Nodeul Live House Enhances Events, Performances and Guest Experience by Upgrading to World-Class HARMAN Professional Audio Solution

August 05, 2020

Seoul, REPUBLIC OF KOREA—To offer guests an unforgettable experience during concerts and other live events, the Nodeul Live House upgraded its sound system by hiring integrators, TechDataPS Co., Ltd. and All That Sound, to design an install a state-of-the-art HARMAN Professional audio solution.

The Nodeul Live House is a performing arts center located on Nodeul Island, which is man-made island in the Hangang River. Accessible by the Hangang Bridge, Nodeul Island was established and created by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and serves as a sophisticed, cultural hotspot in the city. In addition to lifestyle centers, various food and beverage outlets as well as scenic spots of natural beauty, the island is home to the Nodeul Live House. Accomadating a maxiumum capacity of nearly 1,000 guests, Nodeul Live House is a popular music venue that offers large-scale performances and concerts. To enhance those live shows with pristine sound, TechDataPS Co., Ltd. and All That Sound equipped the venue with a cutting-edge HARMAN Professional audio solution that features JBL Professional’s renowned VTX line-array loudspeaker systems.

"Nodeul Live House provided detailed requests for their sound set up, which included the solution for reduction of low frequency booming noise when the bass becomes blurred and indistinct.” said a spokesperson for TechDataPS Co., Ltd. “Also, since there were several speakers already installed, we had to redesign the existing layout to bring out the best performance of the system. Keeping in line with the requests, we chose JBL VTX A12 loudspeakers because they provide an undistorted balance of high-end resolution and precise sound."

Built with next-generation JBL transducer technology and a high-frequency waveguide design, VTX A12 dual 12” line-array loudspeakers deliver crystal-clear sound and speech intelligibility with even coverage across the venue. To compliment the sound, TechDataPS Co., Ltd. and All That Sound deployed VTX G28 dual 18” subwoofers, which feature JBL's patented Differential Drive® technology and Crown VRack DSP and Amplification to provide accurate, extended low-frequency response. Also included in the system, VTX F12 bi-amplified 2-way loudspeakers offer premium audio performance and added flexibility, while VTX M20 dual 10” professional monitors deliver accurate sound reproduction for the performers onstage. To power the complex solution, TechDataPS Co., Ltd. and All That Sound used Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD and VRACK 4x3500HD amplifiers because of their uncomprosing power and durability.

"The Nodeul Live House was earmarked as the cultural hub for music in Seoul. Therefore, we felt that it deserved the best-in-class sound solutions available in the market," said a spokesperson for the Nodeul Live House. “We were quite dissatisfied with the existing rental equipment, which did not do justice to either the performances or the grandeur of the performance center. There were consistent issues in the quality of the sound output as well as the distribution of sound pressure. Having said that, we are delighted with the solutions and designs provided by TechDataPS Co., Ltd. The current setup has met all our criteria and is sure to enthrall our audience in the future.”

"The project at the Nodeul Live House not only called for cutting-edge systems, but also highly astute design layouts that extracted the best possible performances from them," said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We'd like to thank our partner TechDataPS Co., Ltd., for delivering an ingenious and calculated solution that truly meets every criterion of our client."

Seongsan Methodist Church Enhances Services and Expands Possibilities with HARMAN Professional Audio and Control Systems

August 03, 2020

INCHEON, REPUBLIC OF KOREA — To provide patrons an enhanced worship experience, TechDataPS recently equipped Incheon Seongsan Methodist Church with a state-of-the-art HARMAN Professional networked AV and control solution.

Founded in 1945, Incheon Seongsan Methodist Church boasts over 70 years of history. Previously named Hwajeong Church, the house of worship took its current name in 1968 and consist of three separate buildings: the chapel, training center and parking structure. Previously using an audio system that was equipped for small events and speeches, the church contracted TechDataPS to install a world-class audio solution that can accommodate bigger productions.

“Seongsan Methodist Church asked us to deliver a modern audio system that enhances the main chapel with high-quality sound and is suitable for hosting large-scale events,” said a spokesperson at TechDataPS. “The previous system consisted of an ageing JBL SR 4733 main speaker as well as ceiling speakers that matched the color of the walls and complimented the church’s aesthetics.”

