Playmaker Café Enhances Guest Experience Using World-Class Systems from HARMAN Professional Solutions

October 22, 2020

JAKARTA, Indonesia—Wanting to upgrade its acoustic system and provide an enhanced guest experience, the Playmaker Café hired our partners, IMS Indonesia, to design and install a cutting-edge HARMAN Professional audio solution featuring JBL Professional loudspeakers.

The Playmaker Café is a trendy dining and entertainment destination in Thamrin, Jakarta. Opened in October 2019 and founded by the famous football presenter Ophan Lamara, Playermaker Café is a popular hangout spot for locals and tourists alike. The establishment consists of a stylish restaurant, meeting rooms for corporate professionals as well as a lounge, which hosts live music events twice a week and includes two mini billiard tables that add a sporty, energetic vibe.

“Playmaker Café required a world-class sound system that would allow customers to further enjoy the ambiance,” said a spokesperson for IMS Indonesia. “The system had to be dynamic and adaptable to produce great performance across a variety of music genres and live acts. After considering the various factors involved, we decided to use premium JBL speakers that perfectly complement Playmaker Café’s fun enviornment.”

IMS Indonesia installed the JBL C50PACK surface-mount subwoofer-satellite loudspeaker system, which provides versatility and high-fidelity sound for restaraunts and other hospitalitiy environements. For pristine vocal performance and speech intelligibility, the system includes an AKG D7 reference dynamic microphone, while a Soundcraft Notepad-12-FX with built-in Lexicon effects helps ensure peak audio quality and allows the café to achieve a professional sound without any additional plug-ins or equipment. To complete and power the system, IMS Indonesia used the reliaible Crown XLi 800 two-channel power amplifier.

“Our lounge prides itself on being a hub for great music for both background music” said a spokesperson for the Playmaker Café. “It was only natural that we wanted a sound system to match the dynamic ambiance of the café and enthrall our guests. IMS Indonesia met all our expectations and we are very satisfied with the solutions they provided.”

"Playmaker Café required audio solutions that enabled customers to resonate with its lively ambiance," said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We would like to thank our partner, IMS Indonesia, for delivering a dynamic solution that accentuates the café’s atmosphere.”

JBL Professional Introduces IRX115S Powered Subwoofer

JBL Professional Introduces IRX115S Powered Subwoofer

October 20, 2020

NORTHRIDGE, Calif.—HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control systems, including networked AV, today introduced the JBL IRX115S powered subwoofer.

The JBL IRX115S powered subwoofer, the newest member of the JBL IRX Series, draws from JBL’s top professional touring technologies to deliver superior sound without the guesswork, thanks to its custom driver and amplifier designs; tuned, ported enclosure; and built-in crossover and polarity settings. It all adds up to an impressive 128 dB of deep, powerful low-frequency coverage in a rugged, compact cabinet weighing just 65.3 pounds.

“With our IRX Series, we’ve drawn from 70 years of JBL innovation to design a portable P.A. that’s lightweight, powerful and doesn’t take a lot of work to sound great,” says Craig Lambrecht, Director, Portable P.A.s,  HARMAN Professional Solutions. “JBL IRX Series loudspeakers already deliver stunning sound in an incredibly compact footprint. By adding the IRX115S subwoofer, users can enhance their systems with room-shaking bass, without breaking anyone’s budget—or back.”

The IRX115S leverages more than 70 years of JBL speaker innovation to deliver superior fidelity, range and output. Inside, a powerful 15” woofer with 3” voicecoil produces powerful bass coverage from 35 Hz to 147 Hz (-10 dB); a high-efficiency, 1,300-watt amplifier protects components while ensuring top-level acoustic performance. Selectable 80 Hz, 100 Hz and 120 Hz crossover points smooth out system response, especially when used with JBL IRX Series loudspeakers; a tuned port optimizes response and reduces woofer noise.

With the IRX115S, perfect sound is just a button-push away. Simple, intuitive settings adjust crossover and polarity to optimize system response in any space. Pair the IRX115S with the 8-inch IRX108BT and 12-inch IRX112BT powered loudspeakers and access Bluetooth audio streaming, dbx automatic feedback suppression, ducking and EQ presets that’ll have you instantly sounding your best.

