Spring Studios NYC Illuminates Eclectic Roster of Events and Productions with Martin Lighting Solutions

August 09, 2022

NEW YORK CITY—To provide Spring Studios with versatile, high-output lighting for a myriad of events and productions, IMCD Lighting selected and installed Martin MAC Ultra Performance fixtures, provided by Christie Lites.

With studios in both New York City and London, Spring is a 360 agency that provides a variety of communications services for fashion, lifestyle and luxury brands. The New York studio is a multi-level space with a comprehensive backend for photoshoots, video productions and live events, attracting a diverse range of clients—including the Wall Street Journal, New York Fashion Week and the WNBA among others. When the studio required new light fixtures with modern features and brightness that could compete with the sunlight from the studio’s massive windows, the Martin MAC Ultra Performance was a natural choice.

“At Spring Studios, we do anything from high-end corporate meetings like Goldman Sachs, Microsoft and Google to standard galas, parties, product releases and big weddings,” said Joe Hodge, Designer, IMCD Lighting. “Having western-facing windows, the sun is always a major player in the space; flexibility, intensity, and consistency was always an issue with the stage lighting. Previously, we used Martin MAC Vipers followed by MAC Encores, but we wanted something with greater intensity to compete against the natural light. When I first saw the Ultra, I knew it would work perfectly in my venue.”

With up to 46,500 lumens in projection, a 1:7 zoom-range and an extensive feature package, the MAC Ultra Performance offers the output and dexterity needed to accommodate a wide range of events. Additionally, the fixture’s advanced color mixing capabilities allow for washes, beams and more that easily fit the visual aesthetics of Spring Studios’ diverse client list. These features were enough to convince Hodge to rent 24 MAC Ultra Performances from Christie Lites after visiting the Martin Roadshow in early 2021, making Spring one of the first studios in New York City to utilize the fixtures.

“I had only looked at a demo and never actually used the lights when I pulled the trigger on it,” explained Hodge. “I was pleasantly surprised with how intense and versatile they were. In the past, we would have 12 fixtures at a 45-degree beam layered for a front wash. All of that came out to about 350 footcandles, which was not bad for a stage. But I recently had six Ultras doing the same thing at 45 degree zoom, and I had 750 footcandles. I more than doubled the output with half of the lights, which is huge for balancing your camera with the sun.”

Along with the high output and extensive color range, the MAC Ultra Performance’s innovative Extending Framing System proved especially useful for Hodge and the lighting crew. Highly responsive and easily programmable, the shutters are capable of tilting from one end of the beam to another, allowing for precise framing as well as full-curtain blocking.

“If you're doing something like a 30-30 or 45-45 coming from two sides for the front light, you have to turn a lot of the shutter assemblies on other fixtures,” said Hodge. “With the Ultras, we only had to adjust two shutter assemblies. The single shutters themselves could make the turn and could be at the bottom, like a square stage coming at an angle. We didn't have to really mess with the shutter assembly and rotating; we were able to just place the shutter and not worry about it kicking out. So the shutters have been a huge time saver since they operate so cleanly and consistently.”

Spring Studios have already implemented MAC Ultra Performance fixtures in a number of events and productions, including the WNBA Draft, the WSJ Future of Everything Festival and the CNN Citizen Conference. Hodge praised the fixtures’ consistent performance and adaptability, and noted his continued interest in utilizing Martin solutions for future projects.

“We recently got Sceptrons last fall and tried the Martin P3 System Controller for the first time,” said Hodge. “Brad Schiller and the Martin team are great because they always connect us with the person who actually understands what we need. They are a huge supporter in what we do and we feel a lot more comfortable using these new solutions with their help”.

Nederlands Blazers Ensemble Celebrates This Year’s Nieuwjaarsconcert With Martin Lighting Solutions

Nederlands Blazers Ensemble Celebrates This Year’s Nieuwjaarsconcert With Martin Lighting Solutions

August 05, 2022

AMSTERDAM—To provide the esteemed Nederlands Blazers Ensemble: Nieuwjaarsconcert 2022 with lighting that captivated audiences watching live and on the small screen, lighting design company Light-H-Art utilized Martin MAC Ultra Performance LED fixtures.

The Nederlands Blazers Ensemble Nieuwjaarsconcert––performed on-stage before an audience and broadcasted by NPO 2 on New Year’s Day––is a pivotal event in the Dutch cultural calendar, ringing in the New Year for countless viewers. The 2022 edition marked the concert’s 50th iteration, which paid tribute to legendary singers Nina Simone and Maria Callas. To create immersive and riveting visuals suitable for such a milestone, veteran lighting designer Henk-Jan van Beek and the Light-H-Art team selected the Martin MAC Ultra Performance as the lighting fixture of choice.

