AMX by HARMAN Debuts Powerful, Affordable Family of 4K60 4:4:4 Matrix Switching, Window Processing, and HDMI-TO-USB Capture Products

July 28, 2021

NORTHRIDGE, Calif.—HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control systems, today introduced six new products that transform today’s meeting and lecture spaces utilizing software-based conferencing platforms like Zoom and Teams as well as meet many capture, switching or window processing needs.

The debut includes four new Precis PR-Series matrix switchers supporting up to eight sources and eight outputs, the new Precis PR-WP-412 windowing processor to dynamically window up to four sources, and the new UVC1-4K HDMI to USB 3.0 capture device. Whether used individually or together, these products ensure incredibly impactful collaboration at a powerfully competitive price point.

Ideal for affordable yet beautiful video routing in small to medium installations, the new Precis PR-Series Matrix Switchers are available in four configurations - 4x2, 6x2, 4x4 and 8x8. All models include best-in-class capabilities like pixel-for-pixel video reproduction, fast switching, comprehensive EDID management, HDMI audio de-embedding, an open control API, and a simple-to-use web interface. The PR-0402 also supports auto-switching to provide touch-free video switching in small applications.

The new AMX PR-WP-412 is both versatile and cost effective by combining a 4x1+1 windowing and a 4x2 seamless matrix switcher in a single, compact unit. Collaboration in meetings and distance learning can be enhanced and amplified with included technologies like truly seamless switching, class-leading 4K60 4:4:4 video quality, integrated audio breakaway, an open control API, and a simple-to-use web interface.

The new UVC1-4K capture device solves the immediate issue of PCs that lack HDMI or other video inputs. The UVC1-4K seamlessly delivers content from video cameras, document cameras or other HDMI sources into software-based conferencing and streaming applications via the computer’s USB port. Features include 4K60 4:4:4 video input, HDMI and separate analog audio input, standard UVC interface and control, and USB 3.0 output up to 3840x2160p@30fps.

“The proliferation of software-based conferencing has created a momentous shift in the AV designs of traditional meeting and lecture spaces,” said Jeff Burch, HARMAN Professional Director of Video and Control. ”This suite of new products ensures users are equipped to take advantage of the enhanced capabilities of the modern collaboration space as well as simplifying AV management for just about any application. And no matter which of these new products best serves your need, they all provide legendary AMX reliability, security, and ease-of-use.”

Additional Details - We invite you to explore the details and specifications of all the new products:

Joodasan Church Elevates the Worship Experience With a World-Class HARMAN Professional Solutions Sound System

Joodasan Church Elevates the Worship Experience With a World-Class HARMAN Professional Solutions Sound System

July 14, 2021

HWASEONG-SI, Republic of Korea—TechDataPS Co., Ltd. and Yeong Sound recently collaborated to equip Joodasan Church’s newest location with a high-quality, easy-to-operate live sound system featuring JBL Professional, Crown and Soundcraft audio solutions.

Built in 2014, the chapel at Hwaseong-si in Gyeonggi-do province is the third facility constructed by Joodasan Church. With around 2,200 seats, including two-story balcony sections, the 1,500-square-meter worship space regularly hosts a wide variety of spiritual events, in addition to musical performances and youth Sunday school. In order to accommodate the large space and growing community, the church needed a high-quality and easy-to-use sound reinforcement system capable of projecting consistently clear audio throughout the worship space. To meet these goals, TechDataPS partnered with Yeong Sound to design and install a complete HARMAN Professional audio system featuring JBL loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers and a Soundcraft mixer.

Representatives from Joodasan Church stated that their ultimate goal was to elevate and modernize their existing sound setup. Since the Church hosts a wide array of religious events, worship services and performances, they needed a flexible system that could  deliver superior audio quality and clarity for a range of applications.

TechDataPS reported that after considering their client’s request, JBL VTX A8 loudspeakers were the natural choice. The company then partnered with Yeong Sound to install the new speakers in a way that complimented the church’s architecture. With the help of top construction and systems engineers, the team identified the exact quantity and angles of speakers needed to maximize the sound system’s efficiency and ensure an error-free installation. 