Without taking away from the church’s beauty, TechDataPS installed Intellivox HP-DS170 active beam-shaping, self-powered column loudspeakers to provide crystal-clear sound and even distribution. Complimenting those speakers, JBL AC16 and AC15 ultra-compact 2-way loudspeakers reproduce high-fidelity, full-range sound, while JBL CBT 50LA-1 Constant Beamwidth Technology™ line array column loudspeakers deliver excellent acoustical performance and consistent vertical coverage.

Because of their unique, contemporary curved design as well as flexible mounting and configuration options, JBL Control CRV architectural speakers were installed to reinforce speech and music intelligibility, while JBL 104 monitors were used to offer enhanced sonic detail and accurate presentation. To fill out the arsenal of speakers and provide pristine sound across the church, TechDataPS also deployed JBL SRX835P 15” three-way bass-reflex systems, which are supported by Crown CDi 4|300 amplifiers.

Delivering exceptional speech and vocal clarity, TechDataPS equipped Seongsan Methodist Church with the AKG CHM99 hanging cardioid condenser microphone, AKG GN50 E and CK31 acoustic modular microphones as well as the AKG WMS470 Vocal Set D5 professional wireless microphone system. The HARMAN audio solution also features a Soundcraft Si Performer 2 mixing console and BSS BLU-100 processors, which help ensure guests are treated to optimum sound quality.

To control the entire audio system, TechDataPS installed the AMX PR01-RX 8x8 HDMI matrix switcher and the NetLinx NX-4200 Integrated Controller. Together, the switcher and controller combine excellent performance with backward compatibility and extensive network security features to provide a scalable platform for the future. Plus, the solution includes the AMX MT-1002 10.1” Modero G5 tabletop touch panel, which offers Seongsan Methodist Church even greater versatility. With its quad-core processor, MT-1002 can run the most demanding applications and includes a built-in web browser and document viewer for quick and easy access in real-time.

“We needed a system that would give us flexibility for future upgrades and world-class sound quality, but that maintained the church’s aesthetic elements,” said a spokesperson at Incheon Seongsan Methodist Church. “Since JBL speakers were already in place, we had no hesitation in selecting the new products that TechDataPS suggested. Apart from that, the AMX integrated control solution makes it very convenient to remotely adjust and fully control all AV devices by iPads from anywhere.”

“To provide an inclusive and inspiring worship experience, Incheon Seongsan Methodist Church demanded customized, adaptable audio solutions,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We appreciate TechDataPS for their dexterous use of JBL speakers and for creating an engaging space that encourages greater participation.”

‘From Idea to Output: The Development Process of a Moving Light’ and ‘System Engineer Skills for the Mix Engineer’ Among New HARMAN Live Workshops Scheduled Through August

July 23, 2020

NORTHRIDGE, Calif.—Continuing to offer impactful online training materials and provide industry professionals a platform to share their expertise, HARMAN Professional Solutions today announced the addition of 15 free Live Workshops available for registration.

The new workshops, scheduled through August, feature lighting or audio experts who have extensive industry knowledge and experience working with various artists such as 3 Doors Down, Bob Seger, Guns N’ Roses, Gwen Stefani, Iron Maiden, Jay-Z, Josh Groban, Journey, Justin Bieber, Linkin Park, Matchbox Twenty, Mötley Crüe, Ricky Martin, Shania Twain, Stormzy, Styx, Travis Scott, Van Halen, and many more.

The workshops open for registration include:

  • July 24—fixintogetmixin: How to Build Your Best Mix! (Part 2) with Brad Divens
  • July 27—Incorporating Martin MAC Encore and ELP into Modern Lighting Design with Paul Collison
  • July 29—System Engineer Skills for the Mix Engineer with Cookie Hoff and Pooch Van Druten
  • July 30—Tips for Mixing for Houses of Worship with Jim Yakabuski
  • August 4—From Idea to Output: The Development Process of a Moving Light with Brad Schiller
  • August 5—History of Audio Technology with Peter Moses
  • August 6—Network Design Considerations and Techniques for AV Systems with Thomas Hejnicki
  • August 10—Mixing the Mainstage with Raphael Williams, FOH Engineer for Stormzy
  • August 11—Transitioning from Touring to Corporate with Matt Mills
  • August 13—Programming Essentials: Workflow and Views with Benny Kirkham
  • August 20—Conceptual Design Principles with Craig Rutherford
  • August 25—The History and Evolution of Automated Lighting with Craig Rutherford and Brad Schiller