“I had already seen and played with the MAC Ultra Performance, and so I knew it was something I wanted to have,” said van Beek. “It’s since become my de-facto workhorse––it’s easy to set up, zooming into an iris effect is fast and elegant. Because it’s so bright, the fixture is amazing at painting walls and making the subtle background illuminations that are vital in a stage performance.”

Designed to suit even the most ambitious productions, the MAC Ultra Performance features Martin’s 1150W, 6000K proprietary LED light engine, which is capable of emitting up to 46,500 lumens in projection over its 50,000+ hour lifespan. Additionally, the fixture’s comprehensive collection of effects, filters and color blends allows for everything from stark white beams and saturated color washes to flickering strobes and captivating prisms. Suited for broadcasts as well as live shows, the MAC Ultra Performance was ideal for creating the grand and stunning visuals fit for Nieuwjaarsconcert.

“We were impressed with how few fixtures we had to use to get the effects we needed,” added van Beek. “I used a night sky gobo and was absolutely stunned. It literally looked like the walls were painted. Everyone who worked on the production was impressed by the brightness, as well as the fast and precise zoom––it was exactly what we needed.”

Thanks to MAC Ultra Performance’s careful engineering and potent specifications, as well as the hard work and expertise of Light-H-Art, the fixture’s Dutch TV debut was a resounding success and will play a role in future broadcasts and stage events. Light-H-Art plans to make the fixture a cornerstone of its lighting repertoire and is excited to deliver stunning visual experiences as the industry rebounds from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The rest of the year looks incredibly busy,” said van Beek. “Life is returning to normal, and summer is finally here. I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

Xu Restaurant Lounge and Cocktail Bar Delivers Unforgettable Live Music Performances with JBL Professional

Xu Restaurant Lounge and Cocktail Bar Delivers Unforgettable Live Music Performances with JBL Professional

August 03, 2022

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam—Phuc Giang recently supplied Xu Restaurant Lounge and Cocktail Bar with a state-of-the-art JBL Professional distributed audio system.

Established in 2005, Xu Restaurant Lounge and Cocktail Bar is an iconic social gathering place located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to its menu of top cocktails and cuisine from Vietnam, Xu offers premium musical entertainment in the form of live bands and guest DJs. During the 2020 lockdowns, Xu took the downtime as an opportunity to upgrade their sound system with the help of Phuc Giang. To provide immersive musical experiences for guests, musicians and DJs alike, Phuc Giang installed a state-of-the-art sound system using JBL EON powered speakers and subwoofers.

Staff reported that Xu Restaurant Lounge and Cocktail Bar needed a seamless and easy-to-use sound system that would deliver clear and balanced audio in all areas of the restaurant, and that they are very pleased with the JBL Professional system installed by Phuc Giang.

To deliver impactful stage audio, Phuc Giang installed JBL EON 612 loudspeakers, which boasts a modern two-way multipurpose self-powered design. To compliment the low end, the team also installed JBL IRX 115S subwoofers on the stage, delivering powerful bass frequencies to viscerally support the musical entertainment. To ensure professional sounding mixes with unmatched user-friendliness, Phuc Giang included a Soundcraft Ui24R wireless tablet-based mixing console, which makes it easier than ever to get from setup to soundcheck to great concert sound.

Staff reported that the stage’s new JBL-powered sound system produces impeccable sound quality that is clear, energetic and vibrant. They added that the new sound system brings out strong performances from DJs and musicians alike, delivering a new level of customer experience unlike any other.

“Being a hotspot in Ho Chi Minh City, Xu Restaurant Lounge and Cocktail Bar required superior audio solutions to offer elevated one-of-a-kind sound experiences,” said G Amar Subash, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “We would like to thank Phuc Giang for their customer-focused approach in understanding the unique requirements of the venue and providing an optimal easy-to-use system that has been expertly designed and successfully executed.”

Eun-pa Church Creates an Inviting Space for Worship With Class-Leading JBL Professional and Crown Audio Solutions

Eun-pa Church Creates an Inviting Space for Worship With Class-Leading JBL Professional and Crown Audio Solutions

August 01, 2022

BUSAN, South Korea—To ensure clear, intelligible sound throughout Eun-pa Church, TechDataPS Co.  outfitted the worship space with advanced JBL Professional loudspeakers and Crown amplifiers.

Established in 1971, Eun-pa Church has been providing worship services for more than 50 years. The church’s current facility was built in 2004 and required renovation after almost 20 years of use, including structural reinforcements to increase safety as well as a new sound reinforcement system for improved sound quality and flexibility.