The innovations don’t stop at acoustics: A durable MDF enclosure features a tight-gauge, reinforced honeycomb grille that offers rugged protection without compromising acoustic performance. A built-in pole mount expands system configuration options. Transport is easy, thanks to thoughtfully designed ergonomic handles. And, like every JBL product, the IRX115S undergoes JBL’s legendary 100-hour stress test to ensure it’ll perform flawlessly in real-world conditions.

JBL IRX Series powered P.A.s offer legendary JBL fidelity, power and ease of use at a fraction of the price and size of comparable systems. Budget-conscious musicians, DJs, presenters and fitness instructors can count on versatile, full-featured JBL IRX Series portable P.A.s to deliver stunning sound, no audio engineer necessary.


The JBL IRX115S will be available in Q4 2020. For more information, please visit

Good Vibes Winter Festival 2020 Enhances Performances and Fan Experience with JBL Professional’s World-Class VTX Series Loudspeakers

Good Vibes Winter Festival 2020 Enhances Performances and Fan Experience with JBL Professional’s World-Class VTX Series Loudspeakers

October 20, 2020

New Zealand—To treat the audience at the Good Vibes Winter Festival 2020 to pristine sound and provide them an unforgettable experience, NZ Sound Reinforcement deployed a state-of-the-art HARMAN Professional networked audio solution that includes a collection of JBL Professional VTX Series loudspeakers.

Organized by Pato Entertainment and the sister festival of the One Love Festival, the Good Vibes Winter Festival 2020 features an array of local artists, embracing the New Music as international borders were closed and set the scene for summer reggae vibes. To elevate the fan experience, the festival organizers hired New Zealand’s leading event production company, NZ Sound Reinforcement, to design and install a world-class audio system that delivers exceptional sound with consistent coverage.

“We had multiple venues that demanded a specific combination of audio systems, so we used an assortment of JBL VTX loudspeakers. We also had tight SPL restrictions in most venues, whilst keeping the system sounding energetic and full, which we managed to deliver perfectly,” said Juan Soothill of NZ Sound Reinforcement. “We also had very tight load-in times, but with the easy and quick rigging of JBL’s VTX A-Series, we managed to get each system up and running extremely fast.”

The impressive solution features an arsenal of JBL VTX A8 dual 8” compact line array loudspeakers, including a ground-stacked system as well as 12-speaker arrays flown on each side of the stage. With 110º dispersion, high-frequency transducers and JBL’s proprietary woofers and waveguide technology, VTX A8 loudspeakers deliver unmatched sound performance with even distribution across the venue.

With the challenging venue acoustics, NZ Sound Reinforcement  overcome this in their design and deployment of their JBL VTX system, consisting  VTX A12 and VTX A12W dual 12” line array loudspeakers, while sub-arrays consisting of VTX G28 dual 18” and VTX B18 single 18” subwoofers offer authoritative, accurate low-frequency response. Rounding out the sound system, NZ Sound Reinforcement also deployed VTX M22 professional stage monitors, SRX835P loudspeakers and SRX828SP subwoofers. Designed and configured with JBL’s Line Array Calculator 3.5 and Performance Manager 2.7 software, the system is powered by Crown VRack 4x3500HD amplifiers.

“We required a high-fidelity audio solution for the festival, as we were looking to enhance the festival’s sound and provide an immersive atmosphere,” said one of the event’s organizers. “We needed a partner to set up a unique networked audio system with exceptional sound to support some of the world’s biggest artists performing at the festival, and NZ Sound Reinforcement delivered exceptional service.”

“The networked audio solution installed at the Good Vibes Winter Festival is unlike conventional systems. The system had to deliver exciting yet powerful sound with consistent coverage and absolute clarity for an event of this size,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We would like to thank our partner NZ Sound Reinforcement for creating an amazing atmosphere at the festival with an ingenious design.”

Silk Path Grand Hue Hotel & Spa Equips Luxurious Facilities with Cutting-Edge HARMAN Professional Audio Solution

Silk Path Grand Hue Hotel & Spa Equips Luxurious Facilities with Cutting-Edge HARMAN Professional Audio Solution

October 12, 2020

Hue, Vietnam—Upgrading its immaculate facilities with pristine sound that matches the property’s beautiful aesthetics, Silk Path Grand Hue Hotel & Spa hired Ba Sao Audio to design and install a resort-wide premium HARMAN Professional audio solution.

