REO Speedwagon, Styx and Loverboy Bring Contemporary Mixes to Nostalgic Arena Rock with Sound Image and JBL Professional

November 18, 2022

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.—To provide modern and impactful live sound for rock veterans REO Speedwagon, Styx and Loverboy on their Live and Unzoomed Tour, San Diego-based and longtime JBL partner Sound Image enlisted a selection of JBL Professional and Crown audio solutions.

After dominating the 1970s and 1980s as two of rock’s premier hitmakers and live acts, Styx and REO Speedwagon joined forces along with hard rockers Loverboy for a massive summer co-headlining tour on the Live and Unzoomed Tour, a celebration of high-octane arena rock following the COVID-19 pandemic. The tour required an audio rig that emulated a classic rock show while also incorporating the dynamics and impact of modern live sound. To meet these requests, Sound Image deployed JBL VTX Series speakers with Crown I-Tech amplifiers for immersive sound and wide coverage.

“The main goal was simple—to provide a fun and exciting experience for the audience that makes them want to come back to our shows again and again,” said Joe Walsh, Front-of-House for REO Speedwagon. “Even though these bands are considered ‘legacy’ bands, we had to approach our live mixes in a contemporary manner that audiences expect in 2022. Modern live mixes require fidelity, punch and control, and we needed a system that was easily configurable and scalable while still providing the tonal balance and low distortion we are striving for.”

A staple for touring and mid-to-large venue productions, the JBL VTX V25-II-CS made up the majority of the Live and Unzoomed sound rig, with over 50 speakers used as the main and side hangs. Equipped with JBL’s patented D2 Dual Driver, Radiation Boundary Integrator and Differential Drive technology, the V25 II built upon the strengths of its previous iteration with balanced coverage, crystal-clear highs and distortion-free lows even at high output levels. Additionally, the speaker’s aluminum front design and newly designed compression suspension system make for lightweight and streamlined rigging.

“We prefer to have a full-range sound coming from the flown arrays, which the VTX drivers provide,” said Chris “Cookie” Hoff, Front-of-House for Styx. “The bass guitar to kick drum frequency range is crucial to us, and the V25 provides the phase response and frequency response in that area that we were looking for.”

Along with the V25, the live rig also includes eight JBL VTX V20 speakers, featuring the same design as the V25 in a smaller enclosure, as front fills. Despite its compact design, the V20 was specifically designed for even horizontal coverage up to 105 degrees and delivers notably high output compared to other similarly sized speakers.

Alongside the line arrays, the JBL VTX S28 provided ample low end and impact as both grounded and suspended subs. Built with two 2269H 18-inch transducers and a cardioid mode for reinforced rear rejection, the S28 ensures low-end clarity and detail that complements a rig of any size. Additionally, the S28 thrives as suspended speakers thanks to the same rigging system found in the V25.

“We prefer to not punish the front rows with low information that is intended for someone at the back of the venue,” explained Walsh. “That long-throw information is much better suited to coming from above people's heads. But in addition to the tight low-end punch of the V25/S28 combo, the linear phase response in the mid to upper frequency range is crucial to great sounding vocals, as both of our bands have.”

Finally, 72 Crown I-Tech 12000 HD Amplifiers provide ample power for the entire rig. Designed with the latest in touring amplification technology, the I-Tech 1200 features the BSS OMNIDRIVE HD engine for processing time and clarity that far exceeds its predecessors.

“Reviews have been positive, crowds have been great and the bands are having a good time playing for their multi-generational audiences, who have been singing along all night,” said Hoff. “HARMAN was there every step of the way, providing insights and suggestions to any questions we had throughout the tour.”

Martin by HARMAN Debuts ELP PAR IP Static RGBW LED Wash Fixture

Martin by HARMAN Debuts ELP PAR IP Static RGBW LED Wash Fixture

November 17, 2022

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. — HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control, today introduces the Martin ELP PAR IP static LED wash fixture with IP65-rated outdoor protection.

Joining its sibling, the ELP PAR, this fixture features class-leading lumen output with high-intensity zoom, full-gamut color calibration and smart rigging and control functions, and is ideal for indoor or outdoor applications with an IP65 rating for protection against dust and water ingress. And its sealed design supports fewer maintenance cycles. The ELP PAR IP and ELP PAR are extremely versatile workhorse lighting solutions for rentals, installs and touring.

Product Highlights

  • Brightness That Goes the Distance - The ELP PAR IP delivers a class-leading 3,350 lumens of output thanks to its newly designed 7 x 40W RGBW light engine. It’s perfect for covering larger stages that require long throw distances.
  • Smart Setup Features - Streamline setup with smart rigging and control features, including omega-bracket-connectivity and bright angle of projection indicator marks for quick and repeatable installation. With the push of a button, the fixture temporarily switches to full-power/open-white/adjustable-zoom settings to instantly confirm projection and focus.
  • High-Intensity Zoom - ELP PAR IP’s next-generation zoom system excels at creating both broad washes and high-intensity mid-air effects, bringing new flexibility to the lighting designer’s toolbox.
  • All-Weather IP65-Rated Protection

The ELP PAR IP is perfect for outdoor applications. It’s IP65 rated for protection from water and dust. And the ELP PAR IP’s robust, sealed design supports fewer maintenance cycles.