Over 90 Live Workshops have been conducted since the program’s introduction and are now available at HARMAN Professional’s new online training platform. Workshops include ‘Intro to Line Array Calculator III,’ ‘Color Theory for Concert Lighting Design’ and ‘How to Mix THAT Band on a Soundcraft Ui16.’ Many more sessions are in production for release in the coming months, so be sure to visit to learn more and register early.

mCube Family Karaoke Delivers A Premium Entertainment Experience with JBL By HARMAN Loudspeakers

mCube Family Karaoke Delivers A Premium Entertainment Experience with JBL By HARMAN Loudspeakers

July 17, 2020

YANGON, Myanmar—To ensure a premium audio experience for karaoke parties of all sizes, Total Electronic Solutions recently equipped mCube Family Karaoke’s two locations with JBL KP Series loudspeakers and Crown XLi amplifiers.

mCube is a popular karaoke chain with two locations in Myanmar’s largest city. Their Waizayandar location features 18 karaoke rooms of varying sizes, while the City Mall St. John location features 10. To provide loud and dynamic music, clear and intelligible vocals and consistent, focused coverage for large and small groups, mCube required cutting-edge sound systems tailored specifically for karaoke establishments. Total Electronic Solutions outfitted both locations with complete HARMAN audio solutions featuring specialized JBL KP 4000 and 6000 Series karaoke loudspeakers powered by Crown XLi Series amplifiers.

"As the seating capacity for karaoke rooms ranges from 4 to 30 people, there was a need for a sound system that could not only ensure even distribution of sound, but also stellar audio clarity and balanced output for a wide variety of musical genres,” said Mr Tin Tun Naing, Total Electronic Solutions. “The JBL KP Series karaoke speakers were the perfect fit for both mCube locations."

JBL KP Series two-way loudspeakers are custom-designed and specially tuned to meet the needs of karaoke establishments. the KP4000 Series is ideal for smaller rooms, providing full-range, high-output sound in a lightweight and easily mountable cabinet with a broad, 70 x 100-degree coverage pattern. The KP6000 Series is well-suited to larger rooms, featuring JBL’s patented Differential Drive woofers for enhanced output and a tighter 70 x 60-degree dispersion pattern for more controlled coverage in multi-speaker setups. Both ranges include 10, 12 and 15-inch dual-speaker models, with the addition of the KP6018S passive subwoofer in the KP6000 Series for extra low-end extension.

Total Electronic Solutions selected Crown XLi Series amplifiers to power the sound systems at both mCube locations. Ranging from 300- to 1350-Watt models, the two-channel XLi Series delivers plenty of power and headroom for karaoke rooms of all sizes. The simple, two-knob interface and streamlined back-panel I/O make the XLi series a cost-effective option that’s easy for anyone to operate.

"Standout karaoke establishments require audio solutions that cater specifically to their unique sonic requirements,” said Mr Tin Tun Naing, mCube Family Karaoke. “Clarity for listening and singing, even distribution of sound pressure and adaptability for different genres of music were key requirements for our sound system, and we are delighted to say that the cutting-edge HARMAN solutions have met all the requirements. We are very satisfied with the result."

"The mCube Family Karaoke installations called for an audio solution that addressed the specific requirements of karaoke," said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "It was a pleasure to partner with Total Electronic Solutions, and we would like to thank them for providing a customized solution that will go a long way towards mCube's legacy as the leading karaoke establishment in Myanmar."

State-of-the-Art JBL Professional Audio Solution Delivers Pristine Sound for ‘BNS’ Drive-in Concerts

State-of-the-Art JBL Professional Audio Solution Delivers Pristine Sound for ‘BNS’ Drive-in Concerts

July 15, 2020

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka—To deliver excellent sound and provide fans with an unforgettable experience, Universal Sound Productions equipped the BNS Drive-in Concerts with a world-class HARMAN Professional audio solution that includes an array of JBL Professional VerTec Series loudspeakers.

