker and subwoofer system was supported with Crown XTI6002 and XTI4002 amplifiers and Soundcraft VI1 mixing console. As the client wanted a flexible, easily operable system with less staff involvement, digital mixer presets were introduced. BLU-100 processors were used to operate the setup without separate patching, ensuring seamless switchover and safe performance.

The team at Geumjeong Arko Performing Practice Center requested a “high-quality sound system with good stability, durability, and ease of management.” The Center reported to HARMAN that the audio equipment provided excellent sound quality for the space, and the intuitive interface of the digital mixers helped their staff get familiar with the system and operate it conveniently.

“Providing pristine sound quality for multi-purpose venues like Geumjeong Arko Performing Practice Center require state-of-the-art audio systems that are future-proofed,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We would like to thank our partner TechDataPS Co., Ltd., for providing an enriching experience to the client and their unwavering confidence in HARMAN’s products as they continue to bring unique and engaging experiences to the fore.”

Magic Monkey Brings Deutsche Bank’s Brussels Location To Life With Martin by HARMAN Outdoor LED Lighting Fixtures

Magic Monkey Brings Deutsche Bank’s Brussels Location To Life With Martin by HARMAN Outdoor LED Lighting Fixtures

February 23, 2021

BRUSSELS, Belgium—Architectural lighting firm Magic Monkey and system integrator NetherLED recently collaborated to illuminate Deutsche Bank’s Belgian headquarters in uptown Brussels with a dazzling animated display powered by Martin Exterior Wash outdoor LED lighting fixtures.

Located at the corner of a high-traffic intersection in Brussels’ uptown district, the nine-story building designed by architect Maurice de Maet features three street-facing façades lined with 59 columns. To make the building stand out during the holiday season as well as the rest of the year, Deutsche Bank hired Magic Monkey and NetherLED to design and install a state-of-the-art architectural lighting solution. To provide dazzling illumination, precise control and all-weather reliability, Magic Monkey and NetherLED selected Martin Exterior Wash 100 and 200 outdoor-rated RGBW color mixing wash lights.

“Our goal with this project was twofold: to highlight the architecture and carry the Deutsche Bank brand in an elegant way,” said Marc Largent, Managing Director, Magic Monkey. “This building had a few logical elements to highlight, and one of the design options we submitted was basically a vertical highlight of the existing columns of the building around the three facades. And, through the flexibility of the Martin Exterior Wash fixtures, we’ve transformed the building into a dynamic, animated “harp” on a nightly basis. It's a very subtle animation, but it's like a living, breathing building. During special occasions and events, it becomes even more dynamic to participate in the city celebrations.”

Magic Monkey chose Martin Exterior Wash 200 fixtures to illuminate the majority of the building, with Martin Exterior Wash 100 fixtures highlighting the top two stories. Specializing in narrow-beam applications, the Exterior Wash fixtures deliver up to 1,800 lumens focused into tight, 7.5-degree vertical beams. Magic Monkey’s design includes the Exterior Wash Series’ optional snoot to conceal the light source, making the beams appear part of the structure. DMX control enabled Magic Monkey to easily program the lights to “strum” like a harp, in addition to other special effects for holidays and events. With a weather-resistant IP66-rated housing, the Exterior Wash fixtures comfortably endure the elements year-round.

“The light quality was very good, and the optics were great,” said Largent. “The control was very subtle, which is important for us, and the fact that they are RGBW fixtures offers us a great choice of colors. They are also very solid fixtures, and they've withstood weather and time in different locations around the world. Being specialized in exterior lighting, it's important to us that our installations last a long time and keep that high level of light output and control.”

Initially, Deutsche Bank wasn’t sure it would be possible to complete a permanent installation in time for the holiday season and asked Magic Monkey to propose a temporary option as a fallback. However, working closely with Magic Monkey and NetherLED, Martin was able to source and deliver the required fixtures in time for a permanent installation.

