Toyota Buzz Vibhavadi Headquarters, Thailand

The Opportunity

Toyota Buzz Vibhavadi is a state-of-the-art Toyota dealership and headquarters of the Toyota Buzz dealership sales channel. In order to broadcast and distribute AV content throughout the facilities and to eight additional branch locations.

The Solution

Toyota Buzz Vibhavadi recruited the help of Mahajak Development, Thailand’s leading pro audio distributor. Mahajak deployed a cutting-edge HARMAN Professional networked AV system in the boardroom, hall, fitness room, sky garden and mobile room to provide advanced audio and video control.

In order to ensure professional audio quality during meetings and conferences, Mahajak equipped the boardroom with JBL Control 14C/T full-range ceiling speakers, which provide excellent clarity and extensive coverage. JBL 305P MkII powered studio monitors deliver stunning detail, precise imaging and impressive dynamic range for critical listening. The system is powered by Crown CT 475 amplifiers and routed through BSS BLU-101, BIB and BOB1 digital processors for maximum flexibility. The conferencing system also includes a video wall with 55” 3×3 seamless display screens, which are controlled effortlessly via computer.

The Toyota Buzz headquarters features a 1,000-seat hall for internal presentations, performances and activities. Mahajak outfitted the hall with compact JBL AE Series loudspeakers and subwoofers to deliver crisp, clear sound. The system is powered by Crown CTS Series amplifiers, which offer easy integration with HiQnet and CobraNet systems for comprehensive control and networking. A Soundcraft Si Performer Series console allows the staff to control the entire system with a tablet.

Mahajak selected JBL Control 28-1, Control 29AV-1 and Control 30 indoor/outdoor speakers for the fitness room due to their rich sonic character, wide coverage and versatile mounting options. The system is powered with Crown CTS 3000 amplifiers and BSS digital signal processors. Par LED lights were installed for stage lighting, programmed to change colors with different speed levels. A 55” 2×2 video wall was also added to simulate the road during the spin biking class.

In order to provide flexibility for a wide range of outdoor events held in diverse temperatures and climates, Mahajak outfitted the Sky Garden with JBL Control Series outdoor loudspeakers and Crown CTS power amplifiers. The mobile zone is equipped with JBL EON series powered loudspeakers, selected for their stunning sound quality and class-leading portability.

The Impact

“After thorough consideration, our team designed and installed a HARMAN system that seamlessly delivers high-fidelity audio and video across multiple locations to meet the specific requirements of the client,” said Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom, Project Director at Mahajak Development. “The venue is comprised of a board room, hall, fitness room, sky garden and mobile room spread across two buildings and seven floors. Toyota expected nothing less than a superior, easy-to-use and maintain AV system, specifically engineered for long-distance conference calls. They wanted the system to produce exceptional sound clarity without any signal interference and act as a model for showrooms in the future. Our custom-designed HARMAN AV system checked all these boxes.”

“We wanted to deploy a future-forward showroom space that supports collaboration and video conferencing across multiple locations,” said a spokesperson from Toyota Buzz Company Limited. “With this overall goal in mind, we hired Mahajak to create a unique workspace with a simplistic user experience tailored to our specific needs. The versatile HARMAN system installed by Mahajak caters to our multiple meeting spaces and is easy enough for our staff to operate confidently.”



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