Martin lighting fixtures transformed Singapore’s Anderson Bridge into a dynamic light display, during i Light Singapore 2019. Artist Xavi Bové and lighting partner onionlab used a range of Martin fixtures to make this “Time Rhythm” creation come to life.

Artist Xavi Bové, vsual composer of XAVI BOVÉ STUDIO, working on the “Time Rhythm” exhibit.

First held in 2010, i Light Singapore is held annually and brings people together by focusing on art and sustainability. 2019’s bicentennial edition included the overarching theme – Bridges of Time – and over 30 installations that were free to the public.

“The concept behind my proposal should be a relationship in between light, sound and time, combining all these elements in a way of representing time,” said Xavi Bové, visual composer of XAVI BOVÉ STUDIO, who discussed his ideas behind the creation of his “Time Rhythm” exhibit. “For the light design, we thought about having one light metronome that is going to be moving visually in a frequency of 1 second so it’s 60 times per minute. So we place one big moving head on top of the bridge in the center and on each side there’s going to be 12 moving heads so in total are 25 heads placed on the architecture of the bridge and then on top of that we use the whole architecture to mount our LED bars so we could use exactly the shape of the original architecture of the bridge to enhance it with our light design.”

Jordi Pont of lighting partner onionlab directs the build of the design of the exhibit.

“When we first were asked  by the festival to do this installation, we realized that we were going to work with Martin. That’s a brand that we always wanted to work with,” said, Jordy Pont of lighting partner, onionlab, a pivotal component in creating the exhibit. “(Martin) were completely easy to work with – with the equipment and with the moving lights. We hope that in a future project we can continue working with Martin.”

Amar Subash, Senior Director Lighting Solutions, HARMAN Professional Solutions, Asia Pacific discusses the project.

“It is really a great opportunity for Martin to be working with lighting designers and co-creating lighting solutions to really bring out the video of iconic locations like for example the Anderson Bridge, where we have located,” said Amar Subash, Senior Director Lighting Solutions, HARMAN Professional Solutions, Asia Pacific. “It’s a great opportunity for the public to enjoy these architectural locations at their finest, using Martin lighting solutions. We’re able to bring out the best in these locations. Martin loves to work with the designer community, so we love to engage and to really showcase what’s possible on both the architectural and entertainment sides. We are really open and we look forward to working with the designer community in creating more such events and activities to showcase what lighting can really do. We want to thank the whole team of designers and partners that came together to create this event.”

We invite you to watch two videos that showcase the i Light Singapore 2019 Anderson Bridge exhibit, featuring Martin lighting. The first video includes a discussion on the design of the exhibit with the artists that created it and the second video offers an opportunity to view the full show from the perspective of someone attending the festival.

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Watch the video “Martin Lighting Transformed Anderson Bridge at i Light Singapore 2019 that discusses the design of the exhibit.

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