“When Deutsche Bank called us wanting to light up their building for the Christmas holiday period, they asked us for two options,” said Largent. “One to see what it would entail to design something temporary and one to design something permanent, with prediction that they would not be able to roll out a permanent installation by the Christmas period. But, thanks to Martin, we were able to pull the fixtures in from different locations around the world, have them shipped to Belgium and install them in time for the Christmas holiday. Deutsche Bank was able to launch their permanent lighting project for Christmas, which is now installed all year ‘round.”

Young Buddhists Association of Thailand Equips Dharma Practice Room with Pristine Sound Using Premium HARMAN Professional Audio Solution

Young Buddhists Association of Thailand Equips Dharma Practice Room with Pristine Sound Using Premium HARMAN Professional Audio Solution

February 19, 2021

BANGKOK, Thailand—Elevating teaching programs and services in its Dharma Practice Room, the Young Buddhists Association of Thailand hired audio integrators Mahajak Development Co., Ltd., to deliver a top-notch HARMAN Professional audio solution that provides exceptional sound.

Founded in 1950, the Young Buddhists Association of Thailand (YBAT) is an organization dedicated to enriching lives by bringing Buddhism to the younger generation and general public. Focused on developing minds and cultivating deep experiential wisdom through educational services, YBAT’s main office is located in the Phasicharoen District of Bangkok and includes the Thamnawet building, which features a 500-seat Dharma Practice Room. To upgrade the sound system, Mahajak equipped the practice room with a top-notch HARMAN Professional audio solution that provides pristine sound during classes and an enhanced experience for guests.

"The client wanted an upgrade to their existing sound system in the Thamnawet building. As we had already worked on renovating the audio system in the Dharma practice room on the second floor of Sirikarinchai building, we knew what the client was expecting. We are so excited to be associated with them again and happy to provide intelligible sound to the Dharma practitioners with the help of HARMAN Professional’s audio equipment and services,” said Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom, Project Director at Mahajak. “Some of the challenges we faced were the wooden floor, hard wall and smooth plaster ceiling because they caused reverberation in the room. Our team designed the audio system for Dharma practitioners to receive direct sound from the ceiling speakers. This setup was supported by Crown amplifiers and BSS signal processors, which helped solve the frequency problem in the room.”

Providing excellent sound with consistent coverage across the Dharma Practice Rom, Mahajak deployed an arsenal of JBL Control 18C/T two-way ceiling loudspeakers. Further adding pristine audio performance, the system also includes JBL Control 28-1-WH high output speakers, which are used as stage monitors for presenters. Powering the solution, Mahajak installed Crown CDi amplifiers for their unmatched output and reliability, while BSS BLU-100 signal processors with BLU link ensure peak system operation.

“This is the second time Mahajak has provided audio solutions to the Young Buddhists Association of Thailand,” said a spokesperson from YBAT. “We had immense confidence in the capabilities of Mahajak, and HARMAN Professional offers best-in-class technology. We are highly satisfied with the prudent solutions and support.”

“To provide optimum sound coverage in a venue like the Thamnawet building, it’s important to set up a robust sermon delivery system using cutting-edge solutions,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We would like to thank Mahajak for providing excellent customer service while delivering an immersive sound experience to convey the teachings of the institution with greater impact.”

Van Don International Airport Upgrades to Cutting-Edge Audio Systems from HARMAN Professional Solutions

Van Don International Airport Upgrades to Cutting-Edge Audio Systems from HARMAN Professional Solutions

February 18, 2021

QUANG NINH, Vietnam—Elevating its audio systems, the Van Don International Airport hired integrators Ba Sao Invest Co., Ltd. and their partner Thien Van tech Co., Ltd to design and install a world-class HARMAN Professional airport sound solution.