The JBL VTX A8 combines two 8-inch woofers, four 3.5-inch midrange drivers and two 2-inch high-frequency drivers in a single low-profile cabinet, providing clear, high-output sound in a compact and easy-to-install format. To complete the system, TechDataPS selected JBL VTX B18 series subwoofers for extra low-frequency impact and lightweight VRX932LA-1 line array speakers for extra coverage. JBL VTX M20 and VRX 915M stage monitors provide clear sound on stage for performers and speakers.

To power the system, TechDataPS provided Joodasan Church with Crown I-Tech 4X3500HD and Crown CDi 2|1200 amplifiers, which provide crystal-clear signal with ample headroom to the loudspeaker arrays. Finally, TechDataPS equipped the church with a Soundcraft Vi7000 digital mixing console. With 128 inputs, powerful onboard DSP and a hands-on Vistonics touch interface with color-coded FaderGlow technology, the Vi7000 fulfills all of Joodasan’s needs and is easy for staff to operate.

“The project at Joodasan Church required close collaboration in the fields of sound, construction and systems engineering,” said Amar Subash, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “We'd like to thank our partner TechDataPS for executing a solution with precision, and for setting up the first VTX A8 installation in a church in the Republic of Korea.”

Auckland’s Stardome Enhances Immersion With HARMAN Professional Solutions Surround Sound System

Auckland’s Stardome Enhances Immersion With HARMAN Professional Solutions Surround Sound System

July 05, 2021

AUCKLAND, New Zealand—The Stardome Observatory and Planetarium recently upgraded its cinema and live performance venue with a complete HARMAN Professional networked surround sound system comprised of JBL Professional, Crown, BSS and Soundcraft solutions.

The Stardome’s observatory opened to the public in 1967, while the planetarium—the largest in New Zealand—launched in 1997. The venue features a panoramic theater with a full-dome concave screen, laser projectors and IMAX angled seating for an immersive 360-degree viewing experience. Doubling as both a cinema and live performance venue, the Stardome needed a versatile sound system to support a wide range of events. Additionally, since a range of staff members and volunteers operate the facility, ease of use was a top priority.

To deliver a premium surround sound experience, Stardome organizers hired AV Integration company Avid Automation and HARMAN distributor JPRO to equip the planetarium with state-of-the-art JBL loudspeaker systems, network-connected Crown amplifiers, BSS signal processors and a Soundcraft digital mixing console.

“The primary use of the system is to provide an immersive 5.1 cinema experience, but the theatre also doubles as a live performance venue for small bands and events—everything from strings to electronica,” said Darian Sundar, Director, Avid Automation. “So, in addition to offering an accurate cinematic experience, the system needed to be capable of handling larger SPL to accommodate live performances.”

Avid Automation and JPRO selected a range of JBL AE Series loudspeakers for the theater’s surround sound system. JBL AM7215/95 high-power two-way loudspeakers provide high-fidelity sound for left and right channels, while a single AM7215/26 loudspeaker with a 120- by 60-degree rotatable waveguide provides generous coverage for the critical center channel. JPRO and Avid Automation selected JBL AC18/95 compact two-way loudspeakers for the surround channels, as their enclosure design allowed for installation close to the ceiling. The result is a smooth, natural immersive audio experience throughout the listening area. Additionally, three JBL VTX B18 18-inch subwoofers provide a solid bass foundation for a ground-shaking experience.

“JBL have an extensive range of purpose-built products that are manufactured in-house,” said Paul Edlin, Sales Director, JPRO. “The AE Series speakers are specifically manufactured for theatrical sound design and performing arts facilities, so we knew that they would suit the scope of this project perfectly.”

“The cardioid sub-array configuration is simply magic and is an integral part of the system design,” Darian added. “It allows the performance volume of the bass to be focused in the room without spilling into the foyer and office areas.”

Two Crown DriveCore CDi 4|1200BL power amplifiers power the system, with pre-loaded JBL speaker tunings that allow the amplifiers and speakers to work in harmony for the best possible sound. The amplifiers interface with a BSS BLU-806 signal processor via the Dante networked audio protocol, providing flexible signal routing and control, including the ability to interface with the venue’s fire evacuation system.