TechDataPS reported that their client wanted the highest quality-audio system within their budget and was not satisfied after receiving quotes from multiple brands. They added that after visiting TechDataPS' showroom, the church’s pastor personally selected the JBL VTX A8 loudspeakers because he was satisfied with their performance.

For primary sound reinforcement, TechDataPS decided an 8-inch loudspeaker was the ideal choice for the size of the space, deploying a total of 12 JBL VTX A8 line array loudspeakers (six per side). With powerful, wide-spectrum output, a broad 110-degree horizontal coverage pattern and versatile rigging options, the VTX A8 is perfectly suited to the space. While the church had previously used a number of delay speakers to cover the area under its balcony, the VTX A8s provided more than enough coverage on their own, eliminating the need for additional speakers.

To meet the church’s request for powerful bass output, TechDataPS supplemented the main line arrays with two JBL VTX B18 subwoofers per side. Featuring a single 18-inch JBL 2288H Differential Drive woofer, the B18 delivers extended bass response perfectly matched to the A8’s frequency response. Patented JBL Slip Stream flared low-frequency ports improve airflow and reduce audible turbulence, even at maximum excursion.

To power the system, TechDataPS equipped the church with Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD amplifiers. Built around Crown's patented Class-I architecture, the I-Tech 4x3500HD delivers up to 4000 watts per channel with superb efficiency. The amplifier's four inputs accept analog, AES3 or Cobranet signals, and are each individually routable to the four output channels for maximum flexibility. Finally, each channel features OMNIDRIVEHD processing for signal enhancement and speaker protection, including the acclaimed LevelMAX Limiter Suite.

Eun-pa Church described the new audio system as simple, intuitive, easy to operate and reliable. Staff reported being very satisfied with the sound quality, praising its coverage characteristics and simple configuration.

"Worship spaces like Eun-pa Church require superior audio quality and clarity," said Amar Subash, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We would like to thank our partner TechDataPS for understanding the specific needs of the client and designing a high-quality, easy-to-use sound reinforcement system capable of projecting consistently clear audio throughout the worship space."

JBL Professional Solutions Debuts the JBL VTX A6 Line Array Element and B15 Compact, Arrayable Subwoofer

JBL Professional Solutions Debuts the JBL VTX A6 Line Array Element and B15 Compact, Arrayable Subwoofer

July 26, 2022

NORTHRIDGE, Calif.— HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control technologies, today introduced the newest members of JBL’s flagship VTX line array series, the VTX A6 subcompact dual 6.5-inch passive line array element and the B15 compact, arrayable 15-inch subwoofer.

The A6 and B15 bring JBL’s top acoustic technologies to compact form factors for small- to medium-size touring and fixed installations, providing versatile solutions for production companies, touring acts, rental houses, theaters, houses of worship and anyone who requires superior sonic performance in space-critical applications.

“When you choose the JBL VTX A Series, you’re building a complete ecosystem, with common acoustic profiles and rigging systems, consistent voicing and standardized system design and operational tools,” says George Georgallis, Director, Product Management–Performance Audio at HARMAN Professional Solutions. “And, by accessing VTX technologies in a new ultra-compact package, you’re able to maximize your system investment and deliver VTX quality and performance in any scale application.”

The A6 6.5-inch passive two-way line array element is engineered from the ground up for stunning sonic performance and ease of integration and deployment, as a standalone system or as a supplement to larger VTX systems. It houses two custom 6.5-inch woofers and a 3-inch annular-diaphragm compression driver and features acoustic innovations pioneered in JBL’s VTX line, including JBL’s patented Radiation Boundary Integrator™ (RBI) and Differential Drive® dual-voicecoil, dual-magnet woofer. It all adds up to big-system performance in a low-profile loudspeaker, with low-frequency extension to 67 Hz and 134 dB max SPL.

Extend the low-end range of VTX full-range systems with the VTX B15 15-inch subwoofer. The B15 features acoustic advancements such as SlipStream™ double-flared exponential ports and Differential Drive dual-voicecoil design and is based on JBL’s new 2285H 15-inch woofer, which is engineered for linearity, efficiency and excursion that rival 18-inch models. Two B15 versions are available: the arrayable B15 and the B15G, which is designed without rigging hardware for ground-stacked applications.

Both the A6 and B15 are designed for versatile rigging and effortless system integration. The A6 uses the VTX A Series’ patented rigging system for accurate, easy deployment. Set splay angles while components are on the ground; once the system is suspended, a locking mechanism automatically secures cabinets in designated positions. The B15 has the same cabinet width and suspension hardware as the A6, allowing the two products to be used together in flown and ground-stacked configurations; the B15 supports cardioid array configurations.