Located on the west coast of the province Quảng Ninh, Van Don International Airport covers an area of 800 acres and contains a single runway. Handling 2.5 million passengers and 10,000 cargo tons per year, the airport is equipped with four jet bridges, four baggage carousels, eight security gates and 31 check-in counters. Wanting to enhance its facility and provide travelers with crystal-clear announcements, Van Don International required a state-of-the-art airport audio system that also helps workers communicate and streamlines productivity. Using JBL Professional loudspeakers, Crown amplification and BSS signal processing, Ba Sao deployed a premium HARMAN Professional airport audio solution that delivers excellent sound across Van Don International.

“The client required a highly flexible and scalable solution that can support the airport’s audio and communication requirements,” said a spokesperson for Ba Sao Invest Co., Ltd. “After evaluating their requirements, we decided to use HARMAN’s audio equipment to provide superb speech intelligibility and audio coverage at the airport. We set up JBL open-back ceiling speakers coupled with pattern control speakers to deliver maximum clarity across the airport.”

Meeting the airport’s audio requirements, Ba Sao selected an assortment of JBL Professional loudspeakers. JBL 8138 and 8128 full-range, open-back ceiling speakers offer high-fidelity performance, while Control 23-1 two-way, ultra-compact speakers deliver rich sonic character, wide coverage and consistent dispersion. Further adding to Van Don International’s excellent sound, CBT 100LA-LS line array column loudspeakers provide unmatched pattern control and vertical coverage. Allowing airport staff to deliver crystal-clear announcements throughout the facility, Ba Sao selected JBL CSS-H30 paging horns and AKG PZM11 LL WR boundary laundry microphones. For outdoor areas, Ba Sao deployed JBL Control 85M coaxial landscape speakers, which provide excellent sound with 360-degree coverage. Powered by Crown DCi 8|300N and CT16S amplifiers, the system is configured and integrated using BSS BLU-806DA signal processors with BLU Link. BSS ACE Cards ensure optimum sound performance by cancelling acoustic echoes, while BLU-BIB input expanders offer added flexibility.

“We were pleased to partner with Ba Sao and HARMAN for the installation of a highly capable and robust audio system for the airport,” said a spokesperson for Van Don International Airport. “With the new system, we will raise the bar in providing an unmatched world-class audio experience to our passengers.”

“Transportation facilities are a challenging environment to deploy quality audio, and Van Don International Airport required an intelligible system for the facility,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We would like to thank our partner Ba Sao Invest for ensuring the challenges were met and the project was completed within the given parameters.”

HARMAN Professional Learning Sessions Webinar Series Attracts 20,000 Live Attendees and Achieves AVIXA Certification

HARMAN Professional Learning Sessions Webinar Series Attracts 20,000 Live Attendees and Achieves AVIXA Certification

February 18, 2021

NORTHRIDGE, Calif.—Today, HARMAN Professional Solutions announced the HARMAN Learning Sessions has grown to have more than 20,000 attendees for its live webinar workshops — the majority of which are now certified by the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA). In April 2020, HARMAN Learning Sessions was created to financially help under-employed AVL industry experts during the pandemic.

In ten months, HARMAN Professional has held more than 150 live workshop webinars hosted by 102 external presenters in addition to HARMAN staff experts. Covering topics ranging from live sound and lighting design to networked AV and IoT infrastructure, the workshops have proved to be an invaluable resource for industry professionals of all experience levels. All past sessions are archived and available to watch for free at

Recently, 129 Learning Sessions have been certified by AVIXA, an international organization of over 11,000 AV professionals that provides training and certification courses, conducts market research and publishes technical standards.

“We’re thrilled at the reception our AVIXA-certified Learning Sessions have gotten,” said Laura Lawrence, Senior Director of Global Marketing, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “We started this initiative early last year to provide educational resources and opportunities for AV and lighting professionals affected by COVID-19’s impact on our industry. Since then, the series has been a huge success, with over 150 webinars presented on a wide variety of topics. Receiving AVIXA certification is a major win for our Learning Sessions program, and we’re excited to expand our offerings with even more workshops in 2021 and beyond.”