  • Ultra-Quiet Operation - Both lights feature a low-noise Theatre mode, which operates at a whisper-quiet 33 dB.

“The ELP PAR significantly raised the brightness bar in the compact class, producing up to twice the lumen output of its predecessors,” says Mark Mercer-Buss, Martin Product Manager, Entertainment Lighting. “The ELP PAR IP takes this versatility to the next level with integrated IP65-rated outdoor weather protection that makes it ideal for lighting outdoor or indoor theatre productions, festival, exhibitions or corporate events.”

Additional Details

For complete product details and specifications, visit: and

Intermark Sistemi Utilizes AMX Solutions for State-of-the-Art Secursat Security Operation Center

Intermark Sistemi Utilizes AMX Solutions for State-of-the-Art Secursat Security Operation Center

November 16, 2022

MILAN, Italy – A Technological Hub in the Heart of Milan. More than a control room, but a technological hub used both for security monitoring and as a showroom in the heart of Milan: this is the Secursat Security Operation Center (SOC), an innovative facility developed in partnership with Intermark Sistemi.

Secursat was founded as an outsourcing of the banking sector to manage traditional security systems through the network, not only for the financial sector but also for retail, industrial and real estate. However, talking about security means managing risks––monitoring thousands of sites and managing big data from installations around the world to ensure the protection of jobs, buildings and the general assets of Secursat customers.

The complexity of the subject required an uncompromising technological setup that balanced functionality, performance, reliability and ergonomics. The Secursat SOC is certified in accordance with the European Standard EN 50518, which regulates the structural, performance and organizational aspects of an Operations Center.

“We have imagined an open environment without limits or borders to better represent our openness to new technologies and new risk scenarios, remaining loyal to the values that have always guided us, those of an ethical and sustainable business,” said Giuseppe Calabrese, CEO of Secursat.

The Challenge for Intermark Sistemi
The challenge faced by Intermark Sistemi was as demanding as it was fascinating, and the selection process resulted in the best brands in the control room sector: RDI for the operator consoles, VUWALL for the management of the room’s video walls, AMX for the centralized control based on touch panels and ALFATRON (now JOSAWA) for the distribution of signals, based upon both copper and fiber cables.

“We have found in Secursat a unique partner in the control room vertical and we have provided the best technological solutions on the market, in order to build an innovative control room model,” said Fabio Concezzi, CEO of Intermark Sistemi.

AMX Control Touch Panels
To complete the equipment of the room, AMX touch panels were a natural choice. The 10-inch, in-table version is always ready to change the layouts of the video wall or activate any functions throughout the entire room. The user interface allows for intuitive and streamlined operations, offering the necessary commands within the first page of the module while leaving less common functions to secondary pages. The NX-1200 controller, the smallest in the AMX series, has enough power to handle all room equipment and to automate key functions.

AMX NX-1200: NetLinx NX Control Unit. Supports IPV6 and 802.1x standards, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, FTP protocols; real-time diagnostics. Processor speed: 1600 MIPS. AMX MT-1002: Modero 10” G5 series horizontal touch panel. G5 graphics with Quad Core processor. IPS technology for crystal-clear images and ±89° side visibility. Multitouch capacitive 3 points.

Case study on Intermark website:
Secursat website:

Global Citizen Festival Celebrates a Decade of  Fighting Poverty with the Help of  Firehouse Productions and JBL Professional

Global Citizen Festival Celebrates a Decade of Fighting Poverty with the Help of Firehouse Productions and JBL Professional

November 15, 2022

NEW YORK—To ensure wide coverage and balanced sound quality at the 2022 Global Citizen Festival, Firehouse Productions deployed state-of-the-art JBL Professional VTX Series line array systems.

Founded in 2012 by Global Poverty Project’s Ryan Gall and Hugh Evans, Global Citizen Festival is an annual music festival with one humanitarian goal—to end poverty worldwide. Instead of selling tickets, the Global Citizen Festival’s unique model offers free tickets to the festival as a reward for “global citizens” who respond to calls for tangible actions in the fight against poverty. In the decade since its inception, global citizens have taken more than 30.4 million actions resulting in $2.4 billion being committed to help more than 1.15 billion people living in poverty around the world.

The 2022 edition of Global Citizen Festival featured two events happening simultaneously on September 24 in the United States and Ghana. The US edition took place in Manhattan at Central Park’s Great Lawn and featured performances by Metallica, Mariah Carey, Måneskin, Charlie Puth, The Jonas Brothers and more. Concert organizers once again hired Firehouse Productions to supply a sound system powerful enough not only for a major festival with thousands of attendees, but also one that could deliver the power needed for a Metallica concert. To ensure wide coverage and balanced audio quality with clarity and impact, Firehouse Productions deployed a complete JBL VTX live sound solution, designed by Paul Bauman of PdB Sonic Design and featuring more than 100 VTX V25-II line array speakers.

“Sound design for GCF 2022 was an interesting challenge and one of the main goals was to design a powerful system that would be up to the job for Metallica,” said Bauman. “Having worked the Global Citizen Festival several times in the past, I was familiar with the space to be covered, but we needed to scale it up for Metallica. We went with a complete JBL VTX line array solution, featuring 36 V25-II boxes (18 per side) for the main LR system, complemented by four V25-II distributed front fills and two V25-II stacked on top of three S28 subwoofers for out fills. This was supplemented by two near-delay towers of 15 V25-II each and two far-delay positions with twelve V25-II each. In the past, the near- and far-delays were nine speakers each respectively. The extra V25-II speakers gave us the impactful audio we needed for Metallica.”

