Ministry of Education, New Zealand

The Opportunity

With nearly 2,000 employees, the New Zealand Ministry of Education recently moved their headquarters to Mātauranga House, a previously-occupied 12-story office building located in the city of Wellington. In order to facilitate seamless communication, officials needed the ability to distribute a range of audio and video sources to various destinations throughout the building.

The Solution

The New Zealand Ministry of Education hired Futureworks to install a state-of-the-art AV and control solution. Futureworks selected an array of AMX solutions to create a sophisticated networked AV system with intuitive control.

The Ministry of Education’s AV platform is based on the centralized architecture of AMX’s Enova DGX 100 Series, which is deployed on the building’s existing network and integrated directly with the room booking system. Futureworks installed Enova DGX3200 and DGX6400 digital media switchers to manage and distribute a wide range of video and audio signals in analog and digital formats. A comprehensive set of Enova DGX hot swappable boards are utilized in conjunction with DGX transmitters and receivers to provide an end-to-end distribution network over shielded cable.

Futureworks also included a NetLinx NX Integrated Controller to enable management of all sources and displays throughout the building. Modero MSD-701L and MST-701 touch panels offer intuitive local control of numerous analog and digital inputs in conference rooms, meeting rooms and other spaces. Additionally, Futureworks outfitted the meeting rooms with NMX-VCC-1000 cameras and MET-6NE Control Keypad to support high-quality video conferencing applications. Finally, the new AV system can be controlled from a single interface utilizing AMX Resource Management Suite Enterprise software, which improves the efficiency of meeting spaces and technology by allowing users to schedule meeting spaces and pre-configure room technologies for upcoming meetings.

The Impact

“We required an AV system that could be integrated with our existing meeting room technologies,” said a spokesperson from the New Zealand Ministry of Education. “The AMX networked AV system provided by Futureworks satisfied all our requirements, and its centralized platform makes it very easy for us to access, maintain and upgrade the system from anywhere in the building.”

“The Ministry of Education asked us to supply a sophisticated AV solution to support their meeting room technologies,” said a spokesperson from Futureworks. “We chose AMX systems because they are end-to-end solutions that support a wide range of distribution formats, regardless of the application or distance between sources and destinations.”