HARMAN Professional is actively seeking lighting designers, audio engineers, AV professionals, performing artists and content creators to conduct future Learning Sessions. This opportunity is paid and will not require travel.

"The combined expertise from our industry experts is vast, and they are passionate about sharing what they've learned over the years," said Lawrence. "Likewise, their peers are using the Learning Sessions to keep their skills sharp, especially as the AVL industry looks to rebound in the coming months. I encourage experts to propose a session that could inspire others.” 

Interested parties should reach out only via email to and include the following information in your email:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Location
  • Job/Talent
  • Workshop Topic and Description

Additional Requirements:

  • Presenters must have the ability to stream live via Zoom with a stable connection and clear audio and video quality.
  • Presenters must complete a trial run two weeks before the scheduled webinar date to test audio and video connection.
  • Presenters must provide a full workshop plan two weeks before the scheduled date.
  • Sessions should be no more than 60 minutes in length.
  • Equipment used in workshops should incorporate HARMAN brands such as JBL, Martin, AMX, Crown, BSS and Soundcraft, or be product-agnostic.
  • Presenters must commit to sharing their session with their personal network, including social media channels (assets for sharing will be provided by HARMAN).

Piispantorni Building Makes Waves in the Kaarina Night Sky With Martin Exterior Projection 1000 Fixtures

Piispantorni Building Makes Waves in the Kaarina Night Sky With Martin Exterior Projection 1000 Fixtures

February 17, 2021

KAARINA, Finland—HARMAN Professional Solutions recently partnered with Studiotec Oy and Turku Energia to illuminate the recently renovated Piispantorni building’s façade and its new whale mural with Martin Exterior Projection 1000 fixtures.

Originally constructed in 1973, Piispantorni is the tallest building in the Finnish city of Kaarina and offers a dazzling view of the nearby Gulf of Finland from its upper floors. Formerly owned and utilized by Finnish brewing company Hartwall, the building’s new owner recently renovated the building to offer commercial office rentals to professionals in the Turku region of Finland. As part of the renovation, the building received a completely new steel façade featuring a stunning, 82-foot-long mural of a life-size blue whale titled “Big Blue” by artist Mauri Kosonen.

In order to enhance the effect of the mural, Piispantorni’s owner hired Turku Energia to implement a dynamic underwater-inspired lighting design created by lead designer Antti Viertamo in collaboration with Deniz Seifulla of Signify Finland and senior lighting designer Anssi Mäkinen of Sitowise. Turku Energia brought the ambitious lighting design to life with Martin Exterior Projection 1000 fixtures, supplied by Finnish distributor Studiotec Oy.

“The owner wanted to enhance the new façade of Piispantorni with a lighting design that reflects the seaside nature of the city,” said Jami Lehtonen, Sales Manager, Studiotec Oy. “The design features animations that look like ocean waves, which goes perfectly with Mauri Kosonen’s ‘Big Blue’ whale painting. The motion of the waves is created entirely with Martin Exterior Projection 1000 fixtures, which were chosen because of their exceptional power over distance and built-in animation engines. The lighting design was created specifically with that fixture in mind, and it did not disappoint—everyone involved is very happy with the final result.”

Turku Energia deployed a total of 11 Martin Exterior Projection 1000 fixtures to cover all four walls of Piispantorni in colorful moving animations, producing the illusion that the building and its “Big Blue” whale mural are underwater.

The Exterior Projection 1000 is a large-scale outdoor image projector that gives architectural lighting designers the ability to program textures, patterns and graphics with the fixture itself for limitless creative exterior designs. In addition to providing sharp image quality, dynamic features and powerful reach over long distances, the outdoor-rated LED projector is able to operate in temperatures from -22°F to 113°F and its robust, vandalism-proof IK08- and IP66-rated aluminum housing is surface-treated to protect it from corrosion.