The JBL VTX V25-II is a full size three-way high-directivity line array element that includes a new 4th generation waveguide for improved long throw performance and wavefront control. The main stage sound system consisted entirely of V25-II speakers, helping Bauman and the Firehouse team deliver high quality audio and high sound pressure levels in every area of the festival. To provide just as powerful of a bass response, the Firehouse audio team deployed 36 JBL G28 dual 18-inch subwoofers in a single line hybrid cardioid and EDS (electronic delay-steered) configuration. Per Bauman’s design, Firehouse supplemented the low end with four distributed stacks of three JBL S28 cardioid subwoofers each for additional EDS coverage. The legendary sound quality of JBL speakers enabled Bauman to quickly tune the system on the day of the festival after being set behind production schedule due to weather delays.

“Weather was a factor on load-in days,” continued Bauman. “We had a lot of rain day one and high winds the following day, so we were not able to trim, focus and tune delay positions until the morning on show day. Fortunately, detailed modeling and optimization in advance gave an excellent starting point and the system came out of the box pretty close to dialed in.”

In addition to the Main Stage, there was a secondary stage—Skyline Stage—located directly behind the front-of-house. Bauman and the Firehouse Production team met this challenge with a second stage rig consisting of JBL VTX V20 speakers. JBL VTX V20 features the same advanced technology and extraordinary performance of the VTX V25 in a smaller format, enabling Bauman’s system to transition seamlessly from one stage to the other.

“The Skyline Stage, located beside the FOH position, was a new feature this year and represented a unique challenge from a sound design perspective,” said Bauman. “Due to arrival time and localization issues, the approach we took was to install a second rear-firing system to focus the audience’s attention to the Skyline Stage. Providing coverage from the Skyline Stage back towards the main stage, a center cluster of six VTX V20 speakers was flown from the crane suspending the circular video wall. We used seven distributed front fills stacked on subwoofers around the perimeter to complement the center cluster.”

“To balance center cluster coverage, six rear-firing V20 boxes were stacked on a platform at the near-house left-delay position,” continued Bauman. “When changeovers happened, the main FOH system was muted and the center cluster became the zero time reference with near and far delay times adjusted accordingly. This resulted in excellent coverage and localization for audience members plus a very seamless transition from Main Stage to Skyline Stage."

AMX by HARMAN Introduces Jetpack  3x1 Switching, Transport, and Control Solution

AMX by HARMAN Introduces Jetpack 3x1 Switching, Transport, and Control Solution

November 08, 2022

NORTHRIDGE, Calif.— HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control systems, today introduced AMX Jetpack, a new 3x1 switching, transport, and control solution that’s highly affordable for K12 classrooms and meeting spaces. The kit features simple to operate room controls, multiple 4K60 video inputs, and enables voice lift for clear communication with everyone in the space.

Jetpack combines 4K60 4:2:0 HDMI and USB-C video switching and distance transport, room control, wallplate accessibility, and audio amplification in a kit that requires zero programming and provides the security and reliability that AMX is well known to provide. The kit is fully loaded to support a wide range of classroom and meeting space applications and can be controlled through panel buttons, IR, RS-232, TCP/IP, a REST API, a Web GUI, and the Jetpack Management PC tool.

“We are really excited to finally be able to bring Jetpack to the market,” said Jeff Burch, HARMAN Professional Solutions, Director of Video and Control. “There has been an incredible need in K12 and small meeting spaces for a kit that is both truly cost effective and that bundles all the features that these spaces can typically benefit from and will actually use. We designed Jetpack to present all kinds of possibilities for spaces and users and we built it to be really versatile to serve a wide range of needs.”

Product Highlights

    • Highly Cost-Effective and Affordable
      AMX Jetpack was purpose-built for K12 classrooms and small-to-medium meeting spaces requiring an affordable and cost-effective solution that combines HDMI and USB-C video switching and distance transport, room control, and audio amplification for voice lift – all in a convenient kit.
    • USB-C and HDMI 4K60 Video Support
      To ensure beautifully crisp video resolution, AMX Jetpack supports up to 4K60 4:2:0 HDCP2.2 and can transmit uncompressed video and audio up to 40m/131ft at 4K or 70m/230ft at 1080P over a single shielded Cat 6/6A/7 cable.
    • USB Pass-through for Smart Boards
      USB pass-through is included to simplify smart board connections in K12 classrooms and meeting spaces. Built-in USB-C and USB-B Host 2x1 USB Hub.
    • Simplified Installation and Campuswide Management
      Features like onboard Web GUI configuration; CEC, RS232, Relay control, IR Receiver with IR learning and one power supply to power the whole kit simplify the install. Included Jetpack Management Tool software makes it easy to discover and manage all your AMX Jetpack kits on the same network.

Additional Details – You can get complete product details and specifications at:

Thunder Audio Takes Mr. Worldwide Across North America with JBL VTX Systems on Pitbull’s Can’t Stop Us Now Tour

Thunder Audio Takes Mr. Worldwide Across North America with JBL VTX Systems on Pitbull’s Can’t Stop Us Now Tour

November 03, 2022

North America—Thunder Audio recently powered Pitbull’s “Can’t Stop Us Now” tour with JBL Professional VTX line array systems and Crown amplifiers in stadiums and amphitheaters across North America.