To provide operators with hands-on control over the sound in the theater, Avid Automation and JPRO provided the venue with a Soundcraft Si Performer digital mixer. A Dante interface card allows the mixer to send output signals to the BSS and Crown backend, while a Soundcraft Mini Stagebox 16 provides additional inputs onstage for larger performances. Avid Automation collaborated with Stardome organizers to design a custom user interface to make the system easy and intuitive for staff and volunteers to use.

“A system of this nature is a significant investment,” concluded Darian. “The venue is open to the public with performances six days a week, requiring the system to work day-in and day-out. Localized support, reliability and versatility were key in our decision-making.”

SAGA: Cuisines of India Delivers Memorable Dining and Entertainment With HARMAN Professional Solutions

SAGA: Cuisines of India Delivers Memorable Dining and Entertainment With HARMAN Professional Solutions

July 02, 2021

GURUGRAM, India—Crescendo AV recently equipped SAGA: Cuisines of India with state-of-the-art HARMAN Professional audio and lighting solutions to provide a memorable experience for dining and entertainment at the ambitious new restaurant and bar.

Created by restaurateur Vishal Anand, SAGA: Cuisines of India is a spacious, elegant dining destination with a food and beverage menu curated by twice-Michelin-starred chef Atul Kochhar. The 200-capacity venue features a 51-foot ceiling, one of the world’s tallest bar displays and a stage for live performances that can accommodate anything from a DJ to a six-piece band. To provide high-quality sound and dynamic lighting in the unique space, Crescendo AV outfitted SAGA with JBL Professional loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers, BSS signal processors, AKG microphones and Martin Professional lighting fixtures.

“SAGA was a really unique install in every sense,” said Vineet Wadhwani, Managing Partner, Crescendo AV. “It was definitely exciting to be a part of the journey from concept to installation. The 51-foot ceiling height and being located in the midst of corporate offices, an upcoming hospital and a residential complex all posed challenges in terms of the acoustics and overall audio set-up, but we were able to achieve the desired result using a combination of appropriate soundproofing, acoustic treatment and setting the right dispersion angles for the speakers.”

Crescendo AV outfitted SAGA with a variety of JBL Professional loudspeakers for premium sound throughout the venue. JBL VTX A8 loudspeakers and B18 subwoofers provide main sound reinforcement for the stage, delivering high-output, full-range sound with comprehensive coverage in a compact and lightweight package. JBL AC18/95 compact loudspeakers and ASB6118 high-powered subwoofers provide additional sound reinforcement, while PRX812 floor monitors with Wi-Fi allow the performers onstage to hear themselves clearly. In outdoor areas, JBL Control 29AV-1 indoor/outdoor monitors and Control 85M mushroom landscape speakers deliver crystal-clear audio with enhanced durability and weather-resistant construction.

To power the system and provide flexible signal routing and control capabilities, Crescendo AV equipped SAGA with Crown and BSS networked audio solutions. Crown I-Tech 4X3500HDS, XTi 6002 and XTi 2002 amplifiers deliver crystal-clear sound and feature HiQnet System Architect software for remote network control of levels, signal processing and more. BSS BLU-100 signal processors provide high-bandwidth digital audio networking, while EC-8BV Ethernet controllers provide simple, intuitive control for staff. Additionally, Crescendo AV provided SAGA with WMS40 wireless vocal microphone sets and AKG D5S dynamic microphones to capture high-quality sound on stage.

To provide versatile illumination for intimate dining, live performances and high-energy DJ nights, Crescendo AV equipped SAGA with a range of Martin lighting solutions. Martin RUSH MH 5 Profile and MH 11 Beam moving-head fixtures provide bright, crisp spot lighting and unique gobo effects. Martin RUSH PAR 2 RGBW Zoom fixtures deliver rich, colorful wash lighting and RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom fixtures provide general-purpose white illumination from 2700 to 7800 degrees Kelvin. Martin DMX 5.3 splitters provide reliable data connectivity over long cable runs, seamlessly connecting the lighting rig. For dramatic haze effects, Crescendo AV provided SAGA with a Martin JEM compact hazer and JEM C-Plus haze fluid.