Treating fans to their first live music experiences since the COVID-19 outbreak, the BNS Drive-in Concerts were the first ever drive-in concerts in Sri Lanka and the first in South Asia since the lockdown. The large-scale events, which were put together by the Sri Lankan entertainment television station, TV Derana, in addition to Bathiya and Santhush, were recently held at the Colombo International Airport. Affiliated with the “Restart Sri Lanka” intiative, the concerts were designed to motivate the community and serve as symbols that the Sri Lankan entertainment industry is recovering from the effects of COVID-19. The concerts enforced strict health and security guidelines, while the proceeds from ticket sales were donated to the Itukama Healthcare and Social Security Fund.

“Since these were held at an airport, the venue had many challenges to overcome,” said Malinda Lowe of Universal Sound Productions. “The stage was directly facing massive aircraft hangers and many of them were made of metal structures, so we had to work with JBL Line Array Calculator (LAC) to get rid of all the slap back with accurate measurement. We were also not in a position to deploy towers, as they would obstruct the view, so we managed to deliver the required vertical coverage despite the heavy surrounding wind. One thing I love about the JBL loudspeakers is their HF/MF waveguides and power handling.”

With a talent lineup that featured popular artists such as Umaria, Wasthi, Yohani De Silva as well as Infinity, the concerts drew more than 6,000 fans in more than 1,200 vehicles each night. To ensure safety for everybody in attendance, guests were not allowed to leave their cars, so the audio was broadcased on a special FM high-definition radio station in addition to the venue’s loudspeakers. Instead of clapping or cheering, fans honked and flashed their headlights to show their appreciation during the performances.

“The other challenge was to match the PA feed with the broadcast feed, as BNS wanted the audio to be synchronized perfectly,” Lowe said. “The JBL Performance Manger software and Soundcraft ViSi Remote app played major roles in accomplishing this task. By measuring a few vehicles running pinknosie through the radio feed at different locations, we managed to match the radio broadcast with the PA and outer fills.”

Delivering excellent, consistent audio across the venue, Universal Sound Productions deployed 40 JBL VT4888 3-way high-directivity loudspeakers. Both the left and right arrays comprised of 12 speakers, while the remaining 16 were equally divded and positioned in four ground stacks. For powerful, accurate low-frequency repsonse, Universal Sound Productions positioned 24 VTX G28 dual 18” subwoofers across the front stage and eight VT4882 midsize subwoofers on the sides. The system also featured eight SRX712M 12” two-way stage monitors and one PRX618S 18” self-powered subwoofer.

To power the complex solution, Universal Sound Productions relied on 9 Crown VRack 4X3500 HD amplifer racks as well as 20 Macro-Tech i Series and six XTi 6002 power amplifiers. JBL LAC was essential in designing and configuring the system to achieve ideal coverage and SPL, while Performance Manger helped Universal Sound Productions tune the system. The show was mixed through a Soundcraft Vi3000 digital console, while a Soundcraft Realtime Rack and two dbx DriveRack 4800 loudspeaker managerment systems ensured peak sound quality throughout the concerts.

“As usual, the sound system delivered pristine audio with the clarity and punch we desired,” said Bathiya Jayakody of BNS. “We have been using HARMAN products via our audio and venue sound partner Universal Sounds Productions for over 10 years now. We’ve had 100% satisfaction from our clients, who rave about the sound quality at our events.”

“I have a long history of working with HARMAN Products, using them for almost every event we have done,” Lowe said. “We have used JBL for all the international acts that have happend in Sri Lanka during the last 10 years, including many top artists such as Jason Derulo, Enrique Iglesious, Shaggy and many more. When you deploy a JBL system with proper configuration for the application, you get a great sound with consistent coverage.”

Martin Professional Expands ELP LED Ellipsoidal Fixture Family With IP65 Variants

Martin Professional Expands ELP LED Ellipsoidal Fixture Family With IP65 Variants

July 15, 2020

NORTHRIDGE, Calif.—MARTIN Professional, expanded the ELP Series of LED ellipsoidal fixtures with IP65-rated variants.             

The Martin ELP WW IP (Warm White) fixture provides industry-leading color rendering and brightness, while ELP CL IP (Color) delivers rich, saturated colors and class-leading output. Now, both fixtures are available in IP65-rated variants, which offer water resistance and complete dust protection while still providing the same quality of light, performance and ease of use.