Overseen by Silk Path Hotels & Resorts, which manages various luxurious hospitality properties including the Silk Path Boutique Hanoi, Silk Path Hotel Hanoi and the first international five-star hotel in Sapa called the Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa Sapa, the Silk Path Grand Hue Hotel & Spa is a lush, world-class travel destination that is also ideal for special events, meetings and conferences. With a location in the heart of the regal capital that offers phenomenal city views, the hotel features a blend of eloquent furnishing and feudal architecture. As a stunning venue for private stays and public events, Silk Path Grand Hue Hotel & Spa added to its allure by upgrading its resort-wide sound system to a HARMAN Professional audio solution that features an array of JBL Professional loudspeakers.

“The client wanted an audio system for clear background sound and a centrally controlled music system that keeps the resort energized and enhances customer delight,” said Nguyen Khac Anh, CEO at Ba Sao Investment Co. Ltd. “They wanted a cutting-edge sound system that covers the lobbies, conference center, restaurants, spa area along with the sites of informal bashes. We selected and deployed superior quality sound systems using HARMAN Professional’s industry-leading equipment.”

To deliver pristine sound across the resort, Ba Sao Audio installed cutting-edge background music systems throughout Silk Path Grand Hue Hotel & Spa’s main and back lobbies, gardens, spas, business centers, restaurants as well as pre-function areas. The system features several speakers across the JBL Professional portfolio, including PRX800 Series, Control 10 Series and Control Contractor Series loudspeakers. Control 14C/T, Control 16C/T and Control 24CT ceiling loudspeakers provide even coverage across the facilities, while Control 25-1 two-way, compact indoor/outdoor speakers feature rich sonic character and weather resistant enclosures and transducers. Ba Sao Audio also installed JBL Control 85M two-way landscape speakers to bring exceptional sound outdoors.

Ensuring peak performance and that guests are treated to excellent audio, the impressive solution includes BSS BLU-100 signal processors with BLU link as well as Soundcraft Si Impact mixing consoles and Soundcraft Mini Stageboxes. To power the system, Ba Sao Audio deployed Crown 135MA power amplifiers as well as JBL Commercial Solutions Series Amplifiers and VMA Series Mixer Amplifiers.

“We chose HARMAN for its reputable functionality and performance. Ba Sao Audio expertly handled the entire setup and moved us right in our decision with their precise delivery,” said a spokesperson for Silk Path Grand Hue Hotel & Spa. “We are delighted with the expert solutions they delivered and for their team going above and beyond our expectations in providing tech-forward products and timely after-sales coordination with the in-house sound managers.”

“Unique spaces like the Silk Path Grand Hue Hotel & Spa demand centrally controlled, premium sound systems to manage sound delivery at multiple parts of the venue while extending immersive sound experiences for guests,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We would like to thank our partner, official distributor of HARMAN Pro Group in Vietnam, for understanding the client’s needs and completing the project with all the detail and the finishing touches.”

RYU Bar Brings the Best of Asian Culture to India Nightclub with HARMAN Professional Solutions

RYU Bar Brings the Best of Asian Culture to India Nightclub with HARMAN Professional Solutions

October 09, 2020

GURGAON, India—AM Integrated Solutions and GRS AV Solutions recently outfitted RYU Bar with a complete HARMAN Professional sound reinforcement solution to ensure world-class audio quality for patrons and party-goers alike.

Opened in January, RYU Bar is one of the latest additions to the popular nightlife scene in the bustling city of Gurgaon. Named after the Japanese word for “dragon,” RYU Bar delivers a pan-Asian experience, bringing together food, cocktails, music and décor from Chinese, Japanese and Malaysian cultures. To ensure immersive sound throughout the main space, rooftop terrace and private lounges, the owner hired AM Integrated Solutions and GRS AV Solutions to install a complete HARMAN Professional sound system, consisting of JBL loudspeakers and subwoofers, Crown amplifiers and BSS digital audio processors.

“RYU was a uniquely challenging project for us, in terms of finding ways around the venue’s low height limitations while meeting the client’s vision of a bar that transforms into a nightclub in the evening,” said Aashish Mahindru, Consultant, AM Integrated Solutions. “I am very happy with what the compact JBL AC28 speakers and ASB6128 subwoofers deliver with some excellent sound tuning.”

In order to meet the client’s volume requirements and work within the limited height of the venue, the installation team required a compact PA design with high SPL output and balanced coverage. AM Integrated Solutions and GRS AV Solution outfitted the main venue space with four JBL AC28/26 two-way loudspeakers and two ASB6128 double 18-inch subwoofers.