“Crescendo AV has done outstanding work in executing the complete installation,” said Vishal Anand, Founder, Moonshine Food Ventures. “They have done an exceptional job commissioning audio and lighting for SAGA and allowed me to present an unforgettable experience to my guests. I must make a notable mention of the HARMAN Application Engineering team and their contribution as well. This install is a result of their hard work and dedication.”

“Venues like SAGA: Cuisines of India require audio and lighting solutions that can deliver a unique nightlife experience for their visitors,” said Aditya Todi, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing, HARMAN Professional Solutions, India and SAARC. “SAGA is the first permanent install in India to have the JBL Professional VTX A8 and VTX B18 line array loudspeakers and we would like to thank Crescendo AV for designing and delivering robust audio and lighting solutions that are sure to elevate visitor experience at the venue.”

Jeonju National University of Education Delivers Premium Sound Quality with HARMAN Professional Solutions

Jeonju National University of Education Delivers Premium Sound Quality with HARMAN Professional Solutions

June 25, 2021

JEONJU, South Korea—HARMAN Professional Solutions recently collaborated with TechDataPS to equip Jeonju National University of Education’s multipurpose concert hall with a cutting-edge live sound reinforcement system.

Jeonju National University of Education’s Hwanghak Hall is a 28-year-old building that was recently remodeled. In addition to seminar rooms, waiting areas and dressing rooms, the 9,800-square foot facility features a 470-seat multipurpose auditorium. In order to ensure premium sound quality in the auditorium, the university needed a modern sound system. Jeonju National University of Education hired TechDataPS to outfit the performance space with state-of-the-art audio solutions by HARMAN Professional Solutions, including JBL Professional loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers, Soundcraft mixers.

TechDataPS reported that Jeonju National University required a simple-yet-dynamic audio system to produce impactful events in their concert hall for students and guests. They went on to say that their team focused on precise speaker positioning and tuning to deliver pristine audio in the auditorium. JBL speakers proved ideal for the project, thanks to their clear voice transmission and excellent resolution.

Since Hwanghak Hall is also used as a lecture room for students, TechDataPS installed JBL VerTec VT4886 line array speakers as the main system to ensure clear speech intelligibility to every seat in the house. The team powered the loudspeakers with Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD, XTi 1002, XLi1500 and XLi800 amplifiers. To enable professional-sounding mixes for a wide range of events, TechDataPS included Soundcraft Si Expression 3 audio mixers.

University staff reported that the HARMAN system installed by TechDataPS delivers balanced sound coverage and natural sound quality during lectures and performances in the auditorium. They went on to say that JBL VT4886 speakers provide several benefits, including a uniform dispersion pattern that helps to minimize echo in the room, and a frequency response that is appropriate for the space.

“It is a privilege for HARMAN to support interactive learning styles and provide sophisticated audio systems for a wide range of events at Jeonju National University of Education,” said Amar Subash, VP & GM, APAC, HARMAN Professional Solutions, “HARMAN thanks TechDataPS for providing dedicated customer service throughout the project, and transforming the university concert hall into a lively space for both students and guests.”

Texas A&M University Equips Innovative New Learning Spaces With HARMAN Professional Solutions Networked AV

Texas A&M University Equips Innovative New Learning Spaces With HARMAN Professional Solutions Networked AV

June 23, 2021

COLLEGE STATION, Texas—Avinext and Shalleck Collaborative recently equipped 10 learning spaces in Texas A&M University’s new Innovative Learning Classroom Building with HARMAN networked AV systems featuring AMX, JBL and Soundcraft solutions.

Serving more than 71,000 students,Texas A&M University is one of the largest college campuses in the country. In response to increasing enrollment and population growth in the state, Texas A&M University recently launched a large-scale campus expansion project, which included a new state-of-the-art Innovative Learning Classroom Building (ILCB). The new facility houses 10 unique learning spaces suited for different applications, with capacities ranging from 72 to 605 students. The spaces include small, medium and large in-the-round arena-style lecture halls, a fan-shaped lecture hall, an egg-shaped classroom, three tiered learning spaces and two smaller learning studios.