“With exterior architecture projects like this, protection from moisture is a big concern, especially because Finland is experiencing a harsh winter this year,” continued Lehtonen. “The Exterior Projection 1000’s IP66 rating keeps the fixtures working in extreme weather conditions. The extended warranty offered by Martin also guarantees peace of mind that they will replace any of the fixtures in the rare case of equipment failure.”

The Piispantorni renovation and exterior lighting design was completed in the second half of 2020, and the stunning vision was unveiled on December 31 at the stroke of midnight, ushering in “Big Blue” as the new face of Kaarina for 2021 and beyond.

Martin Professional Welcomes Michael Straun and Nick Hansen as New EMEA Lighting Designer Relationship Managers

Martin Professional Welcomes Michael Straun and Nick Hansen as New EMEA Lighting Designer Relationship Managers

February 16, 2021

LONDONHARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control systems, today announced that Martin Professional has appointed Michael Straun and Nick Hansen as EMEA Lighting Designer Relationship Managers for Martin Professional, effective February 8, 2021.

Created specifically to facilitate close working relationships with end users throughout the region, the EMEA Lighting Designer Relationship Manager role involves collaborating with lighting designers, Martin distributors and the rental market in all sectors, including television, theatre, touring and more. In addition to bringing real-world experience, first-hand product knowledge and industry connections to the position, Michael and Nick will also provide invaluable insight for research and development at Martin.

“We are excited to welcome Michael Straun and Nick Hansen onto the Martin team, especially in the current business climate,” said Ben Payne, Head of Lighting, Martin EMEA. “As working lighting professionals, they each bring valuable first-hand industry experience to the role. Having used Martin and competitors’ products in the field, their insight and perspective will be indispensable for forming relationships with end users and contributing to product development.”

Michael Straun is a two-time Knight of Illumination Award-winning lighting designer and director from the UK who has toured the world for the past 15 years while working with artists such as The 1975, Shania Twain, Björk, The xx and Jamie xx. Passionate about the environment, Michael recently received a grant from Arts Council England to fund a study on sustainability within lighting design.

Nick Hansen has worked professionally on shows, events and productions all over the globe, including long-term stints in Las Vegas, audition tours for Britain’s Got Talent and major one-off events like the 2019 Special Olympics and 2020 UAE Commemoration Day celebrations in Abu Dhabi. With a focus on lighting programming, Nick is keen on increasing awareness and adoption of the Martin P3 platform among the lighting community. Nick is also studying for a Qualification in Management and Leadership.

VANS Brand Showcase Store Gangnam Creates an Authentic Experience With HARMAN Professional Solutions

VANS Brand Showcase Store Gangnam Creates an Authentic Experience With HARMAN Professional Solutions

February 10, 2021

SEOUL, South Korea—TechDataPS Co., Ltd. recently equipped the new VANS Brand Showcase Store in Seoul’s Gangnam district with a HARMAN Professional Solutions audio system spanning two floors and featuring JBL loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers and dbx zone processors.

In addition to being a retail outlet for the brand’s extensive footwear and apparel line, VANS Brand Showcase Store Gangnam aims to immerse visitors in the company’s history and style. The first floor features a “shoppable timeline” of throwback merchandise, books, vinyl records and more, as well as a DJ booth and a functioning wall of vintage loudspeakers. The second floor houses a “customization zone” where customers can design and personalize their own shoes and apparel, as well as space for hosting weekly workshops and events.

To provide balanced audio coverage for background music and special events on both levels of the store, VANS Brand Showcase Store Gangnam required high-quality loudspeakers and a flexible zone management system. To achieve these goals, TechDataPS Co., Ltd. equipped the store with state-of-the-art JBL Control Series loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers and dbx zone processors.