Following the success of his I Feel Good Tour in 2021, Pitbull’s Can’t Stop Us Now 2022 Tour is presented by Live Nation and features performances by Iggy Azalea and Sirius XM’s Globalization DJs in addition to the Cuban-American superstar himself. The 50+ date North American tour began in Raleigh, North Carolina on July 28 and will conclude in Hollywood, Florida on October 19.

Based on their trust in JBL Professional’s legendary sound quality, Pitbull’s veteran front-of-house engineer Will Madera and production manager Victor Martinez hired Thunder Audio to supply a complete stadium-ready JBL VTX system for the three-month tour. With the help of system engineer Nick Turner, the audio team selected and designed a state-of-the-art JBL touring sound solution consisting of VTX line array speakers and subwoofers, powered by Crown amplifiers.

“I wanted the unique sound that the JBL VTX Series provides,” said Will Madera, Front-Of-House Engineer with Pitbull. “We needed a system that could simultaneously deliver an urban sound and a pop sound. The VTX system checks all the boxes we were looking for on this tour, which requires me to mix a live band with an urban pop sound. The system response is balanced with plenty of lows, and translates my mix very clearly. I definitely look forward to carrying JBL VTX line arrays on future tours.”

The tour’s dynamic sound system features numerous speaker models from the VTX family of pro sound solutions. The main left-right hang consisted of 36 JBL VTX V25 speakers (18 boxes per side). With Differential Drive transducers, a patented Radiation Boundary Integrator and revolutionary D2 compression drivers, the JBL VTX V25 delivered Madera’s expertly crafted mixes with precision, clarity and high impact. 

To ensure total coverage in the venues, Turner’s system design also included 24 VTX A12 speakers as suspended out fills (12 boxes per side), 16 VTX A8 as 270-degree wrap around speakers (eight per side), and eight VTX A8 as front fills. The award-winning VTX A Series helped Madera and the Thunder Audio team—Alex Martinez, James Romeo and Jamichael Partridge—deliver powerful and balanced sound quality in every seat of every stadium and amphitheater on the tour.

“The V25 speakers are nice as mains because of how much horsepower they provide,” said Nick Turner, System Engineer with Pitbull and Audio Crew Chief with Thunder Audio. “The A8 sounds absolutely stunning. I’m a big fan of the A8 because we can use it as front fills and wraparounds and it blends very well with the mains. The A12s sound great when paired with the B28 subs, which are pretty amazing. Will Madera absolutely loves the system and tells me how great it sounds every night. The great thing about the VTX Series speakers is that I don’t really have to do too much system tuning to make Will happy with the way his mixes are translating, because these speakers sound great right out of the gate. “

To supplement the extreme lows, 16 VTX S28 dual 18-inch arrayable subwoofers (eight subs per side) were flown behind or beside the V25 boxes, depending on the venue’s rigging capabilities. Additionally, the Thunder Audio team deployed 24 VTX B28 subwoofers on the floor in front of the stage, arranged in eight cardioid arrays of three boxes each. Turner and his team powered the entire system with a total of 92 Crown I-Tech 12000HD amplifiers, which provided more than enough headroom to deliver an impactful live sound experience in any venue.

“With sold-out shows, coverage is key,” said Turner. “There are many packed houses on this tour, and the staff is always asking if we can open additional seating. It feels great knowing that with the VTX system, we can say yes to covering any seat in the house and make it happen for them. The system has way more headroom than I’ve ever experienced in other systems.” 

The streamlined best-in-class rigging technology and unmatched sound quality of VTX Series speakers allowed Turner and his team to design a modular PA that could be deployed in various configurations depending on the unique challenges presented by setting up shop in a different venue every night.

“The VTX system’s adaptability has been great, which helps us deploy different configurations when the venue has rigging restrictions,” said Turner. “The suspension system with the compression rigging makes it easy to fly these boxes, and the updates they’ve done with the A12 rigging is really nice as well. You pin your angles before you even fly it, and once you suspend it, everything pretty much just locks into place. Makes it really easy to get in and out of the venue each day.

Finally, Turner utilized JBL Array Link—a mobile companion app that works in conjunction with JBL’s latest LAC-III software—to quickly and reliably disseminate all the technical details needed for his team to deploy the JBL VTX line array speakers each day.

“I want to mention how great it is to have QR codes from the Line Array Calculator software,” said Turner.  “It saves a tremendous amount of time each day by delivering information to my team precisely using the Array Link app on the phones. The Array Link app provides each fly guy all the details they need to deploy the hangs consistently and efficiently, from point weights, angles, fly bar positions, trim heights and more. I wish other manufacturers had this feature as it makes my job easy every morning and affords me a few minutes of spare time while onsite during the mornings.”

Greg Snyder, VP of Sales at Thunder Audio, spoke to the crucial role that JBL VTX solutions have played in the success of Thunder Audio’s endeavors, including Pitbull’s “Can’t Stop Us Now” Tour.

“Our experience with JBL VTX over the last ten years has proven to be extremely successful,” said Snyder. “The VTX system performs beyond all expectations in every situation we have ever used it in. Thanks to our relationship with HARMAN and the Pitbull team, this tour is a win for Thunder Audio and everyone who has enjoyed the shows. Our touring staff and the artist engineers are the best in the industry.”