To facilitate student engagement and cross-discipline collaboration while maximizing technological flexibility and simplifying operation for instructors, the ILCB required a sophisticated, facility-wide networked AV system. To meet these needs, Avinext and Shalleck Collaborative outfitted the new learning spaces with AMX encoders, decoders, controllers and touch panels for seamless control, as well as JBL Control Series loudspeakers and a Soundcraft Vi3000 console for high-quality sound reinforcement. Additionally, Datacom provided infrastructure design and cabling for the AV, IT and security systems.

“We engaged with faculty from various disciplines to design a building that allowed us to maximize the pedagogical approaches needed for different types of classes,” said Dr. Juan Garza, Associate Vice President of IT-Academic Services, Texas A&M University. “Teaching can occur in the interchange of ideas and the dialogue between students, not just what the instructor is saying. The technology that we've put in the new facilities was specifically designed to allow and augment that, not to overshadow it.”

To ensure maximum media connectivity throughout the ILCB, Avinext and Shalleck selected AMX SVSI N2400 Series encoders and decoders, which allow users to send high-quality audio and 4k video from any type of source to any destination in the building. AMX NetLinx NX integrated controllers provide comprehensive control over the facility-wide system with low-latency Ethernet switching, exceptional security features and nearly unlimited scalability. AMX Hydraport HPX table modules installed in shared tables allow students to send media from their devices to be displayed on projectors and piped through the speakers in the room.

“AMX encoders and decoders provide us the flexibility to expand one classroom into nine others with the simple press of a button in the building video matrix,” said Carlos Lucio, Assistant Director, Instructional Media Services, Texas A&M University. “The computer in our largest arena can easily be pushed to all other classrooms. The encoder and decoder sets also include the AES67 audio feature set which allows us to stream audio in the same manner to one classroom or all. AMX controllers give us ultimate granular control to and from devices, allowing our programmers to create simple yet robust control concepts for each classroom.”

To simplify end-user operation for instructors and speakers, Avinext and Shalleck outfitted all 10 learning spaces with AMX Modero G5 touch panels. Texas A&M staff designed a custom graphical user interface (GUI) to enable easy and flexible control of audio, video and lighting. Standardizing on Modero touch panels allowed Texas A&M University to expand classroom functionality while streamlining the end-user experience.

“We know the products and we know we can make it work,” said Regina Greenwood, Director of Instructional Media Services, Texas A&M University. “The AMX user interface has helped us know how far we can push the envelope; how far we can expand.”

To provide consistent, balanced audio coverage in a variety of spaces, Avinext and Shalleck installed a range of JBL Control Series speakers throughout the ILCB. JBL Control 29AV-1 wall-mounted loudspeakers positioned at the front of the rooms provide broad, 110-degree coverage for media sources, while Control 67 HC/T pendant speakers and Control Series 47HC high-ceiling speakers provide focused overhead coverage with excellent speech intelligibility. In combination, the JBL loudspeakers overcome the acoustical challenges of large spaces to enhance the learning experience with premium sound.

“We used JBL loudspeakers throughout,” said Ian Hunter, Principal and AV Consultant, Shalleck Collaborative. “JBL’s wide range of form factors and coverage patterns gave us flexibility in placement, and the speakers’ Radiation Boundary Integrator technology delivers a very even soundfield. As always, we enjoyed great design assistance from the HARMAN team, including design review, advice, specialty configurations and a fast turn around.”

To provide highly flexible audio routing throughout the entire ILCB complex, Avinext and Shalleck installed a Soundcraft Vi3000 console in the facility’s broadcast studio. With 96 inputs, 24 stereo busses and expandable I/O options, the Vi3000 is capable of receiving audio from any source on the network, mixing and processing with powerful onboard DSP, and distributing multiple outputs to any endpoint in the facility. This enables the university to facilitate a variety of use cases, such as broadcasting a lecture to the entire campus and allowing students in separate spaces to participate in real-time discussion.

The ILCB is only the beginning of Texas A&M University’s expansion plans, which involve adding 10 buildings throughout the decade in a program called “10 in 10.”  University leadership has already begun planning the ILCB’s sister building, which will feature more active learning spaces, biology and chemistry labs, and a makerspace.

“The ILCB is a state-of-the-art building with a focus on collaborative spaces for students, faculty and staff,” said Brandy Cobbs, Facilities Coordinator III, Innovative Learning Classroom Building. “This building will create a lasting impression on prospective students from all over the world. Texas A&M is known for its tradition, but the ILCB represents an evolution that will allow us to keep up with the ever-changing world around us.”