Martin ELP IP fixtures feature industry-first advances in lighting functionality, including the highly efficient gear-based Fine Focus adjustment knob and the Fast Focus feature, which allows fixtures to be focused without data, flow. ELP IP also offers 16-bit dimming with four selectable curves and 26 color presets that match industry-standard color filters. ELP IP fixtures can be configured with Martin lens tubes in 19, 26, 36 and 50-degree beam angles and the recently released15-30 degree and 25-50 degree zoom lenses. ELP IP fixtures can also be configured with a wide range of accessories, including gel frames and gobos, offering exceptional flexibility in lighting design and inventory management.

Featuring optic assemblies designed in Denmark by the team behind MAC Encore, ELP IP are designed to maximize efficiency and deliver a flat field of illumination for smoother blending and mixing between fixtures. The ELP WW IP delivers 7,000 lumens of output and an industry-leading 97 CRI at 3000K-color temperature, for the truest color representation on any surface. The ELP CL IP fixture offers an impressive 6,900 lumens and a CRI of 85 in High Output mode, and 5,900 lumens and 90 CRI in High Quality mode, with a color temperature of 6,000K (open white). Both models offer flicker-free operation for consistent light output—on and off camera.

“The Martin ELP IP is the leading LED ellipsoidal fixture in its class, thanks to groundbreaking features like Fine Focus and Fast Focus, along with superior output, optics and color rendering,” said Mark Buss, Product Manager, Entertainment Lighting Solutions at HARMAN Professional Solutions. “We’re thrilled to raise the bar even higher with IP65-rated variants, which offer water resistance and protection from dust and other particulates.”


Martin ELP WW IP and ELP CL IP LED ellipsoidal fixtures will be available through authorized resellers starting in Q4, 2020 For more information, please visit

Modena By Fraser Buriram Hotel Creates Immersive AV Experiences with HARMAN Professional Networked Audio Systems

Modena By Fraser Buriram Hotel Creates Immersive AV Experiences with HARMAN Professional Networked Audio Systems

July 01, 2020

BURIRAM, Thailand—To create an immersive AV solution for a wide range of events, Mahajak Development Co., Ltd. equipped Modena By Fraser Buriram Hotel with a cutting-edge HARMAN Professional Solutions networked audio system.

Constructed in 2018, Modena By Fraser Buriram is a world-class hotel known for its sleek blend of functionality and style. Located within walking distance of the renowned Chang International Circuit racetrack and Chang Arena football stadium, the Modena By Fraser Buriram hotel is ideally located for sports fans. Behind the property’s distinctive façade are 152 luxurious guest rooms, a spacious foyer and a large ballroom used for elegant weddings, high-profile product launches, car shows, business conferences and more. To deliver clear, detailed sound in the ballroom and throughout the hotel, Modena By Fraser Buriram hired AV integrators Mahajak Development to design and install a premium networked audio solution. Mahajak Development designed a HARMAN Professional Solutions networked audio system featuring class-leading solutions from JBL, Crown, Soundcraft and BSS.

“To ensure consistent sound throughout the facilities, we installed a networked audio system using HARMAN’s industry-leading AV solutions,” said Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom, Director of Project, Mahajak Development Co. Ltd. “With the grand ballroom serving as a multi-purpose venue, we developed a highly customizable audio system with superb clarity for any event. We selected JBL Professional sound equipment along with Crown and Soundcraft because HARMAN’s sound equipment met all of the hotel’s environmental demands.”

Mahajak Development equipped the ballroom with JBL CBT 200LA-1 line array column speakers. With Constant Beamwidth Technology™, CBT 200LA-1 speakers deliver crystal-clear sound with superior, consistent coverage. To provide additional low-end support, Mahajak Development selected JBL AC118S high-power subwoofers, which feature an extended frequency response down to 32 Hz. Additionally, Mahajak Development installed JBL Control 226C/T ceiling speakers thoughout the facility to provide balanced, even coverage. The system is powered by Crown CDi 2|1200 and CDi 2|300 amplifiers, which feature pre-loaded JBL speaker tunings to help make installations quicker and easier.