HARMAN Professional Solutions Continues the Fight Against Cancer at the 2022 American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Santa Clarita Valley

HARMAN Professional Solutions Continues the Fight Against Cancer at the 2022 American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Santa Clarita Valley

November 02, 2022

SANTA CLARITA, Calif.—HARMAN Professional Solutions recently partnered with the American Cancer Society to provide a powerful and dynamic JBL Professional SRX900 Series sound reinforcement system at the annual American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Santa Clarita Valley.

Founded in Tacoma, Washington in 1985 by Dr. Gordon Klatt, Relay For Life is an ongoing community-based global fundraising movement in support of the American Cancer Society. With local fundraising events in thousands of communities and around the world, Relay For Life has raised approximately seven billion dollars globally since 1985 to fund cancer treatment research and provide patients with essential services. Located in Los Angeles County, the Santa Clarita Valley community has hosted a Relay For Life annually since 1999.

“I’ve been involved with various Relay For Life events for ten years, first as a volunteer and now as a staff partner,” said Abby Smith, Development Manager, American Cancer Society. “Relay For Life is a global movement. It’s more than just one day. We’re fighting cancer twelve months a year and it is really incredible to see communities and people of all walks of life come together for one common goal – to end cancer as we know it. Over the lifetime of the Santa Clarita Valley event—24 years since 1999—we’ve raised over $8 million in Santa Clarita alone to support the American Cancer Society and the global leader in the fight against cancer.”

In addition to the main 12-hour relay, the Relay For Life of Santa Clarita Valley featured musical performances by local bands, solo artists and school choirs. In order to provide powerful, balanced audio quality for the thousands of attendees in an outdoor venue, event organizers needed a robust sound reinforcement system. HARMAN Professional Solutions’ very own Everett Watts—a senior product specialist with JBL, AKG and Soundcraft—has volunteered to provide the sound system at the Relay For Life of Santa Clarita Valley since 2001. For this year’s edition, Watts was given permission to take brand new JBL SRX900 Series line arrays out for their first public deployment.

“Everett Watts and his team of volunteers that come out every year are amazing,” continued Smith. “Everett’s a pro. He’s been doing this for so many years. He’s so passionate about fighting cancer. He handles everything from the pre-work of getting the system together and getting it to the site—he’s a first-class guy. He’s made everything easy and seamless, so we can really focus on the fundraising part of the event. We don’t have to worry about the audio. There was no shortage of sound reaching every corner of the event. There were a couple of times we actually had to turn it down, because it was almost too loud. It’s a luxury when the biggest audio problem is we need to turn it down. Everett’s an awesome team member and we’re so happy to have him at this event.”

“Ever since I started volunteering for the Relay For Life of Santa Clarita Valley 21 years ago, HARMAN has always allowed me to use any gear I wanted, as long as I didn’t take out the newest products,” said Watts. “I’ve used VRX rigs the past few times, but this year was special because it was the first time HARMAN asked me to test out a brand new product during the event. I had the pleasure of debuting the JBL SRX900 line arrays at this year’s event. With just twelve SRX906 full-range boxes (six per side) and four SRX918 subwoofers, we were able to deliver plenty of volume and coverage—it sounded awesome.”

Based on JBL’s flagship VTX line, the SRX900 Series’ custom transducers, innovative horn and waveguide designs helped Everett and his team deliver top-notch sound quality and powerful coverage at the event typically associated with larger and more expensive three-way systems. The SRX900 Series’ built-in LevelMax technology, RMS limiting and long-term thermal protection helped keep transducer temperatures under control, ensuring reliable operation even under the hot summer sun at the outdoor event.

“The SRX900 Series is completely weather resistant,” said Watts. “There’s a cover that goes on the back of the amp to protect it from rain, and weather-resistant power connectors to protect the AC input. You literally don’t have to pull them down if it starts raining. I was also nervous because the event was in the middle of summer and the speakers were going to be in the sun all day with no shade. I’m happy to report there were no hiccups at all. They worked perfectly and never went into standby, even though we were cranking 108 dB at front-of-house.”

With the help of ACS team members, volunteers, and Everett’s JBL staff, the 2022 Relay For Life Santa Clarita Valley event raised approximately $175,000 to fund the mission of the American Cancer Society. To get involved with a Relay For Life event in your community, or to learn more about the American Cancer Society, please visit

JBL Professional Introduces PRX900 Series  Professional Portable PA Systems

JBL Professional Introduces PRX900 Series Professional Portable PA Systems

October 25, 2022

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. — HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control, today introduced the JBL PRX900 Series of loudspeakers and subwoofers, which feature advanced acoustics, comprehensive DSP, unrivaled power performance and complete BLE control via the JBL Pro Connect app.

The line, which includes three powered two-way loudspeakers and two powered subwoofers, is built from the ground up to leverage JBL’s most advanced acoustic innovations. All-new proprietary driver systems—powered by ultra-efficient Class D amplifiers—deliver clarity and definition even at maximum volume, with improved dispersion and beam width and smooth low-frequency extension.