To extend the sound into the connected lounge area, the team installed three JBL AC18/26 loudspeakers and a compact ASB6118 subwoofer. Two additional JBL AC18/26 loudspeakers provide soft background music for guests in the private dining room, while the rooftop terrace utilizes an array of durable JBL Control 28-1L indoor/outdoor speakers for high-SPL music. The entire system is powered by Crown DCi 2|2400N, DCi 4|1250N and DCi 8|600N amplifiers, and networked with BSS Soundweb London BLU-50 and BLU-10 digital signal processors.

“A great club venue relies on three things for its success—interiors and ambience; food and beverage; and sound and lights,” said G.S. Anand, Co-Founder & Director, RYU Bar. “With the first two parts taken care of, we were extremely satisfied with the highly responsive service and support from Aashish and AM Integrated Solutions, and the great products and excellent sound from HARMAN Professional Solutions.”

Showcasing Industry Experts, Marquee Installations and Future Technological Advancements, HARMAN Professional India Launches HARMAN TechKnow Chat Series

Showcasing Industry Experts, Marquee Installations and Future Technological Advancements, HARMAN Professional India Launches HARMAN TechKnow Chat Series

October 09, 2020

BANGALORE, India—Creating a new platform where customers can learn from the AV industry’s most knowledgeable and accomplished professionals, HARMAN TechKnow Chat by HARMAN Professional India is a series of virtual, fireside chats that celebrate key contributors, projects and products across the industry.

In addition to speaking with consultants, integrators and other renowned AV professionals about their journey in the industry, HARMAN TechKnow Chat will include product demonstrations and highlight noteworthy projects and case studies that feature HARMAN Professional’s cutting-edge solutions.

"HARMAN has been at the forefront of engineering audio solutions for the professional, consumer and automotive markets for decades,” said Aditya Todi, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for HARMAN Professional Solutions, India and SAARC. “Continuing the same pioneering spirit, we're introducing HARMAN TechKnow Chat: a medium to showcase and learn from some of the key experts in the Indian AV industry. Through the HARMAN TechKnow Chat series, you can expect insightful case studies, fireside chats, product demos as well as conversations that you can enjoy and learn from."

Here’s a look at some of the upcoming sessions:

  • Digital Switching and Conference Room Audio with Mradul Sharma, Principal Consultant and Managing Director, 3CDN Workplace Tech Pvt. Ltd
  • Entertainment Series Speakers with Sunny Sarid, Principal Consultant and Managing Director, Sound of Music India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Architectural Lighting with Kelvin Ashby-King, Principal Consultant & Managing Director, T2 Technology Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  • Case Study Discussion: The DAICEC Installation over SVSi with Vineet Singh, Managing Director, HMPL Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

To equip the sessions with crystal-clear sound and treat viewers to an engaging experience, HARMAN TechKnow Chat features a range of HARMAN Professional’s world-class networked AV and control solutions.

Many more HARMAN TechKnow Chat sessions are in production for release in the coming months, so be sure to visit to view the schedule and learn more.

Firehouse Productions Brings Live Energy to NBA Bubble With JBL Professional Audio Solutions

Firehouse Productions Brings Live Energy to NBA Bubble With JBL Professional Audio Solutions

October 07, 2020

BAY LAKE, Florida—To bring the energy and excitement of a typical basketball experience to an NBA season that was anything but typical, Firehouse Productions deployed two complete HARMAN Professional Solutions audio systems featuring state-of-the-art JBL Professional loudspeakers and Crown amplifiers.

Due to restrictions on large gatherings related to COVID-19, the NBA decided to proceed with the 2019-20 season without fans present. To safely accommodate players, staff and support crews, the NBA set up a strict isolation “bubble” at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World. Teams began playing July 30 at the 8,000-seat AdventHealth Arena and 5,000-seat HP Field House venues with audiences of just a few hundred essential personnel.

To ensure uncompromised, high-impact sound for the dramatically reduced crowds, NBA officials turned to Firehouse Productions, who have been providing sound reinforcement for NBA games for more than a decade. To deliver a dynamic experience while retaining intelligibility under strict volume limits and preventing bleed onto the court, Firehouse Productions deployed JBL VTX V20 line array loudspeakers and VTX S25 subwoofers powered by Crown I-Tech HD Series amplifiers.