Saigon South Marina Club Delivers World-Class Guest Experiences With HARMAN Professional Solutions

Saigon South Marina Club Delivers World-Class Guest Experiences With HARMAN Professional Solutions

June 22, 2021

SAIGON, Vietnam—To achieve exceptional audio quality for a wide range of events, BaSao Invest recently partnered with HARMAN Professional Solutions to outfit Saigon South Marina Club with JBL Professional line array loudspeakers and portable PA systems.

A popular getaway destination, Saigon South Marina Club provides a range of activities and services for visitors, including catering, entertainment, private events, a playground and river rides. To ensure top-notch sound quality in all areas of the facility, Saigon South Marina Club required a state-of-the-art sound reinforcement system. Saigon South Marina Club hired Pro Sound Center Viet Nam to install a HARMAN event audio solution consisting of JBL BRX300 and EON Series loudspeakers supplied by BaSao Invest.

BaSao Invest reported that the client required a versatile audio system for both small and large events. To maintain a standard of excellence for the client’s events, the team trusted HARMAN audio solutions to deliver superior sound quality and reliable operation.

For the facility’s main sound system, BaSao selected JBL BRX308-LA line array loudspeakers and BRX325-SP subwoofers. The JBL BRX300 modular line array system delivers wide coverage and class-leading output levels while reproducing every detail with superior depth and clarity. For smaller events, the team included JBL EON612 self-powered PA speakers for maximum flexibility, portability and ease of use. Saigon South Marina Club reported that the JBL sound systems enable them to create a much greater impact during events and connect better with their audiences.

“Saigon South Marina Club is a unique and carefully planned space that required well-constructed audio systems to provide exceptional guest experiences,” said G. Amar Subash, VP & GM, APAC, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “We thank our partner BaSao Invest for creating a robust design that met the client’s specifications right to the last detail.”

YeonCheon Sureul Art Hall Enhances Live Performances With New HARMAN Professional Solutions Audio System

YeonCheon Sureul Art Hall Enhances Live Performances With New HARMAN Professional Solutions Audio System

June 16, 2021

GYEONGGI-DO, S. Korea—To heighten the sound quality of live performances and elevate the audience experience, TechDataPS Co., Ltd. collaborated with ALL THAT SOUND to equip YeonCheon Sureul Art Hall with a state-of-the-art HARMAN Professional audio solution.

Located in Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Yeoncheon Sureul Art Hall is a cultural facility that offers a variety of performances, including small plays, musicals and solo concerts. The venue houses both a 580-seat grand concert hall and a smaller 166-capacity concert hall. Organizers wanted an audio system that evenly transmitted sound, achieved a sound pressure deviation of +/- 3 dB for over 90% of the audience and provided impactful performances for shows of all genres. However, the venue’s unique infrastructure presented several challenges, including panel configuration, electrical disconnection, I/O accessibility and access to monitoring networks. To overcome these challenges and provide top-notch sound throughout the venue, TechDataPS collaborated with integration experts ALL THAT SOUND to equip the facility with JBL Professional, Crown and Soundcraft audio solutions.

To supplement the venue’s existing JBL VT4887A line array loudspeakers, the installation team equipped the venue with a range of JBL solutions including VTX V20 and VTX S25 line array speakers, VTX M20 stage monitors, AC18 two-way speakers, 308P MkII studio monitors, Control 28-1 indoor/outdoor speakers and Control 24CT ceiling speakers. This solution provides total coverage with clear, smooth sound throughout the facility and a sound pressure deviation of just +/- 2.5 dB across all seats.

For amplification, Crown I-Tech 4X3500HD, Crown DCi 2|300N and Crown DCi 4|300N power amplifiers provide consistent power output and user-friendly interfaces. Finally, the Soundcraft Vi series digital live sound console ensures comprehensive, crystal-clear coverage throughout the venue thanks to their extensive I/O and powerful DSP.

Organizers at the YeonCheon Sureul Art Hall reported that TechDataPS both faithfully repaired the venue’s existing system and accommodated the unique infrastructure while installing new products. They are especially delighted with the Soundcraft Vi console, which will be of great use to directors and production staff.