In order to ensure optimum audio coverage and clarity, TechDataPS Co., Ltd. deployed a range of JBL Control Series loudspeakers throughout the store. JBL Control 65 P/T full-range pendant speakers provide consistent 120-degree conical coverage across the show floor, thanks to Radiation Boundary Integrator technology. These are supplemented by JBL Control 16 C/T in-ceiling speakers, which deliver crystal-clear sound from 62 Hz to 20 kHz with 110-degree coverage. JBL Control CRV architectural speakers feature a curved design that enabled TechDataPS Co., Ltd. to easily mount them in the corners of the space.

TechDataPS Co., Ltd. selected Crown CDi 4|600 amplifiers to power the loudspeakers, which feature proprietary DriveCore technology for high-performance amplification and unparalleled efficiency. dbx ZonePRO 1260m digital zone processors allowed the team to separate the system into multiple zones for independent control of each area of the store, including the vintage speaker wall. dbx ZC8 wall-mounted zone controllers give staff the ability to easily assign zones and control volume levels.

“For projects like VANS Brand Showcase Store Gangnam, elevating the audio-visual experiences of visitors can be game-changing,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “It will certainly create the right atmosphere, entertaining people and encouraging them to shop. We would like to thank our partner TechDataPS Co., Ltd. for being involved in every step of creating this one-of-a-kind store experience and ensuring the best products were used to achieve the desired results.”

Naresuan University Creates Immersive Learning Environment with HARMAN Professional Solutions AV System

Naresuan University Creates Immersive Learning Environment with HARMAN Professional Solutions AV System

February 08, 2021

PHITSANULOK PROVINCE, Thailand—To enhance the learning experience for students and guests, Mahajak Development Co., Ltd. recently equipped Naresuan University’s new multipurpose building with a cutting-edge HARMAN Professional Solutions AV system.

Located in the heart of Phitsanulok province, Naresuan University is one of the top government universities in Thailand. Originally established as a College of Education in 1967, the school was later renamed the Phitsanulok Campus of Srinakharinwirot University in 1974, and again in 1990 to Naresuan University, in celebration of the 400th anniversary of King Naresuan’s ascension to the throne.

Recently, Naresuan University completed construction on a massive 3,200 square-meter facility than can function as a single 4,000-capacity hall or be split into two smaller rooms. To deliver unparalleled audio and video quality for seminars and exhibitions in their new multipurpose educational facility, Naresuan University hired Mahajak Development Co., Ltd. to install an industry-leading HARMAN Professional Solutions AV system.

Mahajak deployed JBL Professional loudspeakers throughout the venue to provide pristine sound with consistent coverage for large audiences. For large events where the facility is configured as a single room, JBL VTX A8 line array loudspeakers deliver even, balanced sound with an impressive 110 degrees of horizontal coverage. VTX B18 and VTX G28 subwoofers provide powerful low-end support, while JBL AE Series loudspeakers provide additional reinforcement at the sides and rear of the venue.

The system is powered by Crown I-Tech HD Series amplifiers, which combine class-leading efficiency with powerful DSP and versatile I/O. A Soundcraft Si Performer digital live sound mixer provides complete control over the system and enables staff to easily adjust sound levels using intuitive controls. BSS BLU-800 signal processors distribute audio throughout the venue via a flexible digital audio network.

To supply additional coverage when the space is split into two separate rooms, Mahajak deployed JBL PRX800 Series portable loudspeakers, which provide exceptional power and clarity. The secondary audio system is controlled using a Soundcraft Si Impact digital mixing console.

For the visual system, Mahajak installed three 300-inch motorized screens with AMX audio and video encoders and decoders. An AMX touch panel provides intuitive control and switching of video sources.

The new system provides highly intelligible audio with balanced, even distribution and easily supports a wide range of events such as graduation ceremonies, exhibitions and training exercises.

"Achieving an effective AV design for a multipurpose venue is always a challenge, but using the versatile solutions offered by HARMAN, Naresuan University has created an exceptional collaborative space for students and visitors alike," said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We would like to thank our partner Mahajak Development for delivering a fitting solution that seamlessly meets the requirements of a diverse set of events."