The PRX900 Series’ class-leading DSP package, accessible via onboard LCDs and the JBL Pro Connect app, includes 12-band parametric EQ for system tuning and nuanced tonal control, and integrated dbx Drive Rack technology, featuring live and fixed Automatic Feedback Suppression, soft system limiter with Soundcraft Overeasy option and speaker delay settings and presets.

Use the JBL Pro Connect app to control up to 10 speakers, integrate with JBL EON ONE MK2, PRX ONE, and EON700 systems, and access app-only functions including speaker snapshots and grouping.

The PRX900 Series is designed to withstand the rigors of the road. Rigid composite loudspeaker cabinets feature computer-modeled ribbing for optimal acoustic performance and durability, while subwoofers are housed in 18 mm birch cabinets with optimized bracing for smooth, accurate low-frequency response. Like with every JBL product, everything is reinforced by industry-leading test and validation protocols and the series is backed by an unprecedented seven-year warranty.

“For years, our PRX800 Series loudspeakers have been first-call systems for bands, DJs, installers and houses of worship in large part thanks to their acoustic profile, their low end extension, and their volume," said Brandon Knudsen, HARMAN Professional Product Manager, Portable PA Loudspeakers. “With the PRX900 Series, we’re taking things to the next level with next-gen acoustic innovations and an even brawnier power package to deliver clean, clear sound at any volume. Systems take advantage of the latest BLE technology and the JBL Pro Connect app ecosystem, for unrivaled control.” The PRX900 Series is a versatile solution for DJs and bands, music venues, rental houses, corporate A/V providers, or anyone who seeks durable professional systems that deliver powerful, room-filling sound in any portable or installed scenario. Key innovations include:

All-New Acoustic Designs
From cones to cabinets, the PRX900 Series is designed for advanced acoustic performance. Patented JBL 2408H-2 1.5” compression drivers with poly-annular diaphragms and neodymium magnets provide clear, detailed high-frequency response; innovative new horns with updated JBL Image Control Waveguides deliver consistent beamwidth and frequency dispersion. Next-generation woofers with ferrite magnets deliver smooth, natural bass response, and an FEA flared port design reduces air noise and distortion.

Superior Power Performance
Driven by highly efficient Class D power amps, the PRX900 Series provides acoustic clarity and definition with minimal power compression, even at maximum volume. A bridged woofer amp keeps current spikes out of the ground and lowers crosstalk harmonics to the tweeter. High-linearity inductors deliver superior power efficiency and low total harmonic distortion, and low-noise, low-distortion input gain staging optimizes range and headroom for diverse gain requirements. High-quality DAC and ADC provides near-lossless audio conversion. Producing up to 134 dB output down to 30 Hz, systems effortlessly support large performance spaces with high power and performance requirements. And with a full-bandwidth CMRR (Common Mode Rejection Ratio) greater than 55 dB and THD (total harmonic distortion) rating of <32 dB, noise is virtually nonexistent.

Class-Leading DSP
The PRX900 Series is fully loaded with comprehensive DSP, all accessible via the JBL Pro Connect app or onboard full-color LCD. Processing includes 12-band parametric EQ, plus optimized presets and snapshots. Onboard dbx DriveRack technology features live and fixed Automatic Feedback Suppression, hard and soft system limiters and 180 ms of speaker delay in 100-microsecond intervals for full time-aligned systems.

Versatile and Scalable
Combine PRX900 Series loudspeakers and subwoofers in a range of configurations to meet the requirements of both mobile scenarios and fixed installs. Speakers feature dual 36 mm pole sockets and six M10 suspension points; subwoofers feature M20 pole cups. Full-range speakers feature a built-in gyrosensor that automatically optimizes system tuning depending on monitor or mains placement.

The Pro Connect Ecosystem
JBL’s Pro Connect app offers BLE functionality for system control of up to 10 speakers and line integration with JBL EON ONE MK2, PRX ONE, and EON700 loudspeakers. Access full DSP functions right from the app, including app-only features like speaker snapshots and speaker groupings.

Rugged and Road-Worthy
PRX900 components are housed in strong, lightweight cabinets that maximize both acoustic performance and durability. Loudspeaker cabinets are constructed from a polypropylene/talc blend that’s optimized for rigidity, with computer-modeled internal ribbing designed for maximum structural integrity and minimal cabinet noise. Subwoofer enclosures feature optimized bracing that smooths out low-frequency response.

Additional Details
For complete product details and specifications, please visit:

Martin by HARMAN Debut’s Exterior Linear Pro Outdoor Architectural Fixture Series

Martin by HARMAN Debut’s Exterior Linear Pro Outdoor Architectural Fixture Series

October 18, 2022

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. — HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control, today introduces the Martin Exterior Linear Pro series. This range of permanent, compact, LED-based outdoor and indoor architectural fixtures harness the latest linear technologies, enabling dramatically low power consumption while delivering powerfully robust lumen output.

The new models are highly efficient and incredibly impactful, ideal for architects, system integrators, electrical contractors and other professionals, needing striking direct and indirect illumination of walls, ceilings, textured and decorative surfaces in stadiums and arenas, cruise ships, theme parks, hotels, casinos, bridges, tunnels, or similar applications.