“A venue like YeonCheon Sureul Art Hall requires cleverly designed audio solutions to make an impact on the audience,” said Amar Subash, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “We would like to thank our long-time partner TechDataPS for taking innovative approaches to integrate the entire audio solution and successfully completing the project.”

Pororo & Tayo Theme Park Jeju Provides Unique “Edutainment” Experience With HARMAN Professional Solutions

Pororo & Tayo Theme Park Jeju Provides Unique “Edutainment” Experience With HARMAN Professional Solutions

June 15, 2021

JEJU-DO, South Korea—To enhance the visitor experience at Pororo & Tayo Theme Park Jeju, TechDataPS Co., Ltd. recently upgraded the iconic park’s aging sound systems with state-of-the-art HARMAN Professional audio solutions.

Based on the popular characters Pororo the Little Penguin and Tayo the Little Bus, Pororo & Tayo Theme Park Jeju features numerous “edutainment” attractions that encourage children to learn while having fun. However, the park’s aging sound system was becoming a detriment to the experience, causing auditory fatigue for park employees and visitors due to an abundance of echo and harsh frequencies.

To provide a better experience for guests, Pororo & Tayo Theme Park Jeju’s audio systed required a complete overhaul. After being impressed by the performance of JBL Control 60 loudspeakers at the BSS HARMAN Zone in Yongin, park organizers hired TechDataPS to equip the facility and grounds with a complete HARMAN Professional audio system featuring JBL Professional, Crown, BSS, AKG and Soundcraft solutions.

TechDataPS reported that the customer was concerned about the echo because of the high ceilings and wide-open spaces. They added that the previous sound system was installed for emergency disaster guidance without considering the echo effect.

To deliver high-quality sound with minimal echo in the indoor areas, TechDataPS selected JBL Control 67 P/T pendant speakers. With 120-degree conical coverage, the Control 67 P/T projects just enough sound to completely cover the intended area without reverberating throughout the space. To provide clean, smooth sound with consistent coverage at the outdoor stages, TechDataPS selected JBL VRX 900 Series line array loudspeakers. Since the main stage is close to the park’s parade ground, TechDataPS positioned the speakers to isolate sound within the theater area, emphasizing performances on stage without projecting into neighboring spaces.  

TechDataPS selected Crown Amplifiers to power the loudspeakers, providing plenty of volume and headroom as well as onboard signal processing for sound enhancement and speaker protection. Soundcraft Ui24R mixing consoles enable the park staff to mix remotely using an iPad or other mobile device and BSS signal processors form the system’s backend, connecting everything via a flexible, high-bandwidth digital audio network. Additionally, TechDataPS provided AKG microphones for capturing clean, intelligible sound onstage.

“Pororo & Tayo Theme Park Jeju is a major landmark tourist attraction, so it is critical that they have state-of-the-art professional audio systems,” said Amar Subash, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “We would like to thank our partner TechDataPS for delivering the iconic JBL sound through a rugged and fully weather-resistant design, inspiring visitors to be fully part of the theme park experience.”

AMX by HARMAN Announces New 4K60 4:4:4 Fiber Boards and Endpoints for Enova DGX 100 Series Enclosures

AMX by HARMAN Announces New 4K60 4:4:4 Fiber Boards and Endpoints for Enova DGX 100 Series Enclosures

June 09, 2021

NORTHRIDGE, Calif.—HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control systems, today announced an addition to the world’s most secure 4K60 4:4:4 distance transport switching solution with the release of four new AMX by HARMAN DXLink 4K60 Fiber input/output (I/O) boards, transmitters and receivers.

The new fiber modules offer the ultimate in security and support for extended distances and are fully compatible with AMX Enova DGX 100 Series enclosures. This offers a simple upgrade of existing systems to the most secure, highest-quality technology without investing in an entirely new system architecture. These new modules accompany the twisted pair boards, endpoints and Enova DGX enclosures released previously.