“The NBA has a very strict 85 dB limit on the PA system, so intelligibility becomes everything,” said Mark Dittmar, Vice President, Firehouse Productions. “When you can go up to 100 dB, you don't need as much intelligibility, because you can just turn it up and people can hear it. When you have an 85 dB limit, that's a very different game. You need to be intelligible above the audience sound.”

To ensure a high degree of intelligibility for commentary, court audio and music, Firehouse Productions deployed three hangs of eight JBL VTX V20 line array loudspeakers in each venue. With 10-inch Differential Drive woofers and D2 dual-diaphragm compression drivers, the VTX V20 provides impressive power output with ultra-linear frequency response and low distortion characteristics. The three-way design and Radiation Boundary Integrator waveguide provide broad coverage for the audience while preventing sound from bleeding onto the court, which had its own sound system. The ASM suspension system allowed Dittmar’s crew to deploy the sound system efficiently and precisely while following COVID-19 safety protocols.

“For most of my shows, and for the NBA in particular, I've been using JBL VTX V20 loudspeakers for a number of years,” said Dittmar. “With their intelligibility, size and power factor, they’re just spectacular. The 105-degree pattern really lets me cover a lot, and they sound great. Part of what I like about JBL is that it's very consistent and reliable for me. I don't have to worry about intelligibility or things like that, so I don't have to get into a complicated design. I like to keep it very, very simple.”

To provide the same impact as a typical arena sound system with more focused coverage, Firehouse Productions added JBL VTX S25 subwoofers in cardioid configuration. Featuring two 15-inch Differential Drive woofers engineered for extra-long excursion, the VTX S25 provides industry-leading low-frequency output for its size, with extremely low distortion. Designed specifically for use with VTX V20 line array elements, VTX S25 subwoofers can easily be arrayed in a cardioid configuration to prevent low-frequency spillage outside the coverage zone.

“The subs are my favorite thing out there,” added Dittmar. “Up until I saw this product, I hated 15-inch subs. Then the S25 came out, and I don't know what they did or how they did it, but it’s a huge amount of power in a very small package. I use it all the time. It's designed to work with the V20s, and it's got way more low-end than any double 15 I've ever worked with in my life.”

Firehouse productions selected Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD and 12000HD amplifiers to power both sound systems. Featuring BSS OMNIDRIVEHD processing with linear phase FIR filters and the acclaimed LevelMAX Limiter Suite, both models provide crystal-clear amplification with ample headroom. Network connectivity via HiQnet and Ethernet protocols provides a high degree of control and real-time diagnostics.

Having provided sound reinforcement for NBA games and all-star events for the past 10 years, Firehouse Productions maintains a solid working relationship with the organization. It’s this mutual trust, Dittmar says, that allowed his team to react quickly to the unique situation, designing and deploying the sound system in a short time frame with outstanding results.

“I've got a very long-standing relationship with them, and a heck of a lot of trust,” Dittmar said of the NBA. “If I say something, that's what I'm going to deliver. If they tell me something, that's not just them making up an excuse or something. We have a very strong working relationship together, and that allows us to take complicated, fast-moving situations and get really great results.”

Thai Metropolitan Electricity Authority Elevates Its Meeting Spaces With World-Class HARMAN Professional Solutions Networked AV and Lighting Systems

Thai Metropolitan Electricity Authority Elevates Its Meeting Spaces With World-Class HARMAN Professional Solutions Networked AV and Lighting Systems

September 15, 2020

BANGKOK, Thailand—To elevate experiences of its meeting spaces with world class AV solutions, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority collaborated with Mahajak Development Co., Ltd to install cutting-edge HARMAN Professional Solutuons networked AV and lighting solutions.

Established in 1958, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority is a state-run electricity and power provider that services Bangkok, Nonthaburi, and Samut Prakan. The facilities span across three towers and include a convention center, an auditorium, a food center, a nursing home, an exhibition hall and multiple office spaces. To commemorate the enterprise’s 61st anniversary, Metropolitan Electricity Authority hired Mahajak to install state-of-the-art HARMAN Professional Solutions networked AV and lighting systems throughout the facilities.

“The client wanted sophisticated AV and lighting solutions to support their meeting rooms, offices and convention centers,” said Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom, Director of Project, Mahajak Development Co. Ltd. “We selected end-to-end AMX systems, as they support a wide range of distribution formats and applications, regardless of the distance between source and destination. We chose Martin lighting fixtures for their ability to create stunning visual displays without causing glare.”