Streamline system operation and share information with teams in real time using JBL’s suite of software tools, including the LAC-3 design application, the Array Link deployment tool and the Performance Manager configuration and control application. Simple, intuitive user interfaces let users design systems in minutes and manage functions from anywhere.

JBL VTX A Series products are constructed from premium materials that withstand the harsh conditions of touring and outdoor installations. Enclosures are built from exterior-grade birch plywood with black Duraflex finish and feature powder-coated, hex-perforated stainless steel grilles with acoustically transparent cloth backing. Units are IP55-rated and metal parts are made from high-grade steel with anti-corrosion coating.

With the addition of the A6 and the B15, the JBL VTX Series offers a complete ecosystem for delivering unrivaled sound reinforcement at any scale, in any venue, anywhere in the world.

Additional Details
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Meredith Willson’s The Music Man Revives a Broadway Classic with Martin Professional Lighting Solutions

Meredith Willson’s The Music Man Revives a Broadway Classic with Martin Professional Lighting Solutions

July 25, 2022

NEW YORK—To ensure a visually stunning stage lighting design with true-to-life color, The Music Man on Broadway recently worked with PRG and Martin Professional to deploy an array of Martin lighting solutions, including MAC Viper, MAC Encore Performance and the brand new MAC Ultra Performance and Ultra Wash fixtures.

Written by Meredith Willson and originally staged in 1957, The Music Man is a timeless Broadway classic that’s won numerous Tony awards and has been staged by countless theater companies—professional and amateur alike—in the past 75 years. In February 2022, a new production of The Music Man starring Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster opened at the Winter Garden Theatre. In order to ensure immersive visual experiences for theater-goers, director Jerry Zaks worked with renowned scenic and costume designer Santo Loquasto and award-winning lighting designer Brian MacDevitt to strike a balance that simultaneously felt modern while retaining the old-fashioned quality of the original production.

To accomplish the production’s goals, MacDevitt needed state-of-the-art LED lighting fixtures that evoked the natural quality of incandescent lighting while offering contemporary features like automated effects and color changes. At the recommendation of associate lighting designer Nick Solyom and lighting programmer David Arch, MacDevitt selected an array of Martin MAC fixtures—including the new MAC Ultra Performance—for their brightness, color temperature, rich feature set and ease-of-use.

“I’m old school; I grew up on incandescent lighting and I want the actors and sets in my shows to appear natural,” said MacDevitt. “In the past decade, I’ve struggled to find my palette as the entire industry moved to LED fixtures. For a while it was really hard to pull off realistic looking sunlight or interior lighting. When I first discovered the Martin MAC Encore WRM, it felt like I had finally found a new fixture that reminded me of incandescent lighting. And the new MAC Ultra fixtures do an excellent job of sunlight.”

MacDevitt’s lighting team deployed a full array of Martin fixtures to fill various roles in the lighting design. The team utilized Martin MAC Ultra Performance fixtures hung from balcony rails to illuminate Santo Loquasto’s scenery. The MAC Ultra Performance’s unmatched brightness and color temperature helped MacDevitt achieve the natural-looking sunlight he was aiming for, and its ultra-low operating noise enabled them to deploy the fixtures very close to the audience without disturbing their listening experience. MacDevitt also selected MAC Ultra Wash fixtures to backlight the performers. For the performers’ key light, MacDevitt chose MAC Encore WRM fixtures for their authentic incandescent appearance.

“In my experience, these Martin fixtures are the best I can get for natural-looking light,” said MacDevitt. “Between the Ultras and the Encores, I’ve found the incandescent palette that I’ve been missing for years. I’m really proud of this lighting design, and my team for pulling it off. The producers are really happy with how it came out.”  

For area lights, the team deployed MAC Viper Performance fixtures. The ubiquity and long-standing reputation of Martin MAC fixtures helped associate lighting designer Nick Solyom and programmer David Arch achieve the nuances of MacDevitt’s lighting design with confidence and comfortability, even though it was their first time using the new MAC Ultra fixtures.

“The Ultra Performance shines in our front-of-house positions—we use its full field shutter, zoomed wide to follow drops in and out," said Solyom. "The Ultra Wash units are onstage and its zoom range lets us use it as a backlight for a single person, or a full stage wash. I don't think there's another wash fixture doing what the Ultra Wash does. I would recommend the Ultra Performance and Ultra Wash for any new Broadway musical that’s going for big and bright. Other fixtures will either cost a lot in lamp changes, or they simply won’t be bright enough. The Ultra doesn’t have either of those problems.”

