Tower at St George Wharf, United Kingdom

The Challenge:

As the tallest exclusively residential building in the United Kingdom, The Tower is a focal point on the skyline of London’s south bank. Designing an automation and control solution befitting this newly iconic residence would require the integrator to also take technology to new heights.

The Solution:

In the entrance hall, a 10-inch Modero X Series touch panel with integrated Near Field Communications (NFC) capability enables the homeowner or guest to swipe an oyster card to initiate a customized automation experience. When a staff member enters the residence, televisions or other electronics might be set to lockout mode, and an email notification sent to the homeowner. If there is an unplanned entry, the CCTV camera will snap a photo. As expected, Touch Panels throughout the residence are set to view and control the AudioVisual systems, AC, and also color-changing LED lighting throughout. A 20-inch panoramic Touch Panel in the living room enables the homeowner to watch multiple sports games at once using the AMX Multi-Preview Live gateway. The brains of the system, an Enova DGX switcher with specialized scaling capabilities, ensures that any program viewed is in the crispest resolution possible.

The Impact:

The breathtaking city views are rivaled only by the amazing technology contributing to the ultimate lifestyle in this extraordinary residence.