Government entities, universities, casinos and other security-focused installations will benefit greatly by using the new DGX 4K60 fiber products. Previously, high-security operations had to settle for either reduced resolutions over a single fiber connection or full resolution over multiple fiber runs. The new DGX 4K60 products offer 4K 4:4:4 video at 60 fps over a single fiber-optic cable, providing uncompromised image quality in critical applications like government operations centers and hospitals where every pixel matters.

The new 4K60 fiber models extend the AMX DGX commitment to providing a simplified setup and configuration process. When installed, these products will be auto-configured, and settings can be easily applied using the Enova DGX web-based configuration tool. Additionally, while reliability and redundancy are key pillars of the Enova DGX ecosystem, field maintenance is also simple with hot-swappable cards that ensure zero downtime to the rest of the installation.

“We are really excited to be launching the fiber phase of this 4K60 rollout because while being able to deliver the highest quality 4K60 video was a paramount consideration, we know how important it was to offer the capability to distribute that same content with absolute security over longer distances, depending on the user’s unique need or application,” said Jeff Burch, Director, Video Product Management, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “For some customers, fiber is the only option and we sincerely appreciate their commitment to the Enova DGX platform and their support of these new 4K60 fiber boards and endpoints.”

Additional Details
We invite you to learn more about the new AMX 4K60 4:4:4 fiber models below as well as the previously released twisted pair modules.


Twisted Pair

The Voice of Poland Hits a High Note on Prime Time With Martin Professional MAC Aura PXL Fixtures

The Voice of Poland Hits a High Note on Prime Time With Martin Professional MAC Aura PXL Fixtures

June 07, 2021

WARSAW, Poland—HARMAN Professional Solutions recently collaborated with Stage Source and ATM System to deliver a dynamic lighting design for Polish reality television series The Voice of Poland with brand-new Martin MAC Aura PXL fixtures.

Part of the internationally syndicated television franchise The Voice, The Voice of Poland is a televised reality competition that gives singers the opportunity to showcase their vocal talents in front of celebrity judges and coaches on live television. First aired in 2011, the series recently filmed its 11th season, which was hosted by actor Maciej Musiał and filmed in Warsaw.

In order to ensure premium production quality for the nationally televised series, the show’s producers hired ATM System to supply an exciting lighting design that would deliver dynamic lighting both on stage and on camera. ATM System collaborated with distributor Stage Source to provide a robust lighting solution highlighted by the global television premiere of cutting-edge Martin MAC Aura PXL multi-source wash fixtures.

“We previously utilized Martin VC Dot fixtures for The Voice Of Poland, and that instantly created more demand from the producers for Martin fixtures with unique Eye-candy Aura Effects,” said Radosław Zacheja, CEO, StageSource. “We implemented the MAC Aura PXL fixtures because not only do they have powerful beams and washes that look beautiful on camera, these new fixtures are also great for pixel mapping and effects. The kinds of effects you can achieve with them are really interesting and look different from other wash luminaires. This show was a good opportunity to showcase what you can do with the pixel programming, like displaying the performers’ names or having numbers that count them in to start singing.”

The Martin MAC Aura PXL is the latest addition to Martin’s innovative Aura family of wash lights with multi-lens and backlight technology. MAC Aura PXL fixtures deliver tight, narrow beams and wide, high-intensity wash fields in a lightweight, compact fixture perfectly suited for television shows and corporate events as well as nightclub and touring applications. The first wash fixture to feature individual pixel control for main beam pixels and backlighting, the MAC Aura PXL is fully compatible with an array of control methods, including DMX, Art-Net, sACN and Martin’s P3 creative video protocol.

“The show’s lighting designer was very satisfied with the unique looks they were able to achieve with the MAC Aura PXL fixtures,” continued Zacheja. “Because we have access to each individual pixel, we’re able to program a wide range of shapes and video effects and integrate them with LED screens and other background elements. You can’t really do that with other fixtures. This opens up so many possibilities, and I don’t think many people are utilizing these fixtures to their full ability yet. We’re working closely with Martin to educate the lighting industry on ways to realize this potential through their P3 software. That’s the great thing about working with Martin products in general—the immediate technical support and access to a wealth of training materials makes it easy to demonstrate advanced applications to clients and lighting professionals. Even now, with the current dangers and restrictions due to COVID, we’ve been able to rely on HARMAN’s constant collaboration and communication, maybe more than ever.”