“I hadn’t seen the Ultra Performance before The Music Man,” said Arch. “The Ultra gives unmatched brightness out of the gate, and it’s a beautiful light—no doubt about it. The feature set is quite easy to step in and program. I’m fixture-agnostic, but as a programmer, working with Martin fixtures has a consistent and familiar feel across the different models and generations. If I get hired for a show and I see that there’s Encores, Ultras and Vipers, I don’t have to think twice about how to get the effect I want out of each fixture. It’s like riding a bike. And the one time I wasn’t able to figure out how to get a specific fixture to do something I wanted, my Martin rep connected me immediately to the head of research and development to sort out the issue. You can’t beat that kind of customer service.”

Audiences at Coachella’s Gobi Stage Enjoy Dynamic, Impactful Sound From JBL Professional and Crown

Audiences at Coachella’s Gobi Stage Enjoy Dynamic, Impactful Sound From JBL Professional and Crown

July 25, 2022

INDIO, Calif.—For the Gobi Stage at this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, sound equipment provider Rat Sound Systems relied on HARMAN Professional audio solutions to deliver impactful sound and a consistently unforgettable audience experience.

Starting in 1999 with a 25,000-person attendance, Coachella is now one of the most successful and beloved music festivals in the world. This year, the festival occurred over two weekends and brought approximately 250,000 people to the Empire Polo Club in the Coachella Valley. This year marked the festival’s highly-anticipated return after a two-year hiatus with a lineup including Harry Styles, Billie Eilish and Swedish House Mafia with The Weeknd as headliners.

This year, the mid-size Gobi stage hosted a diverse bill of artists including electro-pop singer Rina Sawayama, alt-jazz combo BADBADNOTGOOD and rising queer country star Orville Peck among many others. To best accommodate a variety of genres and give the audience an immersive experience uninhibited by noise from the other festival stages, the Rat Sound team implemented a dynamic rig featuring JBL Professional VTX Series speakers and Crown VRack Series amplifiers.

“There are a lot of artists on the Gobi stage with a lot of dynamic and unique sounds,” said Kyle Pace, Project Manager, Rat Sound. “The main challenge at this stage is the tent structure and sound slapping from the back structures out in the field and sides of the tent. The JBL engineers came in and listened to the requests of what we were trying to accomplish. Using their smaller-degree boxes on top and the wides on bottom definitely helped minimize slapback from the rear structures and sides of the tent. The JBL system did a phenomenal job at projecting a clear and accurate representation of what was going in and out of the console.”

Using the streamlined, best-in-class rigging technology found across VTX Series speakers, the team designed two main speaker clusters each consisting of ten JBL VTX A12 and two A12W line array speakers. Featuring a high-frequency waveguide design and next-generation JBL transducer technology, the VTX A12 is built to provide mid-to-large stages with detailed sound and impactful output. Additionally, the redesigned Radiation Boundary Integrator ensures even coverage and minimal distortion or horn edge diffraction even at higher levels. The VTX A12W includes the same features as the A12 along with a 120-degree dispersion pattern for greater horizontal coverage.

“It’s so exciting to be back at Coachella, especially after the pandemic––it’s especially nice to be mixing on the VTX A12 PA,” said Anna Dahlin, FOH for Rina Sawayama. “It gives me all the clarity I need for a predominantly electronic show like Rina Sawayama, plus a solid sub to underpin the dance element of the music.”

Along with the A12 speakers, the Rat Sound team installed 15 JBL VTX B28 dual 18-inch subwoofers, which are designed to complement the rest of the VTX Series speakers with reinforced, transparent low end. Using innovative JBL Differential Drive woofers, the B28 delivers a powerful bass response as low as 25 Hz, making it a useful speaker for attention-grabbing live shows. Finally, JBL VTX A8 compact line array speakers, with 110-degree dispersion and mid-frequency Radiation Boundary Integrators, served as the front fill speakers and two delay clusters thanks to their efficient coverage and compact design.

“The drivers on the VTX speakers have a lot of clarity, precision and intelligibility,” said Pace. “I was able to make out and hear a lot of sounds that get buried inside of tracks. The consistency of the PA walking side to side and back to front was a breath of fresh air.”

“The VTX solutions deployed on Gobi were both musical and powerful,” noted Bill May, FOH for electronic artist TokiMonsta. “For my client on a festival stage with highly-produced tracks, it is very important to have heaps of headroom and a musical PA right out of the box. I was really impressed with this system and I’m excited to see it out on the road.”

For the backend, Rat Sound selected Crown VRack Series Amplifiers to provide ample power and optimum performance. Both the 4x3500HD and 12000HD amplifiers are all-in-one solutions for touring shows of any size, packing intuitive controls and reliable inputs into a compact and tour-ready enclosure. Lastly, JBL Performance Manager software provided the Gobi front-of-house with comprehensive, easy-to-use controls and a streamlined layout for programming, automation and more.