“In developing the Martin Exterior Linear Pro Series, we have created a range that offers truly superior architectural integration capabilities, putting intense focus on energy consumption and efficacy,” said Robert Svensson, Product Manager Architectural Lighting, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “They’re packed with intelligent features to offer near limitless versatility, making install, management and onsite design changes really simple.” To meet a wide range of needs and requirements, the series is available in Cove, Graze and Direct View (DV) models in QUAD color and tunable white (CTC) light engines and in 1-foot and 4-foot lengths. The slim design and low weight also make them easier to integrate into architectural elements discreetly and with less structural requirements. And with a high focus on sustainability, all models are shipped in FSC certified packaging.

Ease Of Installation (All Models)
Flexible change-of-beam angles are included for late design changes and on-site adjustments. A smart mounting plate design offers a variety of standard or custom bracket solutions.

Smart Infrastructure (All Models)
Fixtures are DMX-controllable and easy to install due to their integrated universal power supply. They can also be daisy-chained using a combined power and data connector, which enables long fixture runs for simpler infrastructures.

Efficient Operation (All Models)
With more than 50 lm/W(QUAD) and 60 lm/W(CTC), Exterior Linear Pro fixtures are highly efficient. Multiple power modes (12W/10W/5W, including ASHRAE compliance) can be set via Remote Device Management (RDM) to reduce power consumption as needed.

Superior Temperature Control (CTC Models)
Cold, neutral, and warm LEDs are included for precise color temperature control from 2700K to 6500K at high efficacy with 12 LEDs/ft. They also feature a high color rendering index (CRI) covering the entire color temperature spectrum.

Granular Lighting Control (QUAD Models)
An integrated 6-inch (15 cm) segment mode enables more granular lighting control for organic and subtle looks.

Sophisticated Color Control (QUAD Models)
QUAD color fixtures include logic RGB control of the RGBW engine, making it easier to mix colors when the white color is automatically calculated. Factory calibration of colors offers superior consistency and user-selectable default color temperature with the ability to set a favorite default color temperature. Fine segment control is also included for more organic and subtle color transitions.

Premixed Colors with Color Boost (QUAD Models)
QUAD color LEDs deliver an enhanced visual appearance with homogenous color mixing and high lumen output of mixed colors. A color boosting feature is also included for full powered illumination of a single color or mixed colors, making them up to three times brighter than comparable fixtures yet boasting lower total power consumption.

Additional Details
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Disc To Disc Productions Opens the First Dolby Atmos Mixing Studio in Milan with JBL Professional 7 Series Master Reference Monitors

Disc To Disc Productions Opens the First Dolby Atmos Mixing Studio in Milan with JBL Professional 7 Series Master Reference Monitors

September 26, 2022

MILAN—Disc To Disc Productions recently unveiled the first Dolby Atmos mixing suite in Milan, and the first in Italy to feature JBL Professional 7 Series master reference monitors.

Based in the iconic city of Milan, Disc To Disc is an audio post-production company that offers recording, editing and mixing services for original television series, cinema, commercials and cartoons. In addition to its audio post-production for the screen, Disc To Disc also converts top music producers’ stereo mixes to Dolby Atmos surround mixes for hit-making artists in the Italian music industry.

While there are many media production companies and professionals living and working in Milan, the vast majority of Italy’s audio post-production facilities are located in the capital city of Rome. Studio Owner and Audio Engineer Antonio D'Ambrosio's vision for Disc To Disc was to open the first Dolby Atmos-equipped audio post-production mixing studio in Milan and bring the rich professional tradition of Rome’s cinema audio industry to the bustling Milan market. In order to ensure a top-notch listening and mixing experience in the first Milanese Dolby Atmos-certified studio, D’Ambrosio outfitted Disc To Disc’s main cinema mixing room with a complete 7.4.1 surround sound solution centered around JBL 7 Series master reference monitors.

“There are many broadcast and streaming companies with headquarters in Milan, but until now they’ve had to work with studios in Rome to mix their production audio,” said D’Ambrosio. “It was a dream for us to create the first Dolby Atmos mixing room inside the city of Milan. In the past two years, we’ve done some original series for Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video and RAI—the historic national broadcast company of Italy. The challenge has been to convince the major players that they don’t have to go to Rome to mix their audio. I rely on the JBL 7 Series monitors to deliver the quality results our clients expect. JBL 7 Series allows me to hear how my spatial audio mixes are going to translate to any environment, from home entertainment to cinema and Dolby Atmos music. I trust these monitors.”

Disc To Disc’s primary mixing room features a complete 7.4.1 Dolby Atmos-compatible monitoring system of JBL 7 Series master reference monitors. The JBL 7 Series provides a powerful and flexible monitoring solution for music, post and broadcast production. Featuring patent-pending driver technologies and the renowned JBL Image Control Waveguide, Disc To Disc’s JBL 7 Series monitors provide D’Ambrosio and his staff with exceptional output, stunning detail, an expansive soundstage and impressive accuracy. The left, center and right channels are delivered by JBL 708i 8-inch speakers, while 705i 5-inch speakers provide all surround and overhead channels. The LFE channel is handled by a single 4645C 18-inch subwoofer, which features a low-frequency transducer mounted in a direct radiator, bass-reflex enclosure for smooth response to the lowest audible frequencies.

“The JBL 7 Series is the only speaker that is eclectic and versatile enough for mixing both cinema and music,” said D’Ambrosio. “In my normal work day, I switch between projects that require different room equalizations no less than three times over the span of eight hours. Over the course of the day, the JBL 7 Series speakers shine in their precision, versatility and reliability. We don’t often work at high volumes, but even when we push up the levels for the final loudness check, the speakers don’t break down—they sound fantastic at any volume level.”