Signals on stage are routed through a Soundcraft Mini Stagebox 32R into a Soundcraft Si Impact digital mixing console. With versatile routing options, advanced DSP processing and color-coded FaderGlow technology, the Si Impact makes it easy for staff to quickly dial in pristine sound. To distribute signals throuhout the facility, Mahajak Development installed a BSS BLU-100 signal processor, which provides low-latency streaming for up to 48 channels of audio over traditional Category 5e cabling.

“We wanted to create immersive audio and visual experiences for our guests and HARMAN Professional Solutions has helped us achieve that objective,” said a spokesperson from Modena By Fraser Buriram Hotel. “With the latest equipment installed by Mahajak, we can now deliver exceptional sound quality throughout our multi-purpose ballroom, with exceptional control.”

“HARMAN is extremely privileged to be associated with Modena by Fraser Buriram, providing effective AV and controls solutions powered by our iconic brands,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "HARMAN would like to thank Mahajak Development for understanding the requirements of the client and deploying a successful design and for an outstanding AV experience for their guests.”

Hoiana Suncity Launches Central Vietnam’s Premier Beachfront Integrated Resort;Previews World-Class Entertainment & Gaming Center with state-of-the-art HARMAN Professional Audio Solutions

Hoiana Suncity Launches Central Vietnam’s Premier Beachfront Integrated Resort;Previews World-Class Entertainment & Gaming Center with state-of-the-art HARMAN Professional Audio Solutions

June 29, 2020

Central Vietnam —To elevate the guest experience at the Hoiana Suncity gaming and entertainment venue, VISCO Joint Stock and ihD Ltd. has deployed state-of-the-art HARMAN Professional audio-visual (AV) and background music (BGM) solutions.

Hoiana is the first beachfront integrated resort in Central Vietnam and had its preview soft opening on June 28, 2020. The impressive casino and resort consists of a cutting-edge entertainment and gaming facilities by Hoiana Suncity, an 18-hole Robert Trent Jones Jr.-designed Hoiana Shores Golf Club; and the first of four luxurious hotels managed by Rosewood Hotel Group – the Hoiana Hotel & Suites.

"The client wanted the latest hi-tech audio-visual, background music, lighting solutions and LED video walls to enliven its gaming and entertainment venues. One of the challenges that we faced was that we began the project with 50 percent of architectural drawings, while the rest of the design was put in place as the establishment was being built," said David Chua, General Director, VISCO Joint Stock. "We used HiQnet Audio Architect Software for programming and configuring all of HARMAN's audio systems. Integrating a multitude of the AV and lighting equipment made this project an exciting challenge."

The BGM system in the Casino and Food & Beverage areas consisted primarily of JBL Control Series speakers. Control 26CT, 24CT, 328CT, 322CT coaxial ceiling speakers, along with JBL Control 25AV 60 Watt indoor/outdoor commercial speakers, deliver premium output with wide coverage. To remove resonances and deliver lower bass response, the Control 300 Series speakers were fitted with JBL MTC-300BB8 Backcans and JBL MTC-300BB12 Backboxes. To ensure extended durability, JBL MTC-300RG8 and MTC-300SG12 scratch-resistant square grilles were added to the speakers.

Mot Hai Bar, the stage bar setup at Hoiana Suncity with complimentary entertainment shows for players consisted of JBL AM5215/64 2-Way, full-range loudspeakers, which are weather-resistent and feature a Progressive Transition Waveguide for excellent pattern control. The JBL ASB7118 ultra-long excursion hi-power single subwoofer offers powerful bass with low-distortion, while JBL AC18/95 passive compact speakers were integrated for their ease of mounting and high-fidelity output. Also included were JBL Control 26CT two-way coaxial ceiling loudspeakers, a JBL CSMA2120 mixing console, an AKG PZM11 boundary microphone, as well as Crown CDi 4|600 power amplifiers.

"The project at Hoiana Suncity was unique for two reasons. One is the sheer scale of the establishment, and the second being the unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19. We would like to thank Hoiana Suncity for their faith in the best in class HARMAN Audio Solutions which will provide a world class experience to their customers," said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We thank our partner VISCO Joint Stock for their expertise and dedication leading to the successful completion of the project in these testing times.”