Across the two weekends, audiences at the Gobi stage enjoyed the rig’s crystal-clear and wide-reaching sound as they watched an eclectic lineup of artists and bands. Overall, the engineers who worked the Gobi stage found the system to be effective and worry-free, making for an enjoyable live music experience for everyone involved.

“Any time I walk into a VTX rig, I know it’s going to be a good day,” added Devin Foley, FOH for indie pop band the Marias. “They’re definitely one of my favorite boxes so far.”

Detroit’s Movement Festival Roars Back to Life With Help From JBL Professional Audio Solutions

Detroit’s Movement Festival Roars Back to Life With Help From JBL Professional Audio Solutions

July 22, 2022

DETROIT—To ensure maximum impact and immersive stereo sound across the many dancefloors at Detroit’s Movement Festival, event producer Paxahau and Thunder Audio selected and deployed highly versatile JBL VTX Series line array sound reinforcement systems.

Held in the city considered to be the birthplace of techno, Movement Festival is an annual three-day electronic music festival that brings thousands of fervent audiences to Detroit every Memorial Day weekend. After being postponed in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2022 marked Movement’s highly anticipated return to form and a chance for the close-knit electronic music community to finally gather in person once again.

“Detroit techno was always a dark room and a huge PA––it didn't matter what kind of lights you had or whatever; if you wanted the visceral experience in regards to clarity and a loud sound system, you came to Detroit in the nineties,” explained Sam Fotias, Director of Operations, Paxahau. “Since we all came up in that paradigm, that's what we bring to the table for the festival. We don't have a decibel cap, and all of our systems are designed five times more than what is needed for the coverage at each stage”

Working within the gear, personnel and budget constraints of a still-recovering live music industry, Movement organizers Paxahau required a live audio system that upheld the festival’s well-known reputation for unrivaled, immersive sound at every performance area. To meet these goals, Thunder Audio designed and deployed dynamic, streamlined rigs featuring JBL VTX A12 loudspeakers and B28 and S28 subwoofers for several of Movement’s stages. 

“We have a reputation that when you come to Detroit to the Movement Festival, that the audio experience is going to be spectacular,” said Mike Fotias, Production Manager, Paxahau. “Thunder Audio, being our partner for almost all of the years that we've been doing the festival, has worked very closely with us in always making sure that not only do we have the latest technology deployed in our sound systems, but also that there is very solid engineering and design that goes into each one of those sound systems”.

“One of their key goals is, as Mike Fotias always says, ‘the stereo,’” added Greg Snyder, Senior VP of Sales and Engineering, Thunder Audio. “The stereo has to be second to none. If you don't remember anything about Movement other than that the audio was amazing, then we did our job. Therefore, the involvement of JBL has become part of our routine.”

Equipped on the Stargate, Red Bull and Pyramid stages, the JBL VTX A12 is a line array speaker designed from the ground up to best serve the needs of festivals and touring productions, from its next-generation speaker components to its innovative and streamlined rigging system. Crucially, the A12’s redesigned Radiation Boundary Integrator (RDI) and advanced HF and LF sections delivered distortion-free audio across a wide area of coverage, which aligns perfectly with Movement's ultimate goal: to equally deliver massive, impactful sound to every person on the dance floor.

“We’ve always loved the crowd power from JBL products, but now the A12 adds so much more dimension,” said Snyder. “The clarity of the speakers are, I think, second to none. There's a different acoustical quality than you might find from other manufacturers; you may call it the JBL sound, but the truth is the clarity on the A12 is pristine in any application that you use in, including in corporate.”

Alongside the A12 at the Stargate, Red Bull and Pyramid stages—as well as the semi-indoor Underground stage—the JBL VTX B28 subwoofers delivered a deep, immersive bass response as low as 25 Hz––a must-have for bass-heavy music genres like techno and electronic. Equipped with Differential Drive woofers and a specially designed double-flared port for reduced turbulence and a clear bass response, the B28 also sports the same quick-rigging system found on the A12 for maximum sound with minimal setup. The Underground stage, a low-ceiling space intended for more aggressive and high-energy artists, most prominently featured the B28 alongside JBL VTX V25 and VT4888 speakers.

“We were able to take the VTX product and model it in our acoustic environments and come up with some designs that ended up being very impactful, not only from the standpoint of max SPL, but also in fidelity and getting the smaller equipment footprints in relation to the space that we had for the dance floor areas,” said Mike Fotias. “One of the things that I like about JBL, especially the VTX Series, is how each product is a complete engineered solution to the application. It's not just speakers, it's a turnkey scenario with amplified controllers and speakers right down to the way that the rigging works. It's not just about a good sounding speaker; it's the sum of an engineered system.”

