Shanghai Circus World, China

The Opportunity

Built in 1999, Shanghai Circus World is China’s premier circus and home to the renowned ‘Era ─ Intersection of Time’ show, which combines traditional Chinese acrobatics with Western entertainment. Located in the heart of Shanghai, Circus World features an ornate 1,638-seat theater with an elaborate architectural design and a distinctive golden dome roof. Over the years, the venue has become a cultural landmark and earned the nickname of the ‘Golden Pineapple.’ In 2018, Shanghai Circus World closed for a series of cosmetic and technical renovations, which included upgrading their aging lighting rig.

The Solution

Shanghai Circus World hired AV integrators Guangzhou Bai MingHui Lighting Technology Co. LTD to install 121 new state-of-the-art Martin lighting fixtures to create a wide range of dynamic, expressive lighting designs.

Guangzhou deployed 53 Martin MAC Axiom hybrid fixtures to provide designers with a versatile, all-in-one fixture capable of creating a variety of looks including tight beams, sharp spots and more. To create soft wash effects with unique and expressive colors, Guangzhou installed 36 Martin MAC Quantum Wash fixtures, which feature the groundbreaking Colorganics™ system for deep, saturated colors. To provide additional coverage, Guangzhou deployed 15 extra-bright Martin MAC Aura XB wash fixtures. In order to create immersive, sensational lighting effects, Guangzhou selected 10 Martin MAC Viper AirFX fixtures with impressive discharge-based aerial effects. To highlight key performers and scenery, Guangzhou equipped Circus World with Martin MAC Quantum Profile fixtures, which combine top-quality white light with a fast, smooth CMY color mixing system and crisp gobo projection.

Decorated in black, gray, and gold, Circus World features a refined atmosphere that can easily be adapted to suit a wide range of events based on the lighting display. Circus World’s new Martin lighting rig makes it easier than ever for lighting designers to control the ambiance of the theater to meet a variety of performance needs.

Circus World officially reopened on October 1 for the last performance season of its famous multimedia spectacular ‘Era — Intersection of Time,’ followed by a run of a large-scale acrobatic multimedia fantasy drama entitled ‘Journey in Time and Space.’ The new Martin lighting fixtures were used to create immersive, sensational lighting displays that brought the performances to life.



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