Eon Clublex Ulaanbaatar Establishes New Standard for Clubbing Experience Using  HARMAN Professional Audio Solutions

Eon Clublex Ulaanbaatar Establishes New Standard for Clubbing Experience Using HARMAN Professional Audio Solutions

June 29, 2020

ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia — To elevate its venue with world-class sound quality and provide guests a memorable clubbing experience, Eon Clublex Ulaanbaatar recently upgraded to a cutting-edge HARMAN Professional audio solution.

Known as the ultimate clubbing and partying destination, Eon Clublex Ulaanbaatar is Mongolia’s biggest night club and features state-of-the-art facilities. It consists of the main hall, a VIP lounge and a first-floor lounge. To further enhance the guest experience, the club entrusted ITC Solutions to deliver a premium audio system that provides exceptional sound performance.

“The venue needed a robust audio system that delivers even sound coverage and produces a high-end clubbing atmosphere,” said a spokesperson at ITC Solutions. “We wanted a partner that could set up an ideal audio solution and extend reliable customer service post-installation—that’s why we chose HARMAN.”

Meeting the club’s audio expectations, ITC Solutions deployed JBL VRX 932LA and VRX928S line array loudspeakers, which feature Constant Curvature Waveguide technology to deliver pristine sound quality and unprecedented array coherence. The system also features JBL SRX815P self-powered loudspeakers, SRX818SP subwoofers, Control HST speakers, 8124 in-ceiling loudspeakers as well as the JBL VMA 2120 mixer to provide exceptional sound across the venue and create a one-of-a-kind clubbing experience.

To ensure optimum audio performance and appropriate sound levels throughout the club, the system includes Soundcraft Si Expression, EPM6 and FX16ii mixing consoles. In addition to powering the system with Crown Xti 4002, Xti 2002, XTii 6002 and MA 5000i amplifiers, ITC Solutions deployed BSS BLU networked audio systems and the dbx DriveRack PA2 loudspeaker management system to connect and fine-tune the expansive audio solution.

“We required a sound system that would create an unforgettable clubbing experience for our patrons. We also wanted to partner with a company that could provide dependable customer service after installation,” said a spokesperson at Eon Clublex Ulaanbaatar. “We had immense confidence in the capabilities of ITC Solutions and HARMAN before the project, and we are highly satisfied with the prudent solutions and support that we have received from them.”

“Incorporating audio solutions with the latest technologies, Eon Clublex Ulaanbaatar set a whole new level for clubbing,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We thank ITC Solutions for creating a lively atmosphere and heightening the clubbing experience with world-class sound systems and production levels.”

JBL Professional Debuts BRX300 Series  Modular Line Array Systems for the APAC, China and India Markets

JBL Professional Debuts BRX300 Series Modular Line Array Systems for the APAC, China and India Markets

June 23, 2020

NORTHRIDGE, Calif.—HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control systems, is pleased to introduce the JBL Professional BRX300 Series of modular line array systems for small- to mid-size applications in the APAC, China and India markets, only.

The series, which includes the BRX308-LA Line Array Element, BRX325SP Powered Subwoofer with DSP, BRX308-ACC Transport Kit, BRX308-AF Array Frame and BRX308-PM Pole Mount and Adapter Kit, provides versatile sound reinforcement solutions for bands, DJs, A/V rental firms, houses of worship and anyone who requires pro-grade fidelity, class-leading output and seamless front-to-back coverage in a simple, scalable sound system.

“Every day, the world’s leading concert venues and touring productions rely on the power and clarity of JBL Professional line array technology,” said Sunil Karanjikar, Cinema Product Manager, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “With the BRX300 Series, we’re bringing that legendary sonic performance to small- and mid-size productions.

“The BRX300 series takes the guesswork out of system setup and operation, thanks to its built-in corrective processing, smart transport system and simple rigging hardware. No matter your configuration, you’ll be able to set up quickly and safely and get right back to focusing on your show. And, because systems are self powered and self contained, there’s no dealing with amp racks, crossover calibration or long cable runs—just add input cables and a mixer and you’re ready to go.”