Throughout each stage, the VTX speakers performed at the level that artists and audiences expect from Movement, providing unmatched sound, wide coverage, and high-but-clear output throughout the weekend. Snyder praised the speakers for their effective coverage and versatility, which proved crucial for the seamless transitions between artists with widely varied setups at each stage.

“We wanted to make sure that we knew where people were going to be and how to control the audio,” said Snyder. “JBL gave us that ability, with their aiming software and onsite support, to be able to confine audio, reach limits, and then to drop off so that each zone had its own coverage versus the audio all meeting in the middle and being chaotic.”

“The one moment that we look forward to every year when we do this festival is when we turn the sound systems on and start sound checking them because it's like, this is it,” said Sam Fotias. “And when you're in the sweet spot at each stage, you are completely enveloped. I got to really hand it to my brother and the team at Thunder for doing an incredible job with the amount of thought and engineering put into all of it.”

Iconic Trees in Kings Park Receive an Architectural Lighting Upgrade From Martin Professional In-ground LED Fixtures

Iconic Trees in Kings Park Receive an Architectural Lighting Upgrade From Martin Professional In-ground LED Fixtures

July 21, 2022

PERTH, Australia—Working with Western Australia’s Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (BGPA), PLAN E Landscape Architects recently enlisted Engineering Technology Consultants (ETC), Light Application and Show Technology to design an architectural lighting display for Kings Park using Martin Professional Exterior LED fixtures.

Kings Park is a 990-acre park in the center of Perth that features sprawling areas of manicured green space, natural bushland, a botanic garden and multiple memorials. One of the park’s most notable features is Fraser Avenue, a picturesque path lined with lemon-scented gum trees planted in 1938 and equipped with in-ground lighting to highlight the trees. When the existing fixtures came to the end of their serviceable life, the BGPA hired PLAN E Landscape Architects to coordinate a replacement capable of producing a wide range of colors and effects while utilizing the existing in-ground cabling infrastructure. To meet these requirements, PLAN E collaborated with ETC, Light Application and Show Technology to design an updated lighting installation featuring Martin Exterior Inground 410 LED fixtures.

“When Matt Bancroft from Light Application approached me for a solution, knowing the precinct very well and the high level of prestige at stake, I knew our offering needed to be of superior quality, so I recommended the Martin Exterior Inground 410,” said Mike Bird, Technical Sales, Show Technology. “Light Application are no newcomers to using Martin architectural products, having installed numerous successful projects throughout Perth with Exterior 500 and 1000 image projectors.”

ETC conducted a nighttime trial at Fraser Avenue and compared similar fixtures from different manufacturers, ultimately settling on the Martin Exterior Inground 410 for lighting the tree canopy. Part of the Exterior Inground 400 Series, the Exterior Inground 410 is an RGBW LED wash light that delivers rich premixed colors with high output and efficiency. Remote control and configuration via DMX and RDM allows for easy setup and unlimited flexibility. The durable, 19-millimeter tempered glass cover is available with an optional anti-skid surface for use in pedestrian areas, and the top ring is available in flush or beveled varieties for different mounting applications.

“To say that the output of the Martin Exterior Inground 410 is impressive would be an understatement,” said Matt Bancroft, Light Application. “It certainly packs a punch for its unobtrusive inground design—exactly what the iconic location along Fraser Avenue in Kings Park required. The CREE RGBW Quad-Color LED chipset in these fixtures allows for a wide range of vibrant colors as well as a crisp 4000K white which accents the trees perfectly. In addition, the asymmetric optics provided optimum coverage for the tree canopies while keeping light spill and glare to a minimum.”

“It’s a privilege for HARMAN Professional Solutions to be associated with a project like Kings Park and extend an apt solution that seamlessly fits the unique requirement of the project,” said G Amar Subash, VP and GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We would like to thank our partner Show Technology for their confidence in the products and working closely with ETC and Light Application to create a diverse and inviting space for visitors, especially within the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

University of Western Australia Propels STEM Education and Collaborative Learning With AMX, JBL Professional

University of Western Australia Propels STEM Education and Collaborative Learning With AMX, JBL Professional

July 21, 2022

PERTH, Australia—The University of Western Australia (UWA) recently partnered with 3D Audio Visual and HARMAN Professional Solutions to outfit its new EZONE UWA Student Hub facility with a full array of state-of-the-art networked audio solutions.