To enable digital voting during meetings, Mahajak equipped the MOC meeting room with an AMX networked AV system, which can be controlled using AMX NX series and MKP series control panels or an AMX TPC-iPad wireless control system. Sound is routed through a Soundcraft Signature Series mixing console and distributed to JBL Control series ceiling loudspeakers via BSS BLU series processors. For the visual system, an AMX Enova DGX800-ENC digital media switcher is used to manage video feeds.

The committee room with 50 seats has an audio system similar to the MOC Room. This room is for executive meetings and enabled with easy to use arrangements faciliated by 24” embed monitors installed with monitor lifts. There is a continuous screen helping the audiences to see the presentation at eye level. The 164” motorized screem and 5,000 ANSI lumens projector are provided with Digital Matrix 8 * 8 AMX DGX800-ENC with video card. The control system used AMX NX Series together with AMX/TPC-iPad wireless control system for convinence to control all equipments, on and off functions, and the sytem can be connected to the central control. The system can be monitored to check their functions independently.

Mahajak installed a similar audio system in the Governor meeting room, along with an impressive video system featuring multiple embedded 24-inch video monitors, a 164-inch motorized screen and a powerful 5,000 ANSI lumens projector. The system is controlled using the AMX Enova DGX800-ENC; along with AMX NX series integrated controllers and AMX TPC-iPad software. Mahajak also equipped three additional meeting rooms with similar systems.

To enable staff to monitor AV systems throughout the facilities, Mahajak leveraged AMX Resource Management Suite (RMS) Enterprise software, increasing management efficiency. For seamless streaming between devices, Mahajak installed AMX SVSI N2000 series encoders and decoders. This future-proof system comprised of the latest HARMAN products makes it easy to integrate additional products or upgrade in the future.

For added convenience, Mahajak deployed seven-inch touch screens in every meeting room to display the room’s status, such as green for “Available”, yellow for “Already Booked” and red for “In Use”. On the exterioir of the building, outdoor LED screens and control equipment were installed to display animations, slide shows, videos, and graphics in full color up to 30 meters away from the installation point.

The auditorium, being the heart of meeting rooms, is designed like a cinema theater. Class-leading JBL Line Array loudspeakers were installed to provide clear, detailed sound throughout the venue while supporting multi-functional operation. JBL VerTec series loudspeakers and subwoofers are mounted together with JBL AC series and JBL ASB series loudspeakers to provide powerful sound. Mahajak selected JBL PRX series loudspeakers as floor monitors, enabling performers to hear themselves on stage.

For visual media in the auditorium, Mahajak installed an AMX HDBaseT system along with an AMX DGX800-ENC digital media switcher. Three powerful projectors installed at the back of the room provide crisp, clear visuals. The system is controlled via iPad using the AMX TPC-iPad software.

In the Seminar rooms, a Soundcraft Si Performer series mixing console enables the space to be used as a multipurpose venue. JBL CBT series column loudspeakers deliver even, balanced coverage in the Split room, while JBL VRX series line array loudspeakers and STX series subwoofers deliver class-leading sound quality in the Merged room.

For visuals, Mahajak equipped the space with an AMX HDBaseT system and AMX Enova DGX800-ENC digital media switcher. Two high-powered projectors deliver video signals to three motorized screens and four portable LED TVs. To create immersive lighting shows in the auditorium, Mahajak installed a wide range of Martin moving head fixtures, including the MAC Quantum Profile.

"We required an AV and lighting system that would facilitate seamless communication while adding a sophisticated look and feel to our venues,” said a spokesperson at Metropolitan Electricity Authority. “The AMX networked AV system provided by Mahajak satisfied all of our requirements, and its centralized platform made it very easy for us to access, maintain and upgrade the system from anywhere in the buildings."

"Large-scale, multipurpose venues like the Metropolitan Electricity Authority require advanced AV systems to deliver clear sound and visuals," said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "HARMAN would like to thank our partner Mahajak Development Co., Ltd for leveraging our industry-leading experience in delivering enterprise-level solutions at a government facility and for creating a powerful AV solution that helps elevate the experience of the officials and visitors."

Ulsan Complex Stadium Elevates Fan Experience with Cutting-Edge Systems from HARMAN Professional Solutions

Ulsan Complex Stadium Elevates Fan Experience with Cutting-Edge Systems from HARMAN Professional Solutions

September 15, 2020

ULSAN, Republic of Korea—Adding world-class sound and enhancing the fan experience, the Ulsan Sports Complex hired audio integrators TechDataPS Co., Ltd., and Daeseong Media to upgrade the sound system in its Ulsan Complex Stadium with a state-the-art, dynamic HARMAN Professional audio solution.