Because the left, center and right channels are located behind a projection screen in Disc To Disc’s main mixing suite, D’Ambrosio chose to utilize the passive versions of the 7 Series monitors for the entire system and power them with Crown DriveCore Install Series amplifiers. In the near future, Disc To Disc projects to open a second Dolby Atmos-certified mixing suite with JBL 7 Series speakers. The second room will feature a video monitor instead of a projection screen. For this reason, D’Ambrosio plans to utilize the self-powered JBL 708P and 705P monitors instead of the passive 708i and 705i models.

“The JBL 7 Series speakers, in my opinion, are the only speakers that work great behind a projection screen,” said D’Ambrosio. “These speakers work best behind the screen when powered with Crown amplifiers. The DCi Series amplifiers are fantastic, because the electricity is of such a high quality. The response from our clients has been very positive. Amazon Prime Video loves that we finally have a Dolby Atmos-certified mixing room for original series and film projects. We plan to build a second Dolby Atmos room with JBL 7 Series self-powered speakers, because the monitors won’t be located behind a projection screen.”

Martin by HARMAN Introduces MAC Aura XIP Indoor/Outdoor Premium Wash Light with Filament Effect

Martin by HARMAN Introduces MAC Aura XIP Indoor/Outdoor Premium Wash Light with Filament Effect

September 22, 2022

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. — HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control, today introduces the Martin MAC Aura XIP, premium moving head wash light raising the bar for optical quality, featuring an even wash field with soft edge, minimal stray light, and high intensity mid-air beams. It has a radical aura filament effect, with improved light engine control and a first-in-its-class outdoor rating with close to zero compromises in weight, size and aesthetics.

“In developing the MAC Aura XIP, we set out to build a true workhorse,” said Wouter Verlinden, Product Manager Creative LED, Lighting and Control. “Our smart outdoor-capable design intelligently seals away vital electronics while exposing the cooling system to the elements which allows for a lighter, quieter and more versatile unit that can be used anywhere, at any time, reinventing the universal indoor/outdoor-rated concept.”

MAC Aura XIP’s 12 Radical RGBW filaments deliver a brighter aura backlight effect as well as the ability to show iconic aura filaments, promising new and exciting stage effects. The extensive feature package covers both indoor and outdoor applications with optional high CRI / TM-30 / TLCI modes, LED frequency control for a flicker-free even wash light, RGBW color mixing and multiple control options. Also included are variable calibrated color temperature control, 200+ built-in FX macros, rapid movement and 8.8 – 49.3˚ zoom range, and weighing just 8.9 kilograms.

Radical new aura filament effect and beam pixel control
Featuring pixel control with video mapping capabilities onto beam, aura, or both with easy setup mapping and addressing via a Martin P3 controller, the MAC Aura XIP promises new and exciting eye candy looks that create intriguing stage effects.

Workhorse versatility
The MAC Aura XIP is lightweight, compact and silent enough for the most demanding indoor applications such as theater, television and corporate events. While being robust and waterproof for use at outdoor festivals, concerts and events, it breaks the barriers of previous workhorse fixtures with its sealed design requiring less maintenance.

Outdoor capable with zero compromise to indoor use
MAC Aura XIP is the first fixture in its class to feature innovative smart outdoor-proofing technology. The fixture is fully waterproof for weather conditions such as rain, snow, sand or ice with close to zero impact on the fixture’s size, weight, output, noise and aesthetics, making it a truly versatile workhorse that can avoid “indoor-only” and “outdoor-only” labels.

Optically robust
While the MAC Aura XIP is very similar to the MAC Aura XB in size and output, it has remarkable upgrades such as a narrower zoom creating a higher intensity beam and less stray light. The optional high CRI / TM-30 / TLCI mode is ideal for better rendering of people and costumes in demanding broadcast and theater applications, plus LED frequency control for flicker-free projection in broadcasting. It also has additional plus/minus green control over white point which helps to match additional lights and cameras in its vicinity as well as improve skin tone optical performance.

Clean and even wash field
An extremely even wash field with zero hotspot and a soft edge allow the MAC Aura XIP to create a better stage wash. The lack of stray light removes the need for beam control accessories such as top hats in many applications. It has the cleanest wash field in its class, emitting rich, saturated colors with RGBW color mixing to deliver very bright and vibrant colors, soft pastels, and white tones.

Easier handling
The MAC Aura XIP is built to be a workhorse with handles on the head and base and Omega bracket attachments for easier handling and rigging. It also includes a battery-powered control panel on the base for easy fixture addressing in pre-flight. Its sealed design requires less maintenance (as less dust and pollution can enter the product) than IP20 alternatives.

“The MAC Aura XIP is truly a wash light workhorse,” added Verlinden. “It works equally well in a range of applications; from quiet and demanding theater, broadcast and other indoor applications to brutal working applications such as outdoor festivals and touring.” While the MAC Aura XIP offers lighting designers a range of possibilities with its aura filament effect, narrower beam and better wash quality with improved light engine control; rental customers will appreciate a workhorse that is lighter and more versatile with optical improvements and a sealed design, allowing the product to be used virtually anywhere and require less maintenance.

Additional Details
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