The BRX300 Series can be configured to accommodate a range of live music events, receptions and corporate functions. Systems are available in minimum one-subwoofer/two-top or one-subwoofer/four-top configurations and can be stacked, pole mounted or hung to provide seamless coverage in every scenario. Deploy in minutes and experience optimal sound out of the box with components engineered for superior sonics and ease of use:

The BRX308-LA Line Array Element features dual 8-inch LF drivers and a 3-inch titanium compression driver, providing full-spectrum coverage, class-leading 136 dB output and ultra-wide 110° horizontal dispersion, with variable interbox angles for fine-tuning vertical coverage.

The BRX325SP dual 15-inch Powered Subwoofer extends low-frequency energy to 32 Hz, with built-in 1,000-watt, 6-channel amplification providing 136 dB output and powering up to four BRX308-LA Line Array Elements; sophisticated internal DSP handles EQ, filters, driver-protection circuitry and crossover management. Built-in casters simplify transport.

The BRX308-ACC Transport Kit provides a self-contained transport system for four BRX308-LA Line Array Elements and includes padded covers for the cart, BRX3255 Powered Subwoofer and required speaker cables.

The BRX308-AF Array Frame supports one BRX325SP Powered Subwoofer or up to eight BRX308-LA Line Array Elements in flown configuration, and is tested for a safety factor of 4:1, while the BRX308-PM Pole Mount and Adapter Kit mounts up to two BRX308-LA Line Array Elements, expanding system configuration options.

The BRX300 Series’ rugged, tour-tested cabinet designs feature all-wood construction with a Duraflex coating that protects against wear and tear.


The JBL BRX300 Series will be available in July, 2020 in the APAC, China and India markets. Contact your JBL representative for product availability in your region.

For more information, please visit or see the video at

Shanghai’s National Exhibition and Convention Center Upgrades to HARMAN Professional Solutions Audio Systems

Shanghai’s National Exhibition and Convention Center Upgrades to HARMAN Professional Solutions Audio Systems

June 22, 2020

SHANGHAI—Shanghai ACE, a branch of ACE (International) Co., Ltd, recently installed an end-to-end HARMAN Professional Solutions networked audio system at the National Exhibition and Convention Center complex.

At 15.8 million square feet, the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) in Shanghai is the largest convention facility of its kind in the world. The massive complex has a unique four-leaf-clover shape, with four main exhibit halls totaling 5.4 million square feet branching off from a central plaza. In preparation for the inaugural China International Import Expo, an international trade fair proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, the facility underwent extensive renovations in 2018. The NECC hired HARMAN distributor Shanghai ACE to upgrade the facility with a complete HARMAN networked audio solution including JBL loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers, dbx and BSS signal processors and Soundcraft mixers.

“Due to the rigid security of state leader conferences, there were strict requirements for the renovation project of the National Exhibition and Convention Center,” said a spokesperson at Shanghai ACE. “We designed the HARMAN audio system to meet the toughest standards with excellent performance and high flexibility. Following the China Import Expo show, this audio system will continue to deliver premium audio quality for many more large-scale conferences and exhibitions.”

To cover the entire complex with high-definition sound, Shanghai ACE installed a wide range of JBL loudspeakers suited to different roles. The main sound systems in the exhibition halls are comprised of VRX and VTX Series line array elements, which provide ample power and coverage to fill the immense pillarless spaces. Additional sound reinforcement is provided by JBL AM Series loudspeakers with switchable bi-amp/tri-amp design for added flexibility. CBT Series column loudspeakers utilize Constant Beamwidth Technology to deliver ultra-consistent vertical coverage for specialized applications. LSR Series nearfield monitors provide accurate sound for mixing and reference. For outdoor sound reinforcement with wireless flexibility, Shanghai ACE provided JBL EON 600 portable PA systems with Bluetooth connectivity.

To power the NECC’s expansive sound system, Shanghai ACE provided 36 network-connected Crown I-Tech amplifiers and 26 DCi Series models, which deliver strong signal with clean headroom to all loudspeakers. To optimize the sound of each array and protect the loudspeakers, Shanghai ACE installed dbx loudspeaker management systems throughout the facility. The entire system is connected by a network of BSS BLU-800 and BLU-100 signal processors, which perform complex signal routing via high-speed CobraNet and Dante protocols. A total of 18 Soundcraft mixers allow sound professionals to easily mix audio for large-scale events with dozens of analog and digital inputs and an intuitive, hands-on user interface.