Built in 1970, the Ulsan Sports Complex includes Ulsan Complex Stadium, which was the original home of Ulsan Hyundai FC and features a capacity of 19,471. Today, the stadium is home to Ulsan Citizen FC, which competes in Korea’s K4 professional soccer league. Located between the Yaksacheon and Dongcheon rivers, Ulsan Sports Complex also includes an auxiliary stadium, the Dongcheon Gymnasium, Dongcheon National Sports Center, a basketball court, foot volleyball court, futsal court as well as a youth concert hall. To bring exceptional sound to sporting events and create an entertaining environment for fans, TechDataPS and Daeseong Media equipped Ulsan Complex Stadium with a cutting-edge HARMAN Professional audio solution that includes JBL Professional loudspeakers, Crown amplification, Soundcraft mixers and BSS signal processors.

“The client required a system that could deliver reliable, highly articulate sound output. It was also essential that the system maximize sound coverage across the venue, keeping in mind the close proximity of residential buildings,” said a spokesperson for TechDataPS. “Considering multiple factors including safety, durability and the varying acoustic demands of the venue, we zeroed in upon JBL VTX A-Series loudspeakers.”

Providing pristine sound throughout the stadium, TechDataPS selected JBL VTX A8 dual 8” compact line array loudspeakers for their excellent audio quality and 110º dispersion. The system also includes an array of JBL all-weather loudspeakers, including AW295, AWC595, AWC129 and AWC82 speakers, which deliver exceptional acoustics and feature weather-resistant enclosures. TechDataPS also installed 305P MkII powered studio monitors, which feature JBLs’ patented Waveguide Technology and allow the stadium’s audio engineers to reference the mix accurately to make sure it will translate well over the loudspeakers.

To ensure optimum audio performance, the system includes BSS BLU-DA and BLU-100 signal processors with BLU Link, while Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD, DCi 4|600N and DCi 4|300N amplifiers power the solution. Further adding to the system’s excellent audio output, Soundcraft Vi2000, Si Performer 1 and Signature 12 mixing consoles offer unparalleled mixing capabilities with professional, studio-quality sound.

“We were looking at a complete renewal of the existing sound setup. Apart from delivering world-class performance, the setup had to meet great standards of reliability, durability and safety. The latter two were especially important factors because of the windy conditions prevalent in Ulsan,” said a spokesperson for Ulsan Complex Stadium. “We are extremely satisfied with the incredible solutions that TechDataPS and Daeseong Media provided.”

"The Ulsan Complex Stadium called for audio solutions that could address a complex set of requirements. Not only was there a requirement for a world-class sound system, but also designs and setups that were executed with great prudence," said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We would like to thank our partner TechDataPS Co., Ltd., for delivering a solution that admirably met the multi-faceted challenges.”

NS Home Shopping Delivers Visually Stunning Consumer Experiences with Martin by HARMAN Lighting Solutions

NS Home Shopping Delivers Visually Stunning Consumer Experiences with Martin by HARMAN Lighting Solutions

September 15, 2020

SEONGNAM-SI, South Korea—NS Home Shopping Co., Ltd. recently collaborated with Hansam System and HARMAN Professional Solutions to uprade the existing lighting systems in their broadcast studios.

NS Home Shopping is a popular home shopping channel on South Korean cable television. Its engaging shopping programs showcase curated collections of products, ranging from apparel and health food to agriculture and furniture. The company produces its original content in four professional studios located in their Seongnam-Si headquarters. In order to ensure visually engaging programs for its customers, NS Home Shopping hired leading provider Hansam System to upgrade its lighting system. Hansam System selected new Martin by HARMAN ELP CL ellipsoidal LED fixtures.

“NS Home Shopping’s broadcast facilities required a phenomenal lighting setup,” said Mr.Yongoh Lee, Sales Manager, Hansam System. “They were using conventional par fixtures previously, but wanted to implement ellipsoidal LED fixtures for their varied lighting effects and ability to suit the mood of a wide range of programs. NS had high standards regarding the durability, dimming accuracy, beam balance, quality of light, color and color-mixing of any potential solutions. Martin ELP fixtures satisfied their needs with dynamic performance and competitive pricing.”