Located on University of Western Australia’s Perth campus, EZONE is a new learning space dedicated to the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). To transform the way these fields are taught, UWA created EZONE to be a world-class education hub that allows students, alumni and industry experts to participate in a variety of conferences, panels, seminars, lectures and question-answer sessions.To provide participants with the best possible experience, UWA required state-of-the-art AV systems to support a wide range of activities and events. In order to ensure world-class sound quality, UWA hired 3D Audio Visual to design and install complete HARMAN networked AV systems using solutions by JBL, AMX, BSS and more.

“We wanted a hi-tech space that incorporated spaces for conferences, theater and collaboration across the EZONE—to connect the engineering rooms that students used for group study and research, and to create this unique space for students and teachers to collaborate and learn,” said Clifton Newton, Audio Visual Manager, University of Western Australia. We are delighted with the HARMAN system provided by 3D Audio Visual. The entire system offers great flexibility for the future, if and when we decide to expand. 3D Audio Visual has created comfortable study areas for the students, which is increasingly important following the COVID-19 pandemic.”

3D Audio Visual installed JBL Control 65P/T/BL pendant speakers to deliver clear and consistent audio coverage throughout the EZONE. The team chose to power all JBL speakers using Crown DCi 8|300N high-performance amplifiers with cutting-edge OMNIDRIVE technology. AMX MD-702 touch panels provide flexible routing and easy volume control across different zones. Additionally, 3D Audio Visual outfitted the EZONE with AMX SVSi encoders and decoders, NX-1200 controllers and BSS BLU-806 signal processors ensure seamless control and uninterrupted delivery of audio and video over any network segment or link. Because the building is made mostly of glass, the team utilized AMX MSA-MMK-07-7 glass mounting kits in combination with Modero G5 wall mount touch panels. To further enhance speech intelligibility and visual communication during conference calls, the team installed AMX Acendo Vibe ACV-5100BL conferencing soundbars.

“The main challenge was connecting the two buildings together with technology,” said Ian Wornes, Technical Manager, 3D Audio Visual. “Linking the new building with the old building was difficult because of differences in the architecture and renovations. To overcome these challenges and ensure consistent sound quality throughout the facility, we integrated JBL Control pendant speakers and AMX networked AV solutions. The entire system provides great flexibility and ensures a seamless audio and video conferencing environment.”

“With its new EZONE, the University of Western Australia wanted to create interactive remote learning spaces,” said G. Amar Subash, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “This goal could only be met by implementing state-of-the-art networked AV systems. We thank 3D Audio Visual for their use of HARMAN solutions to overcome the architectural challenges and ensure customer satisfaction.”

Life Corporation’s Grand Ship Ofuna Ekimae Store Perfects the Shopping Experience With JBL Professional Speakers

Life Corporation’s Grand Ship Ofuna Ekimae Store Perfects the Shopping Experience With JBL Professional Speakers

July 21, 2022

KAMAKURA, Japan—To achieve crystal-clear sound quality throughout the Life Grand Ship Ofuna Ekimae Store, Hibino Corporation outfitted the facility with dynamic JBL Professional Control 24 Micro ceiling speakers.

Life Corporation is one of Japan’s largest retail chains, specializing in groceries and clothing. In 2021, the company opened the Life Grand Ship Ofuna Ekimae Store in front of Ofuna Station, a major transportation hub located on the border between Yokohama and Kamakura. The store’s management wanted to provide a memorable in-store experience for both customers and employees, but the existing sound system became a setback due to its poor sound quality.

Hibino Corporation investigated and found that the current speakers were too sparsely installed for effective sound coverage and also doubled as the emergency broadcast system. The installation team then selected speakers from the JBL Professional Control series for high-quality audio output and consistent coverage throughout the store.

Hibino’s engineers outfitted the store with 72 JBL Control 24CT Micro 2-Way ceiling speakers, which are designed specifically for background audio implementation across any venue. Featuring a 4.5-inch woofer, 0.5-inch polycarbonate tweeter and a 150-degree coverage pattern, the 24CT Micro loudspeakers emit smooth and pleasant background music across a wide space while blending in seamlessly with the store’s decor. Thanks to their smooth frequency response and low distortion, the speakers also deliver clear and intelligible sound for in-store announcements.

Life Corporation praised the JBL speakers’ simplicity and flexibility as a powerful music and announcement broadcast system, which they hope will further enrich the in-store shopping experience. They also extended gratitude to Hibino for an efficient installation process.

“For projects like Life Grand Ship Ofuna Ekimae Store, creating the right atmosphere and elevating the audio experiences of visitors can be game-changing,” said Amar Subash, Director, Channel Management and Audio Solutions, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We would like to thank our partner Hibino Corporation for being involved in every step of creating this immersive and welcoming store experience to keep customers coming back.”