Hansam System chose Martin ELP CL ellipisoidal LED fixtures for their high output, impressive brightness and vivid color-rending. The ELP fixtures produce balanced beam outputs, making blending and mixing between fixtures a simple task. Martin ELP fixtures can be seamlessly integrated with any industry-standard lens tube in 19-, 26-, 36- and 50-degree beam angles. Hansam System also included Martin ELP 36-degree lens tubes, allowing NS Home Shopping to utilize the ELP fixtures across a wide range of requirements, such as gobo projection, architectural lighting, art lighting and billboard lighting.  

“Because NS Home Shopping deals with a ride range of consumer products, we wanted the lighting solutions to be customizable for each product,” said Mr. Hoseok Lee, Lighting Director, NS Home Shopping. “We were very impressed by the world-class Martin ELP fixtures and Hansam System’s demonstrations. We’re delighted with the premium brightness and color rendering offered by the ELP CL fixtures.”

“The project at NS Home Shopping’s studios was a momentous occasion for both HARMAN and Hansam System,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “It marked the first time that ellipsoidal lighting solutions were used in Korean broadcasting. We’d like to thank Hansam System for their innovation, foresight and expertise.”

Tauranga Elim Church Equips New Facility with Stunning Sound Using Premium Audio System from HARMAN Professional Solutions

Tauranga Elim Church Equips New Facility with Stunning Sound Using Premium Audio System from HARMAN Professional Solutions

August 26, 2020

Tauranga, NEW ZEALAND—To enhance its new facility with pristine sound for worship services and other events, Tauranga Elim Church selected a state-of-the-art HARMAN Professional audio solution that includes JBL Professional loudspeakers and Crown amplification.

Among Elim Church’s several locations throughout New Zealand and other countries, Tauranga Elim recently moved to a new facility. A move that was nearly two years in the making, the new location is much larger than the previous building and includes an auditorium that is able to accommodate 550 people. Wanting to offer guests and attendees an engaging experience with great acoustics to support the live modern contemporary music, along with crystal-clear speech intelligibility, Tauranga Elim required a premium sound system that delivers consistent tones at all volume levels with smooth, even coverage across the entire facility.

“As a church, we were blessed to have the opportunity to develop the shell of an industrial building into an awesome place of worship that speaks to the flavor and character of our people,” said Sean Verwey, Audio/Visual Coordinator at Tauranga Elim. “For the audio system in our auditorium, our requirements were simple; we wanted a system that sounded great, was punchy yet smooth through the dynamic range of a service, suited our style of music, covered the wide space evenly and overcame the challenging acoustics of the venue.”

After experimenting with various speakers from different manufacturers, Tauranga Elim outfitted the auditorium with two JBL CBT1000 line array column loudspeakers supplied through Sound and Vision Connection. Custom-flown in a left-right configuration, the CBT1000s feature JBL’s Constant Beamwidth Technology™, which provides adjustable vertical coverage and a tapered horizontal waveguide to deliver consistent sound across the auditorium. Further ensuring even sound distribution, a JBL CBT 70J-1 two-way line array column loudspeaker was added to provide audio to the auditorium’s mezzanine level.

Complementing the column loudspeakers with accurate, low-frequency performance, the system also includes a JBL VT4883 subcompact dual 12” subwoofer that is used as a flown low-mid extension and a VTX G28 dual 18” ground subwoofer providing a solid low-end for the contemporary worship. To power and process it all, Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD high-powered tour sound amplifiers and CDi 4|300 amplifiers were deployed, providing proven reliability along with the convenience of four inputs per amplifier. OMNIDRIVEHD delivers enhanced performance on the iTech 4x3500HD.

“As a church, we are very pleased with the result. We heard some great systems, but we felt what HARMAN and JBL Professional offered met our requirements perfectly,” Verwey said. “The JBL CBT1000 loudspeakers provide more than enough grunt for youth services and special events, yet is easy to mix during a regular Sunday service, it simply sounds amazing.”

“The JBL CBT1000 line array column loudspeaker is a perfect solution for customers that are looking for line array loudspeakers but don’t quite have the budget for a fully-fledged line array system,” said HARMAN Church Audio Specialist Eli Murray from JBL Professional distributor JPRO. “Its consistency in tone from soft levels to loud levels and ability to cover audio over wide and long distances and overcome tricky acoustic spaces make it an asset for church and